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Thanks, Josh!

When someone on this ship wins the Muse Award or even LotM, it really is due 
to the efforts of the ship as a whole.  On a personal level, I am often 
inspired and effected by what goes on around me.  It can be as simple as a 
phrase that someone says or an action that I see that triggers the idea.  Our 
characters are formed and developed by what goes around them just as we are 
in our own lives.  So, when one or more of us wins.... we all win.

This ship is establishing a reputation for good log writing.  I am impressed 
on a weekly basis by what you as a crew put out.  It takes a lot of courage 
to write something and then to let others read it.  Thank you for being so 
willing to take the chances that you do with your characters and log writing. 
 You are all to be commended.  Keep up the good work!

The Captain

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Congratulations to:

Captain Rhiannon Morrigan
Lt. Sara Crusher
Lt. J'van D'nalls

They won the Muse Award in the recent edition of the Celestial Prime
Journal.  That lifts our tally to two Muse Awards in our eight month
existance, not too shabby if you ask me.  Congrats again you two!  

You know, the Captain has been involved with BOTH Muse wins. 
Captain, want to write a joint log?  ::smiles and laughs::

Great job again!

- Josh

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