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  • Date: Fri, 30 Jul 2004 17:16:05 -0500

Hello all of the crew of the Banshee. I am regretebly resigning due to work and 
the fact the my life sucks. Hope to see ya around and have fun.

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      The Romulans send someone aboard, and we get a new AMO.

      http://www.pfrpg.org/RH/  <---- As I know not many people here speak but 
a smidgen of Rihannsu (the Romulan language), this is a link to a huge 
Encyclopedia online. If it doesn't show up, please be patient as the site is 
sometimes down. It will be of inestimable use for any time we wish to use the 
Romulans, now or in the future.

      And it's also swell if you're thinking of joining the RES Raptor ... 



  OnlineHost: Cyanah Kaelyre has entered the room.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: HI CY!
  Cyanah Kaelyre: hey everyone!
  weissangelserene: heya CY, Sara
  TinadollNyC: Hello Banshee people
  TinadollNyC: I am sorta new :D
  Victor Andros: ::catches:: thanks!
  Victor Andros: Hey, Tina
  Victor Andros: Yes, I do.
  ElRiov trIdrys: Evening Vic, Cy, Sara, Tina, Telsia
  LtCdr K Dallas: Nite
  Victor Andros: Medical, right?
  OnlineHost: LtCdr K Dallas has left the room.
  TinadollNyC: Yes
  weissangelserene: who's med?
  TinadollNyC: ::blushes::
  weissangelserene: whats med?
  TinadollNyC: Me,,
  TinadollNyC: Asst Med
  weissangelserene: sara and i are med :_
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: We're Med
  weissangelserene: ahh, cool
  TinadollNyC: Cool
  weissangelserene: well welcome, i'm going to go change names now
  OnlineHost: weissangelserene has left the room.
  TinadollNyC: I am still me
  TinadollNyC: Sometimes
  TinadollNyC: So whos the CO?
  TinadollNyC: of this lovley vessel?
  OnlineHost: Telsia Ehling has entered the room.
  Telsia Ehling: i feel better
  Victor Andros: That would be me.
  ElRiov trIdrys: Vic is CO and Cy is XO
  Cyanah Kaelyre: hi Tina :)
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: Hi  Tina.. I'm your boss :-D
  TinadollNyC: Well Hi there
  Telsia Ehling: and i'm a coworker in med
  TinadollNyC: Pleasure Doc
  TinadollNyC: Names Christina
  TinadollNyC: in sim and out
  OnlineHost: Lt Cat StClaire has left the room.
  TinadollNyC: This will be my first sim with this ship..I am already on the
  TinadollNyC: So i am a bit nervous
  Telsia Ehling: oh yeah, forgot i missed atlantis this week
  ElRiov trIdrys: that makes .... 5 of us on both ships ...
  ElRiov trIdrys: errr 6
  Victor Andros: There's a lot of crossover, isn't there?
  ElRiov trIdrys: :::counts:::
  Telsia Ehling: is it really 6?
  ElRiov trIdrys: yeah
  Victor Andros: Then again, I suppose it's only natural.
  Telsia Ehling: kinda funny how that worked out
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: 6?
  ElRiov trIdrys: I forget how many Sims I'm NOT in :-D
  Telsia Ehling: you, me, eric, vic, tina, josh
  TinadollNyC: Lol i'm in 3 this is my third
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: sorry.. only half paying attention. I'm listening to Kerry
  give his speech. lol
  Telsia Ehling: lol
  TinadollNyC: and Atlantis is STILL in Dry dock
  TinadollNyC: Saw some of that! Is he doing great!
  Telsia Ehling: besides this and atlantis, what else are you one?
  TinadollNyC: Still
  Victor Andros: Joe will be here shortly, then we'll start.
  Victor Andros: brb
  TinadollNyC: Uss Striker through Yahoo
  Telsia Ehling: ah
  TinadollNyC: and Uss valour through MSN but they were decomissioned
  Telsia Ehling: i see
  TinadollNyC: So i am sort of a Pro
  TinadollNyC: :D
  TinadollNyC: I am still medical though
  Telsia Ehling: your the new med officer on atlantis right?
  ElRiov trIdrys: I'm a sim a holic. At one time I was down to "only" 5 but
  when I joined the Halcyon and Banshee last year I got the bug again.
  TinadollNyC: No Security
  TinadollNyC: LOL
  Telsia Ehling: oh okay, sorry
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: hmmp they still won't let me make the &quot;You're a Loser
  Dumbass&quot; signs for the Bush visit tomorrow
  Telsia Ehling: so many sims, they get mixed up in my head
  TinadollNyC: I am also part of a harry potter sim,an Xfiles sim and many
  TinadollNyC: They Rock
  Telsia Ehling: cool
  TinadollNyC: and i like CPA because its so well orginized
  TinadollNyC: :D
  Telsia Ehling: you can thank gem for that
  ElRiov trIdrys: that's swell to hear
  TinadollNyC: Thanks Gem
  TinadollNyC: I think Ian is around somewhere too..he is really cool
  Telsia Ehling: brb, gotta go take some meds that will make me tired, yay!!
  TinadollNyC: Yah
  TinadollNyC: and lol
  AdmiralGem: That's very sweet of you, Tina.  Thanks!
  TinadollNyC: :D Pleasure
  TinadollNyC: I feel very welcomed here
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: we try our best:)
  TinadollNyC: Ok
  TinadollNyC: So i hope we are not also on holiday
  TinadollNyC: (groans)
  Telsia Ehling: to be honest, i don't remember what our plot is
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: we're waiting to cross over into Romulan space
  Victor Andros: There will be a mission brief for that.
