<USS Banshee> Preparations of Faith

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    Lieutenant J'van D'nalls stepped heavily as he crossed the threshold of 
his quarters.  He had quite a long day, between gathering intel on Cardassia, 
training, and dealing with the emotions that he was feeling over this 
mission.  As he sat heavily into his black lather couch, he leaned his head 
back and stared at the ceiling.  He could handle almost anything, and up 
until a few weeks ago, he was confident that he could handle any problem, win 
any battle, and outwit every enemy.  But what happens when the enemy is his 
own conscience?  His conscience told him that if Rhiannon were to be lost to 
him now, than he would have a very difficult, if not impossible life.  He had 
let himself get in too deep, but there was no way to fix it.  For that 
matter, he didn't want to fix it.  Life at her side was far more appealing 
now then a life of distinguished military service.  
    But that did little to deter his mind from that matter at hand. Cyanah 
was picking up some hand to hand combat skills, and picking them up well, but 
she would be no match for the average Cardassian soldier, much less an 
Obsidian Order operative, who more then likely will be the ones that we will 
deal with.    She would be as prepared as possible, but it was really a 
feeble attempt.  Of course, getting her confident in her abilities was far 
more important then actually making her a killing machine.  A confident 
fighter is a powerful fighter, more so then training, confidence and being 
able to maintain ones right mind was crucial.  She did that perfectly, and 
she was a prime example of someone that would be highly underestimated in 
combat.  She had a better then average chance.  But that was not enough.  It 
was not enough that Rhiannon was a fairly decent fighter in her own right.  
Yes, they could fend of an attack by a few unarmed soldiers, but that was 
highly unlikely.  If anything, they would be meeting a squad of armed 
soldiers.  Neither one of them was great with a weapon, but marginal to good. 
 He so needed to be there.  If it came to a firefight, he was one of maybe 20 
people in the Federation that could handle it.
    As he thought of it, he remembered his conversation with Krelok from a 
few days back.  It was his abilities as a combatant that earned him his boon 
with such an influential Klingon.  It was on Habtel 4, a planet that was 
within the sphere of influence of the Dominion and was a settlement world of 
the Cardassians.  There was a major ship building facility there, as well as 
a mining operation, which mind the ram materials needed for the ships.  It 
was one of the joint strike forces first objectives.  His team was sent in 
first, they took out a few key long range sensor arrays.  As the plan went, 
right after that, the Klingons landed 3 Companies worth of men to destroy to 
mine and its supporting military camp.  Just as he transport ships reached 
the atmosphere, they were surprised by 9 Kelvan class destroyers.  The 
virtually unarmed transports were no match for the war ships, and 80 percent 
of them were destroyed in the atmosphere and fell to the planet as little 
more then ashes.  The rest made it to the ground, in various stages of 
    Aboard the lead ship, Krelok's father, General K'marl was with his 
command group.  The invasion force had gone from 3000 to 600 or so.  As soon 
as they set down, they were set upon by the military camp's reserves, 1000 
Cardassians, who had the advantage of terrain and familiarity of the plant.  
It was bleak at best.  To say the least, the fighting was savage. Klingons 
and Cardassians are fairly well matched one ot one, and after the first 36 
hours, 320 Klingons were dead, an unknown number of Cardassians were as well, 
and the remaining Klingons were pinned down in a valley, surrounded by 
Cardassians who were taking shot at them pretty much at their leisure. The 
Cardassians held their ground, waiting for an additional company to come in 
and charge the valley.
    K'marl did all he could to rally his weary troops, but the situation was 
hopeless. Of course, J'van was lucky enough to have his squad smack dab in 
the middle of this valley, with little hope of ever leaving it.  J'van looked 
over various data on the planet, and found something interesting.  He 
approached K'marl with these findings.

    "Sir, I am from the Fleet Marines Spec Op Command.  I was wondering if 
you had a moment to look over some data?"  He asked the very tall, somewhat 
portly in his advancing age, Klingon.  

    "Data?  What by Khaless' sword is going to help us that will be found in 
that Data, Marine?"  The Klingon bellowed a huge laugh as his white beard 
seemed to dance on the hot dry winds of the valley.

    "Well, I think I have found a way to get out of this Valley.  Look at this
…" J'van stated as he moved closer and showed him the PADD that he was 
alluding to.  K'marl looked over the data and stroked his beard.  His old, 
battle hardened face seemed to light up as the ingenuity of the man before 
him became obvious.

