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Picnic in Halo
by LtJG Telsia Ehling & Ensign Oridian Starfire

The meadow was calm as the green grass swayed with the breeze. Calmness seemed 
to distill the area. Out in the meadow stood what looked like an office 
building. Some windows were opened, and the placed looked relatively calm. 
Within the holodeck and one hundred yards away from the building, Oridian sat 
as he checked his rifle. It was a simple drill though one that required his 
concentration. Checking once more to make all of his important materials where 
there, Oridian spoke calmly into the headset. "Begin simulation." The building 
suddenly began to teem with life and several screams could be heard. Ducking 
lower Oridian moved along the side of the hill, making his way around so as to 
see the building.

After leaving sickbay, Tel felt the need to get away, far far away from the USS 
Banshee.  Taking a sharp turn, away from the direction of her quarters and 
began to head towards the holodecks.  She only needed a few minutes, just some 
time to relax, crash after a hard day of work.  With a sigh she stopped in 
front of one of the holodecks and walked in, not even bothering to see if it 
was occupied or not.

Oridian ignored the door as it heard it open, but brought his rifle up as he 
rounded the hill slowly. Looking through the scope Oridian found his target on 
the second story in one of the windows. Dressed in a camo jacket and a black 
ski-mask over his face. The man was casually leaning against the wall, 
obviously watching something. Taking a moment to feel the wind speed Oridian 
began to chant quietly. "Straight is thy aim and sure is thy shot, for thee I 
shall not fail." Pulling the trigger anyone near him would have heard a popping 
sound as the shot flew through the air and landed directly in the back of the 
head of its target, dropping him quickly. Without pausing Oridian moved quickly 
down the way toward the next hill, stopping behind it and checking his 

Telsia let out a small scream as she watched the man get shot in the head and 
go down.  The doctor in her almost took over until she remembered that this was 
a holodeck program and no one was actually hurt.  Looking over at the man who 
was participating in the program, Tel began to wonder who that man was and why 
in the world he was shooting the other men.  It seemed strange to her that 
someone would be that entertained by the choice killing of other people.

Oridian spun as he heard the scream, rifle up. When he saw the starfleet 
uniform and the girl there Oridian lowered his rifle. "One tango down, pause 
simulation." He uttered into his headset as he rose from his position. Walking 
over quietly Oridian smiled at the woman standing, looking quite confused. It 
was not everyday someone in full gear was out on a holodeck praciticing sniping 
drills. "Hello ma'am, sorry to frighten you there for a moment, I was just 
simply praciticing a sniping drill I created, thats all." Putting his rifle to 
his side and taking off his glove Oridian offers his hand to her. "Oh and 
forgive me, my name is Oridian Starfire, I'm the Helm and Operations officer 

Hesitating for a moment, Tel smiled and shook the handsome young man?s hand, 
?it?s nice to meet you finally, I?m Telsia Ehling, one of the doctors.?  The 
man in front of her seemed a bit interesting and taking her chance to look 
around the holodeck closer, she began to wonder what in the world he was doing 
but didn?t feel it was her place to ask.  ?Well, I?m truly sorry for 
interrupting you, I was just looking to spend some time relaxing, I?ll let you 
get back to your, uh, program.?

Oridian chuckles. she was a pretty girl but he already knew about her 
relationship with Josh, or heard about it at least. "No no no, its quite 
alright, if you want you can come relax here for a bit. Computer, change 
program to Starfire72b." The scereny suddenly changes as the same meadow 
appears, only the building is now missing. Around 20 or 30 feet away from where 
Oridian and Telsia stand there is a blanket and a basket sitting there. "I need 
a break anyways, that the sixth drill and I done non-stop so I this will do me 
some good, care to join me?"

The idea was so tempting, no screaming Cameron, no crazy sickbay, no stress, 
smiling, Tel nodded.  ?I would love to join you, I need something that will 
take my  mind off life and work.?  Telsia began to walk through the meadow and 
over to where the blanket and picnic waited.  ?Do you spend a lot of time in 
the holodeck??

Oridian nods as he puts down his rifle and excess gear. He was glad for a break 
though it was probably going to break his mode a little bit. Still, no reason 
to not get to know another crewmember. "Sometimes more then I should, sometimes 
less then I should, it all depends on how much free time I have. How about you? 
I would imagine between Cameron and your duties at Medical you would not have 
that much free time to spend on such luxuries, but I could be wrong?" Walking 
over to the blanket and basket, Oridian opens it and takes out a sandwich then 
offers the basket to Telsia as he sits down on the blanket.

?I didn?t know you knew about Cameron,? Tel said, sitting herself down 
comfortablely on the blanket and looking through the basket, excited by the 
food she saw there.  ?But then again I?m not surprised, Cameron is the only 
child onboard the ship.?  Pulling out a some food, she handed some to Oridian 
for his lunch.  ?I don?t spend much time here at all, I never really have the 
time, Josh works even more then I do, so if I?m not at work I?m taking care of 
Cameron, though I do bring him here to play everyonce in a while.?