  ElRiov trIdrys: something having to do with the Romulans
  TinadollNyC: winging it eh
  TinadollNyC: Sweet
  Telsia Ehling: oh, i remember now
  TinadollNyC: Lots of medical people to cure
  ElRiov trIdrys: mission brief? no boxers or thongs?
  ElRiov trIdrys: ;)
  TinadollNyC: lol
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: yes we like the hotile races. lol
  TinadollNyC: ouch butt floss
  TinadollNyC: hotile?
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: first carddies now rommies.. lol
  Telsia Ehling: just a warning, i might not last throught the sim
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: hostile
  TinadollNyC: lol
  TinadollNyC: I spel no good 2
  TinadollNyC: ::has a dictionary handy::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: I lost my spell checker
  TinadollNyC: lol
  TinadollNyC: i never had one :D
  Victor Andros: Okay, I don't feel like waiting any longer. he'll just be
  late, anyways.
  Telsia Ehling: who were we waiting for?
  Victor Andros: Joe
  Telsia Ehling: he's here!
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: I heard him
  Victor Andros: Yup.
  Victor Andros: Mrs. Kaelyre, if you could?
  TinadollNyC: ::AA::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: attention!
  ElRiov trIdrys: ::AA::
  Telsia Ehling: ::AA::
  OnlineHost: I JoeCastillo has entered the room.
  TinadollNyC: &lt;&lt;premature as usual&gt;&gt;
  ElRiov trIdrys: (( hey Joe ))
  I JoeCastillo: ((hi everyone))
  TinadollNyC: ((Hi Joe..I'm tina new cremember))
  Victor Andros: Here we are, still on the edge of Romulan space.
  TinadollNyC: ((*crewmember))
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: :AA:
  I JoeCastillo: ::AA::
  Victor Andros: We're awaiting them and their &quot;little problem,&quot;
  whatever it may be.
  Victor Andros: Also, I would like everyone to welcome Ensign Christine
  Morales, our newest AMO.
  Victor Andros: ::claps::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::claps:: Welcome!
  Telsia Ehling: :;claps::
  ElRiov trIdrys: :::clapclapclappityclap:::
  TinadollNyC: ::salutes::
  Victor Andros: Dr. Kaelyre is your CMO, so see her soon.
  I JoeCastillo: ::claps extra loud ::
  TinadollNyC: (Ensign? )
  TinadollNyC: :D
  Victor Andros: Now, then, are there any questions?
  I JoeCastillo: ::raises hand::
  Victor Andros: Yes, joe?
  I JoeCastillo: whats my motivation?
  TinadollNyC: Sex
  TinadollNyC: ?
  Victor Andros: ::Breaks out the cattleprod::
  Telsia Ehling: ::smacks joe upside the head, very lightly::
  TinadollNyC: Now shut it
  TinadollNyC: Please :D
  I JoeCastillo: ::avoids the cattle  prod but walks into the smack::
  I JoeCastillo: ouch
  Victor Andros: Anything else?
  Telsia Ehling: ::smiles innocently at joe:: you walked into my hand
  Victor Andros: Good.
  Victor Andros: ++BEGIN SIM++
  Victor Andros: ++BEGIN SIM++
  Victor Andros: ++BEGIN SIM++
  TinadollNyC: ::is sitting on the Shuttle Morovia::
  Telsia Ehling: ::in her office working on some paper work::
  Victor Andros: ::Sitting center seat, trying not to look too bored::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::on the bridge, chewing her lip::
  TinadollNyC: Amo&gt; Are we there yet ::she says to the piolet::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (wait you mean sex isn't out mo
  ElRiov trIdrys: :::going over PADDs and wondering when he can drag anyone
  down to his office for an appointment:::
  TinadollNyC: Random Redshirt &gt; for the TENTH time NO
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: motivation?)
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;Everyone's motivation is different&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: RR&gt; nevermind
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;Wait, this is the USS Hormone. Sorry, everyone's
  motivation *is* sex&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: &lt;&lt;NO shit&gt;&gt;
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;::Laughs::&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: RR&gt; There she is
  I JoeCastillo: ((i think i missed that memo))
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::in her office::
  TinadollNyC: ::Tina looks out her window and there is Banshee in all her
  glory ..Sitting in wating::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ~~Sweetie? What's wrong?~~
  Telsia Ehling: ::wonders why it's so quiet, and wishs something would
  TinadollNyC: RR&gt; +Morovia to Banshee+  We request permission for your new
  AMO to come abourd
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~This situation with the Romulans... just waiting...~~
  I JoeCastillo: ::at the Tactical station getting aqauinted with it trying
  realy hard not to press the big red button:: 
  TinadollNyC: ::pets her Papillon dog Fluffy on the head in his cage::
  Victor Andros: +Morovia+ Permission granted. Come aboard.
  Telsia Ehling: ::reads over an interesting report from Delcani 7::
  Victor Andros: ACTION&gt; A Romulan ship appears on Long-Range sensors.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::nods like she can be seen:: ~~I know. I don't like this
  either. Stop chewing you lip.~~
  ElRiov trIdrys: :::walks to replicator and fetches a cup of Uttaberry tea
  ... sits down and sips:::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~Hey, how did you know? Oh, never mind.~~
  Telsia Ehling: hmmmm
  TinadollNyC: AMO&gt; ::steps onto transporter pad with dog in tow and beams
  abourd banshee::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::stops chewing her lip::
  TinadollNyC: AMO&gt; ::Morovia returns to DS11::
  I JoeCastillo: ::Straightens really quickly as he notices the Romulan ship
  on long range sensors::
  Telsia Ehling: Susan&gt; ::walks into Sickbay then knocks on Tel's office
  I JoeCastillo: ::Turns to Andros:: Sir theres a Romulan ship on long range
  TinadollNyC: ::Steps off transporter padd on Banshee::
  Telsia Ehling: come in
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::laughs:: ~~You pick up on things when you wake up next to
  someone every morning for nearly two years~~
  Victor Andros: Great. Hail them.
