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  • Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2004 04:39:40 EST

Hey everyone,

Glenn "rotanitsarcorP" Song here and I just wanted to say April Fools! No I 
didn't attach a fun loving virus to this e-mail that'll wipe out your 
harddrive, but I did the next best thing and you can see it on 
Paradiseworld.net for 
today only. Today is the time-honored tradition dating back to 4th grade when 
were stupid enough to believe in such a thing as backwards day, but now it's 
come true and most of Paradiseworld has been flipped! I've done this for a few 

1. People in other cultures and countries don't read from left to right like 
we do, so now Paradiseworld should be 100000% more accessible to them for 
April 1st and April 1st only, unless I forget, then it'll be accessible this 
for two days.

2. I'm a bit lysdexic, so now that the entire site is backwards I should be 
able to read it with much more ease than I would otherwise. This isn't proving 
true though, because in all honesty I can't read anyway.

3. Three is for tricycle.

Hop on over to Paradiseworld. Amanda "Cyclops Girl" Quan has a new story up 
about some crazy Japanese girl and cellphones and today's Sketch of the Day 
update is Rob "The Ladiez Man" Garner's epic 4-panel about the new Star Trek: 
Enterprise episode that aired tonight entitled "The Xindi Blew Up Earth and 
Cancelled Enterprise." I've attached it to this e-mail because I assume for 
most of 
you it might be difficult to understand the comic written in a backwards 
language. All in all a terrific episode, since Enterprise only has two viewers 
left, well you'll just have to take our word for it. It turns out though that 
Xindi made a huge mistaken and were actually looking for the planet "Erf" 
instead of "Earth." Oh well, people make mistakes, then in the last ten minutes 
Brandon Braga and Rick Berman were brought out and shot.


Also March 24th 2004 was our first year anniversary for Sketch of the Day, 
there are now 370+ terrifying rants, raves and lots of naked girls, strange 
critters, stick men fighting space aliens, and witches. What horrors will year 
hold? Keep coming back for more!

If you're annoyed at getting this e-mail don't worry, it doesn't happen to 
often unless you really, really want it. If you want to annoy more people, 
please send this e-mail to five people, if you don't your lungs will fill with 
water and goats will rape you across the Internet, but if you do send this to 
people in 30 milliseconds then Bill Gates will give you a million dollars and 
do your taxes for you.

Glenn "Procrastinator" Song

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