Oridian smiles. "Well, part of my job is to know everyone on board so I know at 
least whom you live with. But I also work on the bridge with Mr. Asper so at 
moments these sorts of conversations come up." Taking a bite into sandwich 
Oridian pauses as he chews and swallows. "I would imagine taking care of a 
child would be hard work. The last vessel I was on had a whole nusery, and 
those crewmembers always seemed pretty crazy to me."

Tel sighed at the thought of a nursery.  ?I wish we had a nursery, it would 
make life a lot easier.  I did have a babysitter but she stopped because 
Cameron has entered that terror stage,? Telsia frowned, remembering how bad he 
had been the night before when she had been trying to give him a bath.  ?But 
it?s not so bad, I mean, yeah Josh and I don?t see each other much because we 
have to work opposite shifts, but really, it?s not as bad as it could be.  I 
could still be married to Eric or having to raise Cameron on my own.  And I 
just realized that I?m talking overly much, sorry, sometimes I can babble.?  
Tel blushed for a moment and took a bite of her own sandwich, enjoying the 
taste of it.

Oridian shook his head. "No its quite alright, I don't have much to say so you 
talk as much as you want. So you were married to someone else at one point, but 
Mr. Asper is Cameron's biological father?" Oridian took a drink out of the 
basket and opened it, taking a long gulp as he waited for Telsia's reply.

Laughing for a moment, Tel nodded her head.  ?Yeah, it?s a bit of a messed up 
story but if you want to hear it, I?m more then willing to tell it.?

Oridian smiled. "I have all the time in the world at this moment. Please go 
ahead." Moving to a cookie Oridian began to munch on it quietly.

?Alright, but I warn you it?s a messed up story,? Tel took a sip of her drink 
before continuing.  ?Josh and I met back in the academy and we were very close, 
but shortly before we were able to make a marriage commitment or even get 
engaged, he was called off for some sort of mission.  It was only after he left 
that I found out I was pregnant with his child.  Now, you have to understand, 
my parents are extremely old fashioned and would have freaked if I had a child 
and wasn?t married, so, being the smart girl I am, I decided to trick this guy 
Eric into marrying me and believing that Cameron was his.?  Taking a break for 
a moment to reflect on how stupid she was, Telsia continued.  ?It wasn?t long 
into the marriage before Eric got overly violent and abusive.  But then we were 
transferred here to the USS Banshee, it was only supposed to be for a short 
period of time, but then I saw Josh and I fell back in love all over again.  
Well, to make the story a bit shorter, I told Josh t
 he whole truth, even about Eric?s abuse, Josh freaked, came into Eric and my 
quarters one day when Eric was in a particularly bad mood and the two ended up 
in a fight.  After that I moved in with Josh, divorced Eric and ever since 
then, Josh and I have been engaged and we're trying to make a life for 
ourselves here."  Tel finished her story and took another bite of her sandwich.

Oridian blinked for a moment. That was a messed up story. "Well, at least it 
worked out that you two ended up together in the end, and both working hard it 
seems. One day though I'd imagine you'll find yourselves relaxing out on a 
planet where you have nothing to worry about." Oridian sighs as he picks up his 
rifle and looks down the sights. "At least thats what we strive for out here, 
don't you think? A place where one can sleep well at night without worrying 
about someone out there. A place where evil cannot reach you no matter where 
you go?"

?No place exists and it is impossible to dream of such a place,? Tel looked 
over at Oridian.  ?But it is nice to dream.  My dream is to end up living on 
some planet in a small little colony or something, where I can be a doctor and 
Josh can follow all of his dreams, but more then that, I want a place where 
Cameron has kids his own age around to play with.  Living on the Banshee can?t 
be all that good for his mental growth.  But is that what your dreaming about 
Oridian?  IS that what your striving for?  To be able to live in a place with 
no fears??  Telsia found it a bit strange that a man who was just practicing 
sniper activities would wish for such a place but then each person did have 
their own wishes in life.

Oridian smiled. "I do not wish to find this place for myself, but for others. I 
strive to make everything at peace, to not worry for war or disaster. For no 
one to suffer the lost of a loved one because of an attack by an enemy bent on 
destruction." Putting his rifle down again Oridian turns and smiles at Telsia. 
"It was a pleasure taking a break with you and I hope that we will able to 
enjoy more of this in the future. I will need to report to duty soon so that is 
why I must go. Feel free to stay as long as you like."

?Thank you Oridian, I am glad to have met you today and to have shared such a 
wonderful lunch with you.?  The smile on Telsia?s face was completely natural, 
she felt so comfortable and relaxed.  Taking a look at the time, she decided 
that there was still enough time left for her to relax some, alone on the 
holodeck.  ?And please, anytime you want to enter into the world of chaos due 
to a child, come by my quarters, Josh and I are always happy to see friends.?

Oridian nods as he shoulders his gear, leaving the rifle where it is. "The 
rifle will disappear when you the end this program so don't worry about it, but 
I make a point of stopping by sometime soon. The pleasure was mine Ms. Ehling." 
Smiling, Oridian exits the holodeck and makes his way back to his quarters

Telsia smiled as she laid down on the blanket.  It had made her day to run into 
a pleasant face and to make a new friend.  She truly hoped that Oridian would 
stop by her quarters and visit sometimes, he seemed truly nice and caring, a 
good person to have on any ship.

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