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;Two years?! ::counts:: Wow...&gt;&gt;
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::tries to look composed:: ~~Yes, you really do.~~
  I JoeCastillo: Aye sir.
  I JoeCastillo: ::Hails the romulan ship::
  Telsia Ehling: Susan&gt; ::walks in with Cameron:: hey Telsia, my shift
  starts in a few minutes, so i came to drop cameron off
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (getting pretty close)
  TinadollNyC: + Dr morales to CO+ grettings..Names Dr Morales..Are you busy ?

  Telsia Ehling: ::nods and gets up:: thanks susan for all your help and have
  fun at work
  Telsia Ehling: Susan&gt; ::nods and waves goodbye
  Telsia Ehling: ::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::notes the change in Cy's mood:: ~~Sweetie?~~
  Victor Andros: +Morales+ At the moment, yes, but come on up, anyways.
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~They're here.~~
  Victor Andros: Onscreen.
  Victor Andros: ::stands::
  TinadollNyC: +thany you..Morales out+
  Telsia Ehling: hey sweetie, do you wanna color?
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::Stands by Vic's side::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::frowns::
  I JoeCastillo: ::Puts the Romulan's onscreen::
  TinadollNyC: ::gives dog to lowley creman to bring to her quaters::
  Victor Andros: Greetings. I am Captain Victor Andros of the Federation
  starship, USS Banshee
  Telsia Ehling: Cameron&gt; ::nods:: wes wmomy
  Telsia Ehling: ::smiles and gets out a coloring PADD for cameron and has him
  climb up on one of the empty biobeds::
  TinadollNyC: ::Walks into the corridor and looks around::
  TinadollNyC: RR#2&gt; need help Miss?
  Victor Andros: Romulan&gt; I know who you are. I have come to deliver you a
  Telsia Ehling: now sweetie, i want you to sit here and color while mommy
  does some work, okay?
  Telsia Ehling: cameron&gt; ::nods and begins coloring::
  TinadollNyC: Turbolift?
  TinadollNyC: RR#2&gt;pnits left
  TinadollNyC: ::walks left to the turbo lift::
  TinadollNyC: Computer.Deck 1
  TinadollNyC: ::whirrrrrrrrr::
  Telsia Ehling: ::starts doing inventory in sickbay, keeping cameron in sight
  the entire time::
  TinadollNyC: ::Gets out of Turbolift::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: +Med Staff+ Attention all medical staff... The Romulans
  have arrived, prepare accordingly
  TinadollNyC: ::Heres announcment::
  TinadollNyC: ((CRAP))
  TinadollNyC: ::Salutes captain..hands him her orders::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::tries not to react outwardly::
  Victor Andros: Romulan&gt; You will lower your shields so Daise'Erei'Riov
  Maec tr'Saren can be beamed aboard.
  Telsia Ehling: ::wishes josh was around to take cameron for a little while
  but shrugs and begins to prepare sickbay for the worst::
  TinadollNyC: ::keeps silent::
  TinadollNyC: ::sees romulan on screen..Backs out of the shot::
  ElRiov trIdrys: :::finishes tea:::: 
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::walks out into sick bay and thinks of reasons to keep
  herslef from going to the bridge to see what's happening::
  Victor Andros: Very well.
  TinadollNyC: ::backs up slowly::
  Victor Andros: Would you like to come aboard and have some tea with us?
  ElRiov trIdrys: ::to self:: I wonder if I will ever get to analyze one of
  them ...
  Victor Andros: Romulan&gt; ::Snorts::
  Telsia Ehling: ::sees sara:: i'm sorry sara, but i can explain
  Telsia Ehling: ...
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::almost chokes::
  Victor Andros: Castillo, lower the shields.
  I JoeCastillo: ::looks towards Andros with a questioning look::
  TinadollNyC: ::Ears are burnin::
  I JoeCastillo: ::Lowers the shields::
  TinadollNyC: Captain..I sense tDanger
  TinadollNyC: oh well
  Victor Andros: TR1 operator&gt; +Bridge+ He's aboard.
  TinadollNyC: ((Did i tell anyone that i am part Betaziod?)
  Victor Andros: Romulan&gt; ::cuts the comm::
  ElRiov trIdrys: :::exits into Sickbay::: Sara. ::nods:: I just heard about
  our ... ::cocks head upwards:: company.
  TinadollNyC: ))o nevermind))
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (lol join the club. lol)
  ElRiov trIdrys: ( everyone who's part or all Betazoid raise yer hand )
  I JoeCastillo: ((oh great anotherone))
  TinadollNyC: ((Cool..You ever get that feeling that people have weird
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;The USS Banshee. Home of the most horny part-Betazed
  in the 'Fleet&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: ((Betaziod/Human raised on Vulcan)
  Telsia Ehling: ::sees idrys and decides maybe she should move cameron into
  her office for safe keeping::
  TinadollNyC: (( I know Secret Vulcan Martial Arts))
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;Ummm.. that was supposed to be plural&gt;&gt;
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::turns to look and Jansug kinda smiles a bit:: I kinda
  knew already.
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;::Kicks Tina::&gt;&gt;
  Victor Andros: Commander, go greet our guest, please.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ( ::rasies hand:: )
  TinadollNyC: ((MIRA DECRASIADO))
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Sir.
