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"PADDs and Cards"
Ensn Kaiden tol'Cemmen 
Lt Sara Crusher

"Where is it!" Sara rushed around her quarters throwing things around like a 
mad woman. She tossed the blanket that hung on the back of her chair of the 
floor, pulled the cushions from the couch and chair, there were padds and 
books all over the place. It was all Gypsy and Tramp could do to stay clear 
of the flying objects. "I can't believe I lost it. I have to find it!. I'll 
die if she reads it!"

Kaiden strode on her way to the Doctor's quarters.  So Lt Crusher liked 
kickboxing?  Kaiden smiled.  She didn't have any real friends on board this 
ship yet, but she intended to change that.  Similar interests were a perfect 
way to start, and she needed a workout anyway.  Might as well get to know the 
doctor a bit more while doing so.  She arrived at the correct room and was 
surprised to hear quite a commotion coming from within.  Her ears flicked 
forward as she rang the chime.

Sara wasn't paying attention as she whipped another PADD over her shoulder as 
she called out. "Enter!" 

Kaiden walked in, ducked and caught the PADD by pure reflex. "Woah, Doctor.  
You're gonna have to send yourself to sickbay again if you keep this up.  
Anything I can help you with?" Kaiden was baffled. 

Stopping her madding search for the PADD she had been scribbling on, Sara 
stood up and turned to look at the walking talking Kitty that stood in her 
door. The small black kitten that sat on Sara's desk didn't know what to make 
of Kaiden and the small dog just barked at her. That's all Tramp needed, a 
Gypsy the size of Sara. "Hello, Ensign." Sara smiled at her and then looked 
down at the barking dog. "Stop that!" She kicked a few things out of the way 
and walked closer to the door. "Sorry about that. I'm looking for something I 

Kaiden's gaze swept over the animals with a smile, then she looked back at 
Sara.  "Oh, that's all right.  Something important, by the looks of it.  Have 
fun putting everything back," Kaiden added with a slight grin and handed over 
the PADD she had caught.

Sara took the PADD with a smile and the looked over it again just to make 
sure it wasn't the one she was looking for. "Damn. It's just a stupid letter 
from my brother." She huffed and then tossed it over her shoulder again. Then 
she looked around the room. "Oh Boy."

"'Oh Boy' is right," Kaiden chuckled. "Anyway, I wanted to know if you'd like 
to try out my holodeck program...  Or I could try out your kickboxing," she 

Sara couldn't help but laugh at herself as she picked up a few things. "I 
would love to. I had meant to head to the holodeck for a work out." She 
grinned to herself as she recalled her last trip to the holodeck. Then she 
remembered missing PADD. "I just got to find that PADD though."

"I could help if you like.  I wouldn't mind," Kaiden smiled.  From the looks 
of it, Sara could probably use the help.

Looking around the mess she had made she nodded. "I could use some help 
putting this place back together. As for the PADD. It's well kinda personal. 
Kinda something silly I've been doing." She blushed a little.

"Oh, I see.  I'd be glad to help you put everything back.  And anyways, as 
soon as you stop looking for it you'll probably find it."  She smiled.  "It 
shouldn't take too long..." she said with a glance around the room, and knew 
that well... it probably would.  She almost laughed. 

"Go a head." Sara said with a grin. "This is funny. I'm a grown woman who's 
trashed her own place looking for a PADD cause she'd die of embarrassment if 
Cyanah ever read it." She started putting the couch back together as Kaiden 
picked up PADDS. "You should see the bedroom. That was the first place I hit. 
I know I had it here. It's always in that top drawer of the desk, but I was 
writing on it last night and I must have put it down somewhere else." She 
grinned a little. "I got distracted."

Kaiden did laugh as she continued picking up PADDs as well as other items and 
placing them in neat stacks.  "I'll bet.  Did you take my advice?"  She 
grinned, a mischievous glint in her eyes.

It took a few minutes for Sara to realize what Kaiden was talking about. The 
confusion clearly readable on her face because Kaiden began to laugh again. 
Then it dawned on her. 
"Oh!" She gave Kaiden a half grin. 

Kaiden still laughed.  "I take it that's a yes," she said with a grin.  "I 
assume you're feeling better." 

"Much better." Sara's half grin grew into a full smile. Then she laughed. 
"But that's not exactly what I meant about being distracted. My Mother called 
me last night while I had the PADD out." 

"Ah, I see.  Though the other thing sounds quite distracting as well..." 
Kaiden said, trying to maintain an innocent expression.  "Hey look!  You've 
got a floor!"  Kaiden looked over
her shoulder and grinned.

