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EnsnSaraCrusher@xxxxxxx writes:
The room was to quiet and to empty. Even with the cat on the foot of the bed 
purring, and the dog in the corner of the room in his basket growling in his 
sleep, and the old fashion wind up belled alarm clock on the bed side table 
ticking away the late night minutes, the room was to quite and to empty. There 
was no soft rhythmic breathing coming from the other side of the bed. There was 
no safe, strong arm wrapped around her waist as she laid on her stomach 
looking at the wall. No warm soft skin pressed against her own. No leg draped 
the back of blanket clad thigh. No warm breath on the back of her neck. 
    And that is exactly how I felt for sooooooooooooo many years before I 
finally got married ... captured the mood perfectly there.

    Beautiful log. A for effort.

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