<USS Banshee> Re: USS Banshee -- Log #2, Ensign Jansug Idrys: "Living a Lie"

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  • Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2003 17:22:05 EDT


    Well, when I looked in my Banshee folder, I had a feeling I was quite 
overdue for a log and just had no idea that I hadn't submitted even one since I 
had joined. About damned time and meanwhile mea maxima culpa.

    OK, I know this ought to give our good Captain the Mother of all 
Migraines finding a Romulan aboard her ship and it ought to keep our CMO busy 
too. But 
if memory serves me correctly, one of the unofficial mottoes of the Banshee 
is "Take a dare" so that's what I did.

    And by now those of you who aren't all that aware of my Sim history and 
preferences can tell I absolutely adore being involved with those pointy-eared 
adversaries of the Federation from across the Neutral Zone. I used to be in as 
many as 4 Rihannsu Sims (I am still in 3, among which is Chip's own RES 
Raptor) and so I've learned the vocabulary ... but I'm aware that some people 
take one look at it and think it's just that much gibberish so here are some 
cliff notes for au qiuu'n ... er, all of you.


    Au = you
    Au'r = your
    Daise = chief
    Daise'Maenak = CMO
    Dha'rudh = "total idiot," dolt
    Di'nanov = father
    E'lev = beloved, lover
    Galae = Spacefleet, i.e. "regular" Romulan forces (seen before TNG 
episode Face of the Enemy)
    Hwiiy = you are, you're
    Ie = yes
    I-jol au = I love you
    Jol = love
    Maenak = doctor
    Na = no, not
    Rihannsu = native term for "Romulan" (Romulan being an English word 
applied to them by Starfleet and the Federation)
    Ri'nanov = mother
    Tal'Shiar = Intelligence forces, i.e. a Romulan CIA, KGB, Gestapo, etc.
    Urru = go, go to (Urru Arreinye = go to Hell)
    Veruul = fool

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