<USS Banshee> Re: "A Concerned Voice"

  • From: ElRiovtrIdrys@xxxxxxx
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 24 Jun 2003 22:06:50 EDT

~~:::deep mental sigh::: Honestly, Lwax, I swear, I am so convinced I'm on a 
ship of insane people, and you and Homn are my only sane companions! ...

    ... Can you possibly arrange to ... stay a while longer? I'm afraid I'll 
go into empathic withdrawal when you folks leave. Please, Lwax, PLEASE. 

    Ensign Jansug Idrys
    Ship's Counselor, USS Banshee 
    Captain Rhiannon Morrigan, Commanding Officer
    Celestial Prime Alliance

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