  ElRiov trIdrys: Yeah. I know it's just ... it bothers me is all
  Telsia Ehling: ::moves to cameron:: come on sweetie, why don't we go to
  mommy's office and you can finish coloring in there
  TinadollNyC: ((also PartPuerto Rican))
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Perhaps it would be prudent to have the Captain present,
  Telsia Ehling: Cameron&gt; ::shakes head:: no, me stay here!!
  TinadollNyC: ((Don't make me cut you))
  TinadollNyC: ((LOL))
  Victor Andros: I will be along shortly.
  Telsia Ehling: cameron, you need to go into mommy's office and play there,
  okay? so come on
  Victor Andros: ::Turns to Morales:: Your orders?
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Yes sir.
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::swallows and enters the TL:: TR1.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: You don't grow up a Crusher and not gain a dislike and a
  distrust of Romulans and Cardassins.. It's in breed
  Telsia Ehling: Cameron&gt; ::pouts:: no, me stay here!!!!!
  TinadollNyC: Well My ::swallows hard::
  TinadollNyC: Um
  TinadollNyC: You know credentials and stuff
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~I'm meeting the Romulan, love...~~
  ElRiov trIdrys: ::nods:: Understandable.
  TinadollNyC: and my orders to become a member of the ::gets silent::
  Victor Andros: ::Holds his hand out::
  TinadollNyC: ::hands it to him::
  Telsia Ehling: ::sighs:: okay cameron, how about htis, if you go to mommy's
  office and finish coloring there, i'll let you chocolate for desert tonight
  TinadollNyC: :::shivers::
  Victor Andros: ::Takes the PADD::
  Victor Andros: ::Looks at it briefly::
  Victor Andros: Very well, everything looks to be in order, Ensign.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::eyes widen:: ~~What? Why? Where's Andros?~~
  Telsia Ehling: Cameron&gt; ::thinks for a moment then nods and smiles::
  Victor Andros: ::hands it back::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ~~It'll be fine, dear.~~
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::steps out of the TL and heads to the TR::
  Victor Andros: Go ahead and go see Doctor Crusher, and she'll set you up
  Telsia Ehling: ::sighs and picks up cameron, taking him to her office::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::enters the TR::
  TinadollNyC: ::smiles all Crusher?
  TinadollNyC: Bevs abourd?/
  I JoeCastillo: ::Joe turns towards Victor and the new AMO an discretly gives
  her the once over::
  TinadollNyC: !?!?
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ~~I know you will.~~
  TinadollNyC: ::looks at Joes::
  Victor Andros: ::clears throat:: I mean, Doctor Kaelyre. 
  TinadollNyC: Oh ik
  Telsia Ehling: now sweetie, i'm going to be right outside this door working,
  if you need mommy for anything, just call my name, okay sweetie?
  Telsia Ehling: Cameron&gt; ::nods and goes back to coloring::
  Victor Andros: ::never looking back:: Mr. Castillo, you have the bridge
  Telsia Ehling: ::leaves door part way open and goes back out to main sickbay
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Daise'Erei'Riov tr'Saren. ::smiles:: I'm Commander Cyanah
  Kaelyre, Executive Officer of the Banshee. Welcome Aboard.
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::wonders what the hell Daise'Erei'Riov means::
  ElRiov trIdrys: ( means Commander ;) )
  I JoeCastillo: ::Glad Vic didn't look back or he would have noticed joe's
  extrremly shocked reaction::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ( Commander is much easier to type. )
  I JoeCastillo: ::Swallows hard Aye sir.::
  Victor Andros: ::walks into the TL::
  Victor Andros: TR1.
  TinadollNyC: I guess i am dismmised
  Telsia Ehling: ::continues to work on inventory::
  TinadollNyC: ::walks to turbolift::
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::eyes narrow:: Jolan'tru Commander Kaelyre. I am
  Maec tr'Saren of the RES Peregrine.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::starts pacing sick bay:: 
  TinadollNyC: ::waits for the Capt to get in and go
  Telsia Ehling: sara, you okay?
  I JoeCastillo: ::walks over to the center seat and starts getting aqauinted
  with a whole new set of controls::
  TinadollNyC: ::Looks at joe as she gets into the turbolift::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Welcome. Captain Andros should be along shortly. In the
  meantime, we have quarters arranged for you that I hope will be to your
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: sure I'm fine ::paces more:: Romulans give me the creeps
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::nods:: Hann'yyo. That is most gracious of au.
  Victor Andros: ::TL stops::
  Victor Andros: ::Doors open::
  Telsia Ehling: ::nods:: understandable
  TinadollNyC: &lt;&lt;WHERES SICKBAY??&gt;&gt;
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (deck 2)
  Cyanah Kaelyre: &lt;&lt; next to the morgue&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: &lt;&lt;sweet dead people!!&gt;&gt;
  Victor Andros: ::Walks out::
  TinadollNyC: Deck 2 please
  ElRiov trIdrys: Sara ... take it easy.
  TinadollNyC: ::walks out of TL::
  Telsia Ehling: how long do you think he'll be onboard?
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (We use to have an amo who had tea parties with them)
  Telsia Ehling: ((now that is disturbing))
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: Five mins is to long to have him on board
  TinadollNyC: ::looks around ..Starts walking aorund::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::offers to shake his hand, smiling:: I have never met one
  of your people in person. It is a privilege.
  TinadollNyC: ::walks into Sickbay::
  TinadollNyC: HELLO?
  Victor Andros: ::Looks around::
  Telsia Ehling: ::Looks over at tina::
  ElRiov trIdrys: Indeed? ::shakes her hand:: Then the honor is mine
  TinadollNyC: Hi i'm the new AMO
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::looks up at the person yelling in her sick bay:: Yes?
