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Author?s Notes: This takes place (as I hope you can tell from the story) when 
Victor is 18, before he joined Starfleet. The song is Torn Apart by Stabbing 
Westward off of their album, Darkest Days. Also, this story features lots of 
two certain males ::ahem:: having fun with each other, so if that sort of 
things offends you, don?t read.


?One Plus One Equals One?


            Victor Andros was pinned against the wall. His arms were raised 
above his head and a pair of muscular hands held his biceps against the cool 
tile surface behind him. One powerful leg was wedged between the oppressor?s 
body and Victor?s spindly legs. This might have been terrifying for him if 
Jason hadn?t had the dopiest grin on his face. Jason?s face hovered right above 
Victor?s, his shoulder-length black hair framing those chestnut brown eyes, his 
California tan, and golden-boy smile. 

            ?Come on, Vic, you know you want me,? Jason said. Victor could 
smell the faintest touch of alcohol on the man?s breath, but that certainly 
didn?t help the position he was in. There were remnants of the party still 
strewn across the floor. A red plastic cup was here; an empty brown beer bottle 
was there. Everyone had long since left, but Jason had offered to stay and help 
Victor clean up. The cabinet door under the sink where the trash bags were kept 
was still hanging open, the box unopened. ?I mean, I can practically smell the 
desire coming off of you.?

            ?Funny, as drunk as you are, I?m surprised you can smell anything 
but yourself.?

            ?Okay, so maybe it?s not the smell that?s giving it away.? Jason 
smirked and ground his leg into Victor, eliciting a moan from the smaller boy.

            ?Alright, what if it is painfully obvious?? Victor said. ?Please 
don?t do this. Jennifer could come back anytime. Do you want her to catch you 
here like this??

            ?Look, I know you?re all worried about your fiancée catching us, 
but, dammit, I need you. Now.?

            Victor looked up at Jason, his tone turning plaintive, ?But what if 
one of them left something here? They could come back.?

            Jason cleared his throat, ?Didn?t you lock the door??

            ?Well, yeah, but still.?

            Jason moved in so the two men?s faces were mere inches away and 
Victor could feel Jason?s hot breath on his cheeks. ?Listen to me. We?re the 
only ones in this house. Everybody else is gone, the doors are locked, and the 
windows are shut. Nobody is going to find us here. Is there anything else you 
can think of??

            After a short pause Victor squeaked out, ?No.?

            ?Good. Because now I?m gonna take you from your little whore.? 
Jason spent no more time on words and captured Victor?s mouth in his own. After 
a moment?s hesitation, Victor began returning the kiss and the two were soon 
focused on nothing but each other. 

            When Jason pulled his head back, Victor noticed that his lips were 
a bright red. ?If you keep kissing me like that,? Victor gasped out, ?you can 
have me.?

            Jason grinned down at him, ?I might have to take you up on that 
offer.? Victor tried to move his arms to hug his lover, but Jason?s grin took 
on a wolfish aspect to it when his hands didn?t budge a bit. ?Uh-uh. You?re 
mine for tonight, so just deal with it.? Jason again lowered his lips to 
Victor, silencing any outcry from him. The duo made their way up the stairs and 
towards Victor?s bedroom, each hungrily shedding clothes in their haste. Jason 
playfully tossed Victor on the bed and pounced on him, greedily devouring the 
youth?s lithe muscles. Victor felt his pants being tugged down, and he soon had 
his head thrown back with his mouth silently hanging open.

            When Jason saw the effect he was having on Victor, he took 
advantage of his momentary lapse in consciousness and savagely kissed Victor?s 
mouth. For his part, Victor was glad for the distraction as he barely noticed 
Jason?s insistence until he felt all of him. Victor let out a low groan into 
his hunk?s mouth, which was punctuated by a sharp, shrill female scream; and 
the unmistakable ?thump? of a heavy object hitting a carpeted floor. 

            Jason rolled of Victor with remarkable agility born of adrenaline 
and the two boys stared in horror at the doorway. There, crumpled on the 
ground, lay the form of a body. The duo looked at each, knowing that they 
hadn?t stepped over something that large in their haste. Victor bounced up off 
the bed and ran to the crumpled form. He bent over, giving Jason a first-class 
view of his naked rear. ?Oh. My. God,? was all Victor could get out. Jason just 
lay on the bed, silent and motionless except for his quickened breathing.

            Victor knelt on the floor and brushed a few locks of hair away from 
the blonde?s face. ?Jen,? he said. ?Jen, wake up!? He shook her a little, but 
stopped when he realized he could hurt her. ?Dammit, Jen, wake up!?

            ?Would you stop that screaming, already?? Jason said.

            Victor stood and whirled around to face his naked lover. He pointed 
his finger at him. ?Shut up, godammit. If it wasn?t for you this wouldn?t be 

            ??For me?? I seem to remember you enjoying yourself a few moments 

            A low moan came from behind Victor. ?Would you both shut up?? she 
said. ?I have headache and you?re just making it worse.?

