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Hey all I am just writeing to say you are writeing great logs and such. But 
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  "EMHs and Vulcans Oh My!"
  By: Lt. Commander. Sara Kaelyre 

  Sometimes there are things that doctors just have to do no matter how much 
they dislike doing them, setting the broken bone of a small child, giving 
someone bad news, trying to get star ship captain’s to come down for their 
physicals. This was definitely one of those times for Sara. She had decided to 
go ahead with her project as if she already had permission to use the Borg 
nanoprobes, which meant she needed to began monitoring the test subject. 

  “My aunt would kill me if she knew what I was about to do.” Sara said 
aloud as she stood near her research table. After taking a long, slow, deep, 
breath she called out. “Computer, activate EMH program.”

  The image of the odd looking blond EMH appeared in the middle of the room and 
Sara had to stop herself from shuddering. She looked at the hologram for a 
moment and wondered if they were trying to make each new model weirder looking 
then the last.  

  “Please state the nature of the medial emergency.” It stated as it looked 
at her. 

  Sara handed the EMH a tri-corder. “It isn’t an emergency. I need you to 
run a level one scan on me.” 

  The EMH looked her up and down. “I am an emergency program. Don’t you 
have some other organic doctor that can scan you. You are the chief medical 

  ‘They’re also becoming more snotty.’ Sara thought as she rolled her 
eyes. “I have plenty of organic doctors, but your the one I’ve picked to 
aid me in this.” 

  After taking the offered tri-corder the EMH looked around the room and raised 
a perfectly programmed eye brow. “You are working on a medical research 
project involving Borg nanoprobes, humanoid cellular structures down to the 
very DNA, and your using yourself as a test subject.”

  Sara blinked. He was quicker then she had expected. “And your going to be 
the one to help me with the pre-test scans.” 

  The EMH shook his head. “This is medically and morally unacceptable.”

  Again the EMH’s response surprised Sara. When did they start programming 
them with moral compasses? The Mark Ones she had worked with at the academy had 
done what they were told, but then again they all ended up working in some mine 
somewhere. Sara blamed the new attributes on Voyager's EMH. 

  “I don’t care what you think. You were given an order now scan.” 

  The EMH looked offended but did as he was told. Once he was finished Sara 
didn’t waste any time turning him off. She downloaded the scans into an 
encrypted file and then headed out of sick bay. She’d have the EMH do level 
ones twice a day and start running simulations first thing in the morning, but 
for now she was hoping she’d make it home before one a.m. The doors to sick 
bay hissed open and she was just about to walk out them when her head Beta 
shift doctor stopped her. 

  “Excuse me, Doctor Kaelyre. These came down from the Commander’s office 
at the end of Alpha. Nurse Bartlett said to make sure you got them before you 

  Sara turned around and offered a tired smile to the Vulcan who held out a 
padd to her. “Thank you Doctor Sevridk.” Sara looked over the padd quickly, 
already aware that it was the approved shift rotation for next week, but after 
reading it she looked up oddly. 

  “Is there something wrong with the roster rotation, Doctor.” Sevridk 
asked in his cold Vulcan voice. 

  Looking down at the padd again Sara just shook her head. “It’s nothing 
Doctor. I guess the Commander feels I’ve over looked giving myself some time 
off for far to long.” 

  The Vulcan nodded. “You do seem to over work yourself, Doctor. It is not a 
habit without it’s consequences.”

  First snotty EMH’s and now advice giving Vulcans, it was way past time to 
get out of sick bay for the night. “Well looks like I’ll have a chance to 
avoid those consequences, Doctor. Have a good evening.” 

  The Vulcan doctor merely nodded and then walked away. Sara took a deep breath 
and looked up at the ceiling as if all the answers of the universe were up 
there. She then took the padd in her hand to her office and uploaded it to sick 
bay’s terminal system so that everyone on her staff would have the next 
week’s rotation and then once again headed home. 

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