Sara blushed deeply and laughed as she looked down at the floor. "Yeah and a 
couch." They picked up and straightened a little while longer, talking as 
they went. Sara decided she liked Kaiden and wondered why she hadn’t made 
friends with her sooner. She stopped after putting the last of her clothes 
back in the closet. "All done. You'd never know Hurricane Sara ever went 
though here." She walked over to Kaiden and smiled. "Thanks for the help." 

"Any time," Kaiden smiled and glanced down at the last PADD she was holding.  
"Is this Cyanah's?  It looks like work of some kind, and nothing related to 
engineering," Kaiden laughed as she handed it over. 

Sara nodded at Kaiden. "She was working on this last night before she went to 
bed." She chuckled a bit. "I kept her off duty a little too long and she's 
all backed up down there now." Sara shrugged and placed the padd on the desk. 
"Give me a sec to change?" 

"Certainly, I can wait," Kaiden said with a smile, folding her hands behind 
her back.

"Where did you find that PADD? I should really drop it off to her." Sara 
quickly changed into her a pair of shorts and a tank top and then walked back 
out of the bed room carrying her shoes. She looked down at what she had on 
and laughed. "On second thought. If I plan on getting to the holodeck maybe 
stopping at her lab isn't a good idea."

"It was over by the chair.  And perhaps you're right... Unless of course you 
were to wear very large sweat pants and a sweater... Then you might be able 
to risk it," Kaiden grinned.  "Ready to go?"

Sara laughed. "Yeap. Lets go. I'll give her the padd later." She stepped out 
of her quarters and walked down the hall with Kaiden. "So your program or 

"That depends...  You brave enough to try mine?" Kaiden grinned as she pulled 
her hair back into a ponytail.  She herself didn't care which program they 
used, but she wanted to see what Sara could do when pressed like her program 
would do.

"Any Cardassians in yours? I have a sudden urge to take a couple heads off." 

Kaiden grinned.  "There weren't, but there are now...  I felt the need to 
bash a few of them until they were a bloody pulp as well... I've never had 
such a headache as those..." Kaiden paused, trying to think up a suitable 
word. "Well, they're annoying.  I must say I tend to get a bit ticked off 
when people start trying to kidnap members of the ship's crew that I'm 
working on..."

Sara nodded as they exited the turbo lift and headed for the holodeck. "Well 
in that case. Lets give yours a go and after words bodily repairs are on me." 
She grinned at her own really lame joke. 

Kaiden grinned.  "They'd better be...  I may be able to repair a warp core 
but I don't think you'd want to see what would happen if I even tried a 

"Mostly liking the same thing if someone stuck me in front of the warp core 
and told me to make it go." Sara laughed again as she watched Kaiden call up 
the program. She could feel herself flexing her fits. 

"I'll bet," Kaiden answered with a grin as she walked in and gave the order 
to start.  "In about two minutes our opponents will arrive, so get ready."  
Kaiden grinned in anticipation.

The scenery would have been beautiful with it's tall standing trees, clear 
blue skies and a near by brook that Sara could hear rushing past. The only 
thing that made this wonderful camp site not so wonderful were the four large 
spoon heads that came from behind the trees. Sara smiled at them and waited 
until they made the first move. Which didn't take long. 

"By the way...  They'll be joined by a few more shortly."  Kaiden grinned and 
attacked without waiting.  The oversized cat leaped up, giving the Carddie no 
time to block a smashing kick to his head.  That one fell, dead instantly, 
but the second attacked, going for her side.  Kaiden rolled with the blow, 
lessening the impact, though she still grunted as she hit the ground.  Half a 
moment later she had sprung to her feet again, ready to resume.

Sara's eyes grew large as she watched Kaiden and then she saw the two 
carddies charging at her. For a split second she wondered what in the hell 
she had gotten herself into. Then her mind was filled with the images of Cy 
being shot, the story of how the pain was, Cy's words echoed in her mind and 
before Sara knew what she was doing she was lunging at the hologram. She took 
quite a few blows to different parts of her body since she was not use to 
this kind of work out. But in the end the two over sized lizards were flat on 
their backs. She stood there breathing heavily, surprised at the surge that 
was going though her. 