            Victor turned around and returned to his kneeling position. ?Are 
you okay, sweetie??

            ?Oh, I think I?ll be just fine. The headache is already staring to 
go away??

            Victor sighed, ?Well, that?s good.?

            ??It?s just the visual of my ex-fiancée getting porked in the ass 
that?s giving me problems now.?

            Victor rocked back on his haunches as he felt the burning sting of 
embarrassment touching his cheeks. He simply stared slack-jawed at Jennifer as 
she spit him with a glare somewhere between burning hatred and raw, naked pain. 
He felt his legs collapse from under him, leaving his naked rear-end sitting on 
the rough Berber carpet while his back rested against the cool eggshell white 
wall. ?Would you put some fucking clothes on, for Chrissakes? I?m sick of 
seeing your dick flopping around.?

            Victor and Jennifer stared at each other for the briefest of 
moments before a peal of thunder rang out, as if the skies echoed her 
sentiment. Victor scrambled up and hurried into the tight jeans he had been 
wearing as best he could.

            Victor heard a, ?Hi, Jen,? coming from behind him. As drunk as he 
was, this was sure to sober Jason up. And it couldn?t happen too quickly, 

            ?Fuck off, Jason,? was all the response he got. ?When you pour 
yourself back into your clothes, you cheating piece of shit, you can start 
piling all my stuff up in the living room.?

            Victor turned around and opened his mouth, but all he saw was an 
empty space where Jennifer was and he could hear footsteps moving on the stairs 
away from the bedrooms. ?Jen, wait!? he said. He hopped out of the room, the 
waistband of his jeans finally just able to cover everything of vital 

            ?Let her go,? Jason said. ?I?m still here, you know.? When Victor 
turned to look at him, Jason spread his legs a little bit, letting Victor know 
exactly what he wanted.

            Victor licked his lips, ?No, Jason, I can?t let her go. That?s the 
woman I want to spend the rest of my life with.?

            ?Dude, you?re only 18. How do you know you want to spend the rest 
of your life with her? You don?t even know what you want to do with the rest of 
your life, yet, let alone pick someone to live it with you.?

            ?That doesn?t matter. She?s my fiancée, and I know that whatever 
happens, we?ll do it together.?

            ?Didn?t you hear a damn thing she said? It?s through, Vic.? Jason 
swung his legs off the end of the bed and walked towards Victor. ?She?s done 
with you. She cannot accept you for what you are. I can and do. Doesn?t that 
mean anything??

            Victor could feel the blood draining from his face, and, somewhere 
inside, he knew his face had to look obscenely pale. His eyes took on a faraway 
look when he said, ?You?re right Jason. I have to make her love me for me. I 
can?t do this anymore.? He turned and dashed down the stairs, calling after 
Jennifer. ?Jen. Jen! Jen, don?t leave yet! I have to talk to you.? He skidded 
to a silent halt when he finally saw her. She was curled up on his parents? 
flower-patterned sofa with a stuffed orange-striped tiger that Victor got her 
for their second anniversary clutched to her chest. The tiger was almost as big 
as she was, but with her legs balled around it, the tiger positively dwarfed 
her. Her face was buried in its neck and Victor could hear her sobbing.

            Victor walked up to her and said, ?Oh, Jen, don?t cry. Come her, 
hon.? He touched her hand and she tore it away from him like he was on fire.

            ?Don?t touch me with your filthy faggot hands! God only knows where 
they?ve been tonight.? Victor recoiled from her like she had suddenly grown 
three new eyes on her forehead.

            ?Look, Jen, I-I?m sorry.?


I know I should have told you,

But I was so afraid you?d leave.

And now there?s nothing left to say,

Well nothing that you?d believe.


            ?Is that all you have to say for yourself? You?re a fucking piece 
of shit, you know that? I don?t understand why I ever wanted to marry you.? She 
took the only ring she wore on her left hand off and looked up at him. ?Why??

            The pitter-patter of rain on the roof was becoming more and more 
insistent. ?Well, see, Jason-?

            ?Don?t give me that bullshit. You were liking it.? She bit her lip 
softly, ?Maybe even better than you ever did with me. Why the hell did you do 
this to me??


I never meant to hurt you

With the things I couldn?t say.


            ?I? don?t know. I guess I just wanted to know what it was like. 
Then I ended up liking it. A bit too much.?

            ?So that?s it? It was just sex, then? You don?t love him??

            ?Of course! You?re the only one I love, Jen, nobody else.?

            ?That?s just fucking pathetic. You screwed around on me because I 
wasn?t good enough in bed for you? With someone you don?t even care about?? She 
hurled the engagement ring at Victor. He ducked under it and it impacted 
against the wall behind him. When he stood back up, Jen was looking at him like 
she had never seen him before. ?I don?t know what I ever saw in you.? Victor?s 
jaw dropped yet again as he wondered what more he could possibly do to screw 
things up even more. ?Is this why you would never set a date??

