<USS Banshee> "Priority One"

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?Priority One?
by Ensign Robert Munro
& Lieutenant Joshua Asper

After initiating the self-diagnostics on all of the fighters in the bay - again - Josh sat on some cargo containers with his recent set of data. He moved his hands nimbly over the mounds of PADDs that littered the storage devices. He was fairly sure that he wouldn't have any problems with this round of diagnostics, but he had learned from past experiences that anything could happen at any time. The fighters drew his attention as they beeped in an almost harmonic tune.

Josh smiled to himself as he tossed the first of seven PADDs onto the ground; he was slowly condensing his information down into one solitary PADD for his report to the Captain.

"Warning! The Dilithium Matrix on Shogun Fighter Number Two has lost its alignment. Please call an Engineer for assistance. This Shogun Fighter will go into a safety mode and further access to it will be restricted." The computer's dry voice echoed throughout the bay, and it was unwelcome to say the least.

Josh laid the PADD to his right as he stood and began to walk towards the mechanically downed vehicle. He tapped his combadge on his chest. "Asper to Munro."

Munro reached up to his combadge lying beside his bed and tapped it, "Munro here."

Josh laughed to himself as Munro sounded as if he had been beaten and then shoved into a brown burlap sack. In other words, Josh thought he sounded tired. "I didn't mean to disturb you, Ensign, were you asleep?"

"No, no I was just taking a little nap. Josh what seems to be the ? " he paused and yawned, " ? problem?"

Dropping another PADD to the floor Josh looked to the ceiling, as if to see Munro. He wasn't aware they were on the first name basis, but laughed it away as he blamed it on the sleep deprivation. "The damned Dilithium Matrix went out of alignment again and I was hoping you'd have time to come down and fix it. Are you available?"

?Well, as long as the damn thing doesn?t gash my hand again, I?ll get right on it." He then got out of bed and put his uniform jacket.

Kay, his fiancée, rolled over, "What?s wrong, honey?"

Munro smiled slightly, "Oh, it?s nothing baby, I just have to go to work."

Ignoring the irrelevant in between conversation, Josh replied, "Thank you, Mr. Munro, I'll be in the Fighter Bay awaiting your arrival." Josh dropped another PADD to his feet as he trudged his way across the bay and climbed into the cockpit of the fourth fighter.

Munro walked into the fighter bay, his tool kit in one hand, and coffee in the other; "Where?s our little troublemaker?"

Josh looked up from the cockpit, which cleverly shielded him from view; "It's the number two fighter. I'm sure that it's something internally, but I don't feel like digging into it right now."

"Perfecto Mundo." He said as he walked toward the number two fighter, "Do you think I should access it from the panel beneath or the one above?"

"It's all to preference. Me, on the other hand, I just like to kick it a couple of times and hope it learns it's lesson, doesn't work a lot, but it's a good idea." Josh smirked as he climbed out of the cockpit and descended the ladder to the floor. After brushing the dirt from his pant leg he proceeded to Munro and the number two fighter. "It's up to you."

"OK," Munro slid underneath the fighter and proceeded to unlock the ventral access panel of the fighter. After a minute he put the panel beside him and took out a Simms beacon, put it on his wrist and flashed some light on the Dilithium Matrix. "I think I see the problem?someone left their chronometer right next to the bulkhead and the Dilithium Matrix, and that?s what?s pushing it out of alignment."

Josh chuckled as he tossed another PADD into the pile some ten feet away from him, "Hiddukel. Devon was always leaving things around and it causes all of us a lot of problems. Oh well, at least we found it."

"Yeah, call him and tell him I have a shiny new Alpha Centauri brand chronometer I?m keeping." He took the chronometer out of the fighter and stuck it in his tool kit, and proceeded to realign the Dilithium Matrix.

"Make sure there aren't any other nifty gadgets in there. Leftover pot roast, bottle of wine, dead body...? Josh trailed off as he tossed his fifth PADD away.

"It was the only thing I could see. Well, at least Hiddukel won?t have to worry about giving me a wedding present." He smiled and picked up the ventral access panel and locked it back into place.

"You asked her?" Josh turned in surprise.

"Yeah, I asked Kay, and she said yes. The Captain said the wedding would be held after this Cardassia mission is over, so if we have to beat up some Cardies, I?ll volunteer to make it quicker." He smiled slightly.

Josh looked around; "The other twin isn't seeing anyone, is she?" Josh was hoping, in some trivial way, to get over Sara and move on with his life. Maybe socializing with someone else for a change would help him with that.

"Well, as far as I know she?s happy for me and Kay, and she?s single. Oh, and her name is Ashley."

"Maybe I'll go to Three Forward and ask her to go to dinner with me, or something like that. We could double or something, interested?" Josh tossed his last PADD away and clutched the final result in his hand, like a protective pet. He was hoping that he could find someone that would give him the same amount of attention and love that Sara had given him, but somewhere in his heart he saw that as an impossible task.

" Kay and I would just be going to dinner, you and Ash would be the ones going on a date ? and if you want attention she will give it to you, so don?t be shy." Munro said with a slight smirk on his face.

"Shy? Me? You're a funny one, Munro. And either way it would still be fun." Josh wondered about what exactly Munro meant about 'She'll give it to you', but he quickly suppressed the idea ? if there was any ? and returned to the matter at hand. "So, did you fix it?"

"Yeah, I fixed it, and what?s with the unsure look on your face?"

"I just don't want the damn thing to break again. If I lose a pilot on the first official mission of my leading career, it wouldn't look so great." Josh picked up the PADDs off the ground and tossed them into the replicator and recycled them. "I'm beat. I'm ready to hit the sack. Thanks for your help, Ensign. I'll see you tomorrow, and feel free to tell Ashley about me." Josh winked as he stepped out of the fighter bay and into the hallway.

Munro ran after Asper and said, "Don?t worry, it won?t break. As long as Hiddukel doesn?t leave his belongings in there, and don?t be worried about the date, Ash is very social; I think you two will get along well. I think she will be thrilled to go on a date with you, she?s been talking about you some."

The two walked side-by-side as they progressed down the hallway. Josh was anxious to meet Ashley and had little left to worry about his mechanical counterparts in the bay. Something told him that he was turning over a new leaf.

Munro laughed, "Oh, and remember Ashley is two inches taller than Kay. So be sure you can tell them apart; I don?t feel like having my fiancée being flirted with."

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