    "The caves are located to the north east.  We take a small team threw 
there, and look; it leads right into their main mining shaft.  Now, if I am 
right, and the data does support this, there is an abandoned Dilithium mine 
there.  See, right there on the map.  We take a few cart loads of Dilitium, 
sneak it back here.  Then, we plant chunk of Dilitium and explosive charges 
along the ridge line, at night, when we will not be seen.  We can also planet 
some in the caves, in a few places that just happen to be directly under the 
ridge where the main group of Cardassians is.  Come sun up, when they get 
ready to advance on us, we wait for them to crest the ridge, and then 
detonate.  Seconds later, we detonate the caves, where the troops fall back 
to regroup.  Once that is done, the rest of the troops will be stunned, cut 
off from each other, and fairly certain that their position is about to be 
blow up as well.  They will eventually fall back to the compound.  
Unfortunately, for them, the compound is built around the mine.  We leave a 
surprise in the Dilitium mine, and boom…. No more settlement…. No more 
Cardassians."  J'van finally finished.

    "I like you, you think with the mind of a strategist, like Khaless 
himself!  This plan is all we have it would seem.  I do believe, Mister 
Marine, that you have saved us a long slow rot in this incredibly dry and 
hellish place.  Now, take whomever you need, and get to work."  The Klingon 
stated in his loud, booming voice as his heavy hand crashed down upon J'van's 
shoulder so hard that he wondered if it was in congratulations or meant to 
cause injury.  

    The plan worked, and the Klingons were able to take the camp and what was 
left of the mine.  K'marl offered J'van a place in the Hosue of K'marl, but 
he did not accept, instead, he merely took his friendship and the hope of 
future assistance if needed.  Now, it was certainly needed.  Though K'marl 
died soon after that, his oldest son, Krelok was more then happy to repay the 
debt.  It seemed that he too had a bone or two to pick with the Cardasians.  
After all, it was a Cardassian that had eventually killed the great K'marl.  
Revenge was the greatest honor to one's death.  Krelok would be grateful to 
shower the name K'marl with more Cardassian blood given the chance, and now 
he had it.

    No doubt, the Klingon task force was already in position.  Unfortunately, 
J'van would never get to thank them, for if they were to go into action, it 
would only happen if he were to be lost on this mission.  Not a pleasant 
thought, but yet it was someone nice to know that his death would too be 
avenged.  Of course, vengeance would not bring him or Rhiannon back.  If they 
died, they would hopefully spend eternity in each other's presence, but, that 
was not all that comforting.  He wanted his time with her now, and for as 
long as mortally possible.  

    "Computer, open Duty Log, current Stardate." He spoke to the ceiling. 

    "Open, begin recording." The mechanical female voice responded with a 

    "All is set for this mission we are about to embark on.  Well, all that 
we can possibly have ready.  We are trained, and prepared, but we have no 
idea what we are going up against.  No one here does, and that is probably 
the worst part of it all.  The reports about the Cardassian Union are 
helpful, as everyone seems to think that they are in no position to start 
hostilities toward the Federation, but, they are still Cardassians, and 
Cardassians have a knack for being unpredictable.  I do not fear them, but I 
do know full well not to trust them, or things reported about them.  Should 
anything go wrong, precautions have been taken, as well; proactive measures 
will be taken should we fail.  I am entering a formal protest, as the Captain 
should NOT be on this mission, as she is taking a risk above and beyond what 
is required of her.  This protest has been noted, and subsequently forgotten 
it seems.  At any rate, as this may be my last entry before the mission 
begins, I am opposed to her doing this, as it is far too great a threat to 
her personal safety.  With that said, please note that all my belongings and 
personal affects have been inventoried.  As well, they have been listed as to 
whom they will be presented to should I not return from this mission.  May 
the Gods of Betazed watch us all in this difficult time.  Computer, close 
log, record and encrypt.  Standard encryption key."  He finishes as he opens 
his eyes and looks over his quarters.  The light of the stars streaming by 
was the only light illuminating the various pieces of art and furniture with 
the cabin.  

    "It is not our time, Rhiannon." He whispered in the cold  quiet night, 
knowing she cold not hear his words, but she certainly would know them to be 
the trust. 

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