            ?What are you talking about??

            ?The date for the wedding, you imbecile. You pledged to marry me, 
but you never seemed to want it to happen. This is why, isn?t it? You were too 
busy figuring out which you wanted more, me or a dick in your ass.?

            ?No, Jen, that?s not why.?


I promise you tomorrow,

While denying you today.


            ?Then what is? Give me your bullshit excuse again.?

            ?It?s because I want to wait until we both graduate from secondary 
school. Wait until we both get established, then we can tie the knot.?

            ?And then what? When that happened, you?d want to wait until we got 
a house, get settled in. Then it would be wait until we have a child. On and on 
the excuses would go until we died of old age, still engaged. Isn?t that it? 
You don?t want to marry me, because I have no way to fuck you!? She stood and 
let the tiger fall to the floor.

            Victor took a step back. ?Jen, you?ve got it all wrong. You are the 
only person I?ve ever loved. You are the only one I?ve ever wanted to spend my 
life with. I have never stopped loving you and I will never stop.?

            ?If you really loved me you never would have done this to me. I?m 
sick of your shit.? She walked to the door and stopped as it swooshed open. 
?I?ll contact you within the next week about getting my things back.?

            ?Jen, you can?t be serious about this!? Victor could do nothing as 
the door closed behind her.

These lies have torn my world apart,
These lies have torn my world apart:

Torn my world apart


            ?Well, she?s gone,? Jason said. ?Now what?? Victor turned and saw 
Jason languidly leaning up against the staircase banister. He had put on a pair 
of Jockeys, unwilling to incur Jen?s wrath, but his bare, toned chest was 
slowly rising and falling with his breathing. ?If you?re all done, can we go 
back to bed now??

            ?How can you be so callous?? Victor stalked back up to Jason and 
thrust his finger onto Jason?s sternum with a thump. ?The woman I love just 
walked out on me and all you can think about it getting your rocks off??

            Jason visibly swallowed. ?You?re right. I?m sorry.? He smiled 
indulgently at the smaller boy and held out his arms. ?Come here.?

            Victor stared defiantly at Jason, but with his lower lip trembling. 
When Jason made no move toward him, Victor collapsed into Jason?s arms and let 
the sobs shake his body. He knew he was making Jason?s shoulder wet, but he 
didn?t care. Jason held Victor tight and quietly murmured sweet nothings into 
his ear. Victor looked up at Jason and sniffled. He stared out through his 
red-rimmed eyes at Jason and said, ?She?s really gone, isn?t she??


A darkness grows inside me

In fading shades of gray.

All the colors of the world

Are slowly sucked away.

I?m sinking ever deeper

To a place that?s cold and black.

I can?t believe I lost you

And you?re never coming back.


            ?Yes, Victor,? Jason said, ?she is gone. Just like I told you, and 
I?m still here. Just like I told you.?

            Victor stood on his tiptoes and placed a chaste kiss on Jason?s 
cheek. ?Thank you.? Jason looked down at Victor with the faintest hint of a 
smile playing on his lips. Jason scooped Victor up in his arms, eliciting a 
shriek of surprise from the smaller boy. ?What are you doing??

            ?Since you can?t seem to move yourself, I?m taking you to bed.?

            Victor couldn?t help but smile and snuggled into Jason?s broad 
chest. ?Jason??

            Jason started moving up the stairs and responded with only a, ?Hmm??

            ?Why are you doing this for me??

            ?Because you?re hurting and I care about you. Why wouldn?t I??

            ?I don?t know. I just? wasn?t expecting this.?


These lies have torn my world apart,

These lies have torn my world apart:

Torn my world apart


            Jason set Victor down on his bed and quietly stepped back. ?You 
know I care about you, right? That?s why I?m sleeping with you. It?s not just 
physical attraction. I mean, yeah, there is that, but there is more than that, 
too. You know what I?m saying?? Victor nodded, not wanting to interrupt him. 
Jason smiled and said, ?That?s why I?m going to let you sleep while I go home.?

            A look of horror passed over Victor?s eyes when he said, ?No! Stay, 

            ?No, you?re hurt right now and I?m not going to take advantage of 

            ?No, Jason, I need you right now more than I ever did before. 
Please don?t leave.? Victor stuck his lower lip out at Jason, and he could feel 
his lover?s resolve weaken. ?Jason, please. Take me.? 

            Jason walked over to Victor and lay down on the bed with him. The 
two exchanged a tender kiss like they had never shared before. Soon, they had 
shed what little clothes they had put back on and resumed where they had left 


Soon the night will take me

And save me from my pain.

Cloak me in cold darkness

And help me lose your name.


Commander Victor Andros

Executive Officer, USS Banshee

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