  Telsia Ehling: hi
  TinadollNyC: Hi I'm Dr Morales your new AMO
  TinadollNyC: ::waves ::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: New AMO? ::looks confused:: 
  ElRiov trIdrys: ::turns and looks, thinks Hey a new vic ... errr patient::
  Victor Andros: ::Walks over to Cy and tr'Saren::
  Telsia Ehling: ::whispers:: i put the memo on your desk last week
  TinadollNyC: Um Yes
  TinadollNyC: I am
  TinadollNyC: ::Hands the CMO her credentials::
  Victor Andros: ACTION&gt; The Romulan ship warps away.
  TinadollNyC: ::smiles like a moron
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::whispers:: you know not to put it on my desk it gets lost
  Cyanah Kaelyre: This is our Captain, Victor Andros. Sir, may I present
  Daise'Erei'Riov Maec tr'Saren.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::takes the padd and looks it over::
  Victor Andros: ::Extends his hand:: Daise'Erei'Riov, it is a pleasure.
  Telsia Ehling: ::rolls eyes:: that is true, next time i'm putting it in your
  I JoeCastillo: +Andros+ Castillo to Captain Andros.
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::shakes hand:: Captain. A pleasure here as well.
  Victor Andros: Excuse me.
  Victor Andros: +Joe+ Go ahead.
  TinadollNyC: Well i guess if there is nothin further
  TinadollNyC: ::looks uncomfortable::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: That doesn't always work either. Cy handed me a padd with
  pictures her sister sent us and I still can't find where I put it..
  Cyanah Kaelyre: (( Hey! You lost that?? ))
  I JoeCastillo: +Andros+Sir just wanted to let you know the Romulan ship has
  dropped into warp and is no longer on long range senspors.
  Telsia Ehling: ::laughs:: are you sure you didn't put it down on your desk?
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (It's not lost. It's just in a place I can't recall.)
  Cyanah Kaelyre: (( Oh, ok, good to knheywaitaminute... ))
  Victor Andros: +Joe+ Thank you, Lieutenant.
  TinadollNyC: ::looks down at the ground::
  TinadollNyC: I guess i'll give y'all a minute
  TinadollNyC: ::backs up::
  TinadollNyC: I guess it was too soon
  Telsia Ehling: ::raises eyebrow but doesn't say anything and looks at sara::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::looks at Tina:: Welcome Ms Morales.. ::offers hand:: I'm
  Dr. Kaelyre and this is Dr. Ehling
  Victor Andros: Daise'Erei'Riov, I thought we were to be escorted to... your
  Telsia Ehling: ::smiles and offers a hand::
  TinadollNyC: Its Dr morales::shakes hand:: the pleasure all mine
  I JoeCastillo: ((somone invite oridian please i cant))
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::smiles:: It's Ms until I see what you can do. 
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (What's his screen name?)
  TinadollNyC: ::raises eyebrow::
  Telsia Ehling: ((oridian starfire))
  TinadollNyC: Ok then
  ElRiov trIdrys: ::nods, hands an ISD (PADD) over:: Ie, Captain, this will
  show au. We are unable to penetrate a star system due to a nebula that blocks
  our navigation.  
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > *
  Telsia Ehling: ::doesn't make a comment but looks over her shoulder to her
  office to make sure cameron is still fine::
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren> I have been sent here so as to lead au to the
  TinadollNyC: ::smiles again:: I shall leave you guys todo the voodoo that
  you do
  Victor Andros: ::Takes it::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::listens with interest::
  Victor Andros: I see.
  OnlineHost: scurrdi has entered the room.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: Tel will you show Ms Morales around, give her the tour
  scurrdi: ((hi there, sorry im late everyone))
  Telsia Ehling: ::nods:: alright sara, no problem
  Victor Andros: Very well, then.
  TinadollNyC: Um ok
  TinadollNyC: you sure i am not..Interfeering.....with sickbay funtions
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: Medical is on alert Ensign you can settle in at the end of
  shift. We have a Romulan guest on board and I'd like to have my staff
  prepared for anything
  Victor Andros: Commander Kaelyre will take you to your quarters, and I will
  take this to the bridge and get us moving.
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Of course, sir.
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;Sickbay has a function?&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: &lt;&lt;Healing people duh!
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::nods:: Hann'yyo.
  TinadollNyC: &gt;&gt;
  I JoeCastillo: ((yeah its where everyone meets each other))
  scurrdi: ::rises slowly from his bed, yawning as he looks at the time:: Oh,
  bloody... ::dresses quickly and heads out to the TL::
  TinadollNyC: Very well Dr
  Telsia Ehling: your not interfeering, by not knowing whats goig on in
  sickbay or not knowing where things are, thats interfeering, so come, i will
  show you the wonders of sickbay
  scurrdi: Bridge.
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;I'll just start callin it 2-forward&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: Okey dokey
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;What does that mean, Idrys?&gt;&gt;
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (Joe has a point.. lol that is where Cy and I met. )
  scurrdi: ::exits TL and enters bridge::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Right this way, Daise'Erei'Riov.
  ElRiov trIdrys: ( means thanks )
  Victor Andros: Your welcome, Daise'Erei'Riov
  Victor Andros: ::Walks to the TL::
  Victor Andros: Deck 1.