"Check behind you!"  Kaiden called as she and her opponent went head to head. 
 He was good, but Kaiden was too.  And she was faster.  She managed to block 
most of his blows, duck under and plant a fist in his stomach.  When he 
doubled over she smashed her knee into his nose and that one was down as 

"Behin...." Sara felt a sudden pain in the back of her neck as she fell to 
her knees. She gasped for air and then hit the grown just in time to roll 
away from a third aslant. She scampered to her feet and managed to take a 
defensive stance before the attacker came at her again. She shook her head in 
hopes of losing the dancing stars that flashed in front of her eyes but all 
that did was double the stars. The attacker swiped her with his massive paw 
and she landed on the ground again. "Ok that's it. Now it's on." She grabbed 
at large stick and held it over her head just as the beast’s staff was coming 
at her head. She kicked it in the gut and the twisted the staff free from his 
hands. She jumped to her feet and swayed a bit. She made a quick mental list 
of her injuries which included a rather nasty concussion judging by the was 
things were swimming around. The attacker made his move towards her again and 
was rewarded with his own staff knocked harshly to the side of his ugly head. 

Kaiden had turned and picked up a stone, ready to throw it if she thought 
Sara needed an extra edge.  But then she saw the doctor rising again and 
instead fisted her hand around the rock and slamming it into the next 
Carddie's kneecap.  A sickening crunch informed her that it was broken, but 
as he fell he swung up and caught her in the ribs.  The wind got knocked out 
of her and she spent the next couple minutes gasping for a breath she 
couldn't draw.  Luckily her opponent was already down and wasn't going to be 
getting up soon.  She took the opportunity to look over and see how Sara was 

There was a warm flow of something coming from above Sara's left eye and when 
her vision suddenly became blurred and everything gained a red tint she knew 
it was blood. She had been double teamed and one of them had made contact  
between his knife and her face. Still using the staff Sara swung it and took 
one out quickly. The other one was a bit harder. He grabbed the staff from 
her hands and then proceeded to pick her up. He was crushing her ribs as her 
feet dangled above the ground. "Put me down!" She shouted as she kicked at 
him. Her foot finally making contact with his lower body which finally caused 
him to drop her. Sara landed with a loud thud and a sharp pain. She quickly 
scampered away from his reach and made it to one of the fallen caddires. She 
picked his pocket, grabbing his dagger and flung it at the one who had held 
her. The blade nailed him in the neck. "Ha!" 

"Nice..." Kaiden gasped out, and then had someone else to deal with of her 
own.  She was on her feet within seconds, and unfortunately this Carddie was 
a bit faster and pressed her
hard.  Kaiden had to give back a little till she regained her breath and 
began to really fight.  The blows came almost faster than she could block, 
and indeed she was hit many times.  He moved to punch her head but she 
twisted aside and jumped up, bringing her heel down on his elbow and her 
other toe across his temple, causing the both of them to fall to the ground. 

Sara didn't think there was a part of her body that wasn't bruised, bashed, 
bleeding and sore, but it felt good to work out all the frustration. After 
this little session she knew that this whole mess would finally be over with. 
This was the final nail in the coffin for her. She took out the last of her 
attackers and then crashed to the forest floor in the vain hoped of catching 
her breath. 

Kaiden halted the program, got up and walked over to Sara, breathing heavily, 
then dropped to a knee beside her.  "You're doing well..." she smiles.  "Need 

Putting her hand up for Kaiden to hold on, Sara gasped for more air. Finally 
once she was breathing normally again she smile. "I'm not use to these kinds 
of programs." She wiped the blood from her eyes. "I sorta surprised myself." 

"I can tell.  You did quite well, really."  She smiled.  "But now I think 
you're due for a trip to sickbay..." Kaiden chuckled, then rubbed her ribs.  
"I don't think it'd hurt me to go there either.  But mostly a cold shower 
sounds very good right now..."

Nodding her agreement Sara allowed Kaiden to help her up and out the door. 
The two stumbled into sickbay and Jenny and Heather both gasped. Sara just 
laughed as Heather helped her onto a bio bed. "Next time we do my program."

Kaiden was grinning as she hopped up on to the next biobed and watched them 
fussing over the Doctor.  "All right, I'll try it next time."

Both women laughed which did not help their ribs. Kaiden was fixed up first 
and ready to go lone before Sara. 

"Well, I'll see you later," Kaiden said, grinning and hopping off the biobed. 
 "Lets see if we can spend less time in sickbay next time...  Somehow I don't 
think Cyanah would be exactly happy with me for sending you back to her all 
bruised."  Kaiden waved and headed out the door and back to her quarters, all 

Sara laid on the bio bed as Heather worked on her cuts, bruises, ribs and 
concussion. She glanced over at Morri who was still out cold and then at the 
Legate, who was awake but to busy hitting on the nurse to notice anything 
else. Then something hit Sara like a ton of bricks. "Did Kaiden say she found 
that padd near the chair?" She thought about it for a minute and then smacked 
herself in the head. Which hurt like hell. "That's where I left my PADD!" 

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