  Telsia Ehling: so now, this is sickbya ::waves arm to encompuse the entire
  TinadollNyC: I see
  TinadollNyC: Its so ..um..Clean
  TinadollNyC: ::looks at tel::
  Telsia Ehling: through that door ::points to Sara's office door:: is sara's
  office, or Dr. Kaelyre
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: and it will remain that way
  scurrdi: ::heads directly to his station, releaving the one currently at his
  position as he reviews the past events quickly::
  Telsia Ehling: oh thanks, i just cleaned it the other day, we like to stay
  tidy here
  TinadollNyC: Ok
  TinadollNyC: Thats good..Blood only scares them away
  Telsia Ehling: so, kinda like a rule, any mess you make, no matter how small
  or big, clean it up as  soon as you possibly can
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::gestures to the door of the TR:: This way. ::smiles::
  TinadollNyC: I'll try
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::follows Cy::
  Victor Andros: ::TL stops::
  Telsia Ehling: now, through that partial open door ::points to her office
  door:: is my office
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::enters the TL with him:: VIP quarters.
  Victor Andros: ::Doors open::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::would keel over if her sick bay wasn't perfect... tiny
  bit ocd about sick bay.. her clothest on the other hand needs enter at your
  our risk warnings::
  Victor Andros: ::Steps out::
  Victor Andros: I have the bridge.
  Telsia Ehling: ((eric, is your office in sickbay?))
  scurrdi: ::looks up:: Captian on deck. ::stands up::
  Victor Andros: ::Walks over to helm::
  Victor Andros: As you were.
  I JoeCastillo: ::stands up::
  TinadollNyC: ((So the SMO is anal?))
  scurrdi: ::nods and sits::
  TinadollNyC: ((Greatttttttttttttt))
  I JoeCastillo: ::heads over to tactical::
  TinadollNyC: ((*Cmo))
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::raises brow:: I see au are expending every
  effort ... very thoughtful of au.
  ElRiov trIdrys: ( yep )
  TinadollNyC: ((Shit))
  Victor Andros: ::Hands Oridian a PADD:: Take us to these coordinates,
  Victor Andros: ::Sits::
  Victor Andros: Warp 6.
  Telsia Ehling: now that door, well it lead to what will be your office
  scurrdi: ::looks at the PADD and nods:: Loading in the co-ordinates now.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::looks to make sure her lab is locked and nods at the red
  light on the key pad::
  Telsia Ehling: ::is thinking of things to show::
  TinadollNyC: 744
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;Everybody okay on time?&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: &lt;&lt;yeah&gt;&gt;
  ElRiov trIdrys: ( sure )
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (The CMO is Bev Crusher's niece and has a family rep to
  I JoeCastillo: ((yes))
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (yeapers)
  TinadollNyC: I have an office?
  Cyanah Kaelyre: No worries. ::smiles:: You're our guest, so we want you to
  feel welcome.
  scurrdi: ::plugs in the co-ordinates and sets up the system to warp out::
  Ready on your signal capt.
  Telsia Ehling: oh yes and that door leads to our lab, but you have to have
  very special permission to go there, it's kinda like Sara's territory, well
  actually everything here is sara's territory
  TinadollNyC: ((Met Dr crusher at the Academy)
  Telsia Ehling: well, you sorta have one
  TinadollNyC: Sarah?
  Victor Andros: Engage.
  TinadollNyC: The Doc
  Telsia Ehling: sorry, Dr. Kaelyre
  TinadollNyC: This is all hard to take in
  TinadollNyC: I am so tired
  Telsia Ehling: i'm on a friendly basis with her so to me she's just sara
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::nods and smiles mildly::
  TinadollNyC: been alomg day
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (There's no H)
  Telsia Ehling: oh, i'm sorry to hear that, and i can imagine it has
  TinadollNyC: Oh i will never call her Sara
  scurrdi: ::engages the hyperdrive::
  TinadollNyC: Its Doc
  TinadollNyC: A sign of respect
  Telsia Ehling: you might want to be more formal then that, since your new
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;::coughwarpdrivecough::&gt;&gt;
  Cyanah Kaelyre: :: the TL opens:: Here we go.
  Telsia Ehling: like Dr. Kaeylre
  TinadollNyC: Well Dr..
  scurrdi: ::warpdrive*::
  scurrdi: ((too much galaxies))
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;Definetly&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: ((hyperdrive hahahahhahah))
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::steps out of TL, looks around::
  TinadollNyC: ((LUDICRIOUS SPEED!1))
  Cyanah Kaelyre: It's just a few doors down this way.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::wonders what's going on with the rommie:: 
  Telsia Ehling: ::looks over her shoulder into her office again to make sure
  cameron is still there::  ::smiles when she see's hiim still coloring::
  TinadollNyC: ::looks over::
  Victor Andros: Mr. Starfire, we have a new AMO on board.
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > Excellent. ::follows Cy::
  TinadollNyC: What a cute kid
  TinadollNyC: Who does he belong to?
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Here we are. ::walks up to the door and it opens, gestures
  Telsia Ehling: thanks, he's mine, normally he's not here, but his sitter had
  the same shift as me, so he's here 
  TinadollNyC: Ok
  TinadollNyC: ::waves hi to the cute kid::
  ElRiov trIdrys: ( look at it this way, there's only one of them ...
  otherwise, the Rommie ... would have a roomie! :-D ))
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;LOL!!&gt;&gt;
  scurrdi: ::Does not look up from his research but speaks up:: We do captain?
  Shall I set him up quarters for permemant residency and register him on the
  Victor Andros: Her, yes.
  Victor Andros: Ensign Christine Morales.
  Telsia Ehling: Cameron&gt; ::doesn't notice the women b/c he's too wrapped
  up in drwwing a picture for his dad::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::finishes looking over Tina's papers and walks over to a
  comp to add her to the rotation::
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::looks in, nods:: A very nice place. Hann'yyo
  Commander, I believe I shall enjoy my stay here.
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::smiles:: Of course. Also, may I ask something of you?
  TinadollNyC: Since i am here..
  Telsia Ehling: yes...?
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > But of course. What might that be?
  TinadollNyC: I have this migrane ..Ever since i was on the bridge
  scurrdi: ::looks up the co-ordinates on the starmap and begins to gather as
  much information as he can regarding the system the co-ordinates lie in:: Aye
  sir will do.
  TinadollNyC: Damn Romulans.
  TinadollNyC: They out so much thoughts
  Telsia Ehling: you might want to watch what you say, we might not like our
  company but we still need to be diplomatic, can't let them over hear us
  cursing them
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::down loads the shift assignments to a padd and walks
  towards Tel and Tina::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: As I said earlier, you're the first of your people that I
  have met. I was hoping that I could sit down with you, perhaps have a drink,
  and just talk? I'm always eager to learn about other cultures, and this is a
  rare opportunity.
  TinadollNyC: I could have called him another name
  TinadollNyC: I ived on Vulcan all my life
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: Unless of course you turn off the UT first
  TinadollNyC: UT?
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > Why of course! I am at au'r disposal Commander.
  Name the time and place.
  Telsia Ehling: universal translater
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::blinks:: 
  TinadollNyC: No ma'am
  scurrdi: ::looks up for a moment:: Captain, estimated time of arrival is in
  1 hour.
  Telsia Ehling: at least i figure thats what UT meant
  TinadollNyC: I was talking about Telepathic brainwaves
  Victor Andros: Thank you, Ensign.
  OnlineHost: CMICHdave has entered the room.
  TinadollNyC: I am part Empath
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Our lounge is on deck three. ::smiles:: This evening would
  be grand, perhaps after dinner.
  TinadollNyC: Its this thing we Betaziods do
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::laughs:: I'm starting to think you have to be to be on
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > Very well then, I look forward to it.
  TinadollNyC: Oh 
  scurrdi: ::turning again with a PADD in his hands:: May I be excused from
  the bridge for a moment to show Ensign Morales her quarters?
  TinadollNyC: Well maybe i should transfer then?
  Victor Andros: Of course.
  TinadollNyC: I don't like to be the Norm
  TinadollNyC: I am just a Docter no more
  scurrdi: ::nods and rises, heading over to the turbolift::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Thank you very much. In the meantime, if there is anything
  you need, don't hesitate to call me.
  TinadollNyC: But if you ever need a good Mind meld
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::blinks again:: I was teasing Ensign. 
  TinadollNyC: I am sorry
  TinadollNyC: Raised on Vulcan
  Telsia Ehling: ::shakes head::
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;LOL!!&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: No sense of humor
  scurrdi: ::enters the TL:: Computer please locate Ensign Morales.
  Victor Andros: ::Walks over to Tactical::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: Lt. Idrys and I are both of Betaziod desent
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > That I shall if the need should arise Commander.
  TinadollNyC: But i can make a mean stirfry
  TinadollNyC: I was told
  I JoeCastillo: ::looks up and blows Vic a kiss when no ones looking::
  Victor Andros: ::Smiles:: &lt;q&gt; You have plans tonight?
  TinadollNyC: ((who the hell is Vic?))
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;Me.&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: ((Oh damn!))
  TinadollNyC: ((I just noticed that?
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Enjoy your stay. ::smiles and turns back toward the tL::
  scurrdi: ((tina, where are you?))
  TinadollNyC: ))
  TinadollNyC: ((Sickbay))
  scurrdi: ((okie dokie))
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (lol you'll get use to the hook ups. Vic-Joe  Tel-Josh
  scurrdi: Computer&gt;&gt; Sickbay
  TinadollNyC: (9I guess the banshee is all ful of gayety))
  Telsia Ehling: ((not entirely))
  scurrdi: Sickbay ::turbolift starts moving::
  TinadollNyC: ((Not hookin up.))
  I JoeCastillo: (( more like biety ))
  TinadollNyC: ((Here to kick ass and take names))
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::waits until doors close, pulls a small object
  out of belt, "sweeps" room ... nods::
  scurrdi: ((yeah, oridian's single lol))
  TinadollNyC: ((rolls eyes))
  Telsia Ehling: ((idrys has t'nal right?))
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;::Laughs::&gt;&gt;
  I JoeCastillo: &lt;q&gt; That depends on wether or not you have plans
  ::returns smile::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::walks away, able to breathe again::
  Cyanah Kaelyre: That wasn't so bad.
  scurrdi: ((dont worry Christine, we'll be single together))
  Victor Andros: &lt;q&gt; I was just thinking about a quiet evening at my
  Telsia Ehling: hey sara, do you want me to take the rest of your shift?
  TinadollNyC: ((Fight the power))
  scurrdi: ::exits turbolift and looks around Sickbay, searching for Ensign
  TinadollNyC: Um am i dismmised?
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::enters the TL:: Bridge.
  Telsia Ehling: well, i never finished giving yout the tour
  TinadollNyC: I see
  TinadollNyC: my office
  TinadollNyC: youroffice
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::comes back from her zoned out place::
  TinadollNyC: her office
  TinadollNyC: biobed
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::takes another small object from belt, sets it
  on table, sits:: tr'Saren to General t'Shri. Everything is in place. ::clicks
  switch on object, sits back::
  I JoeCastillo: &lt;Q&gt; that sounds quite inviting.
  TinadollNyC: hyposray
  TinadollNyC: there i had the tour
  TinadollNyC: and stay out of the labs
  TinadollNyC: i get that
  Telsia Ehling: ::does a small glare at the smartass::
  scurrdi: ::walks over to the two ladies talking:: Ahh hello, I'm looking for
  an Ensign Morales?
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: we also have labs, smaller rooms, stock rooms. You can get
  the lay out on the compter
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::arrives on the bridge::
  TinadollNyC: Yes
  TinadollNyC: thank you
  TinadollNyC: That would be me
  Victor Andros: &lt;q&gt; Good. 2100 sound good?
  TinadollNyC: ::smiles at Tel...::
  Victor Andros: ::nods to Cy::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::hands her the padd:: This is your shift assignment.
  You'll start Alpha first thing tomorrow
  ElRiov trIdrys: tr'Saren > ::smiles very, very slowly ... chuckles a bit to
  self:: Right in the middle of it all. Such fools.
  TinadollNyC: Great
  TinadollNyC: Alpha
  I JoeCastillo: ::Straigthens up as he hears Cy enter:: Yes sir, 2100.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: Not all labs.. Just my lab ::points to the one next to her
  TinadollNyC: No sleep for the tired
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ::smiles to herself::
  TinadollNyC: Oh
  TinadollNyC: Stay out of YOUR lab
  TinadollNyC: Eye Eye
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Sir, our guest is in his quarters.
  Cyanah Kaelyre: I would advise a subtle security presence.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: I have no problem with my doctors working on projects as
  long as it doen't effect the time their on call
  Victor Andros: Naturally.
  TinadollNyC: Projects?
  TinadollNyC: I write
  scurrdi: ::smiles:: Ahh good good. I am Ensign Oridian Starfire, the Helm
  and Operations Officer. I've come to show you to your quarters and such,
  whenever you are ready of course.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: medical reseach projects
  TinadollNyC: I don't do projects
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Honestly, though, he seems quite pleasant. Not at all what I
  TinadollNyC: Work i do at work
  TinadollNyC: But hey thats just me
  Telsia Ehling: ::moves away from the women and goes to her office door::
  Victor Andros: That's good, I suppose.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: that's fine as well
  Telsia Ehling: ::opens it a little and smiles at cameron::
  TinadollNyC: Well::looks at Scurrdi::
  scurrdi: ::looks up and smiles and Sarah:: Goodday Doctor.
  Telsia Ehling: Cameron&gt; ::looks up and smiles at tel, then goes back to
  TinadollNyC: What can i do for you
  Victor Andros: ::Looks over to Joe:: Post an extra security officer or three
  around the VIP quarters.
  Telsia Ehling: ::smiles and heads back to the women and now oridian too::
  scurrdi: :smiles:: Ahh good good. I am Ensign Oridian Starfire, the Helm and
  Operations Officer. I've come to show you to your quarters and such, whenever
  you are ready of course.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::smiles:: I guess I've caught the reseach bug from my
  wife..  ::sees Starfire:: Ensign
  TinadollNyC: Ofcourse
  TinadollNyC: when i am dismmissed
  scurrdi: ((yes, its a glitch in the matrix...))
  ElRiov trIdrys: :::heads back to Counselor's Office:::
  I JoeCastillo: 5 security guards around the VIP quaters, got it.
  scurrdi: ::nods:: Of course, take your time.
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;::Laughs::&gt;&gt;
  TinadollNyC: ((um wife?))
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Subtle.
  ElRiov trIdrys: :::enters office, does double take:::
  Telsia Ehling: ((cy and sara are married women))
  Telsia Ehling: ((their wives))
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ( ::points to Cyanah:: Yep wife)
  TinadollNyC: ((oh ..Wait...ok))
  I JoeCastillo: (muahah wait till we explain the name game))
  ElRiov trIdrys: T'Nal > What's the matter, Jansug? You act like you've never
  seen me before.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: (not on the first night, Joe. lol)
  Cyanah Kaelyre: ( don't do that to her! :) )
  Victor Andros: &lt;&lt;lol&gt;&gt;
  scurrdi: ((you dont want to scare her off so soon now))
  TinadollNyC: ((Oh please i can handle anything))
  Victor Andros: ++END SIM++
  Victor Andros: ++END SIM++
  TinadollNyC: ((including you people :P))
  Victor Andros: ++END SIM++
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: We're done here Ensign your free to go and settle in I'll
  expect you at the morning medical breifing.. ::looks at......::
  Telsia Ehling: ((::laughs:: i finally got the name game down))
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: pasued
  Cyanah Kaelyre: attention!
  scurrdi: ::AA::
  ElRiov trIdrys: :::AA:::
  Telsia Ehling: ::AA::
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::AA::
  I JoeCastillo: ::aa::
  TinadollNyC: ::AA::
  Victor Andros: Thank you for a good sim, tonight, everyone. 
  Victor Andros: Thank you all for being here, and hopefully this will
  continue. I don't want to cancel another sim for lack of attendance.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: ::nods:: be here or I go back to needles
  I JoeCastillo: see what had happened was
  TinadollNyC: Sweet
  ElRiov trIdrys: and I go back to pins
  Victor Andros: I have no further announcements.
  Victor Andros: Commander?
  Cyanah Kaelyre: crew dismissed!
  ElRiov trIdrys: niters!
  scurrdi: peace
  TinadollNyC: Bye
  OnlineHost: TinadollNyC has left the room.
  Telsia Ehling: see ya
  OnlineHost: Telsia Ehling has left the room.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: nighters
  OnlineHost: CMICHdave has left the room.
  Cyanah Kaelyre: Night!
  OnlineHost: Cyanah Kaelyre has left the room.
  OnlineHost: scurrdi has left the room.
  OnlineHost: weissangelserene has entered the room.
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: well
  weissangelserene: swell
  weissangelserene: dell
  weissangelserene: mell
  weissangelserene: fell
  weissangelserene: tell
  weissangelserene: i'm done
  Dr Sara Kaelyre: lol medical is full now right?

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