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"Old Friend"
Lt. Sara Crusher

The streets of the small town were slick from the morning rain but Sara didn’
t notice. She was lost in her thoughts and in her surroundings. She was 
seeing things and places for real that she had only known in flashes of 
memories and in her dreams. The small Irish town near the Morrigan home was 
just as it had been the last time she walked down it’s cobbled streets. 

Sara stopped on the corner near Sullivan’s Pub to look at the list Ms. 
Morrigan had given her to make sure she had gotten everything. She looked at 
the piece of paper with the hand written list and then in the cloth bag which 
held several brown paper packages. She had just rechecked the small bags of 
tea leaves to make sure Charlie Murphy wasn’t up to his old tricks when she 
heard a voice boom from behind her. 

"Jesus, Mary,  Joseph! Tis you!" A young man shouted as he darted out the 
door of Sullivan‘s. Sara had barely turned around when the young man picked 
her up off the ground and had her locked into a huge bear hug. "I never 
thought I’d be seeing the likes of you in these parts again." 

He was about six foot, short blond hair, muscular, and he had the bluest eyes 
she’d ever seen and Sara knew right then who he was but she didn’t have 
to say a word before the young man leaned in and kissed her. "Shamus O’Neil!" 
She shouted as she pushed him away. "What in the hell do you think your 
doing?!" She asked as she slapped him hard in the shoulder. 

Shamus just smiled, "You didn’t seem to mind the last time I did that." 

"The last time you did that I was twelve and you had no idea what you where 
doing." She teased. Sara had met Shamus Patrick O’Neil the very first summer 
she had spent in Ireland. She was eight and he was ten. He had lived down the 
road from the Morrigans and since they were the only kids around their ages 
they became best friends. 
"I’ve gotten better," Shamus teased back. Sara shrugged and waved it off as 
if they where kids and he had missed her mouth and kissed her nose again.  
Shamus acted hurt but then smiled. "So tell me what you’ve been up to for the 
past," Shamus paused as he relieved Sara of her packages, "How long has it 

Sara smiled and allowed Shamus to take the bags since she knew he was now 
intent on walking her home. "About ten years." She answered as they headed 
for Ms. Morrigan’s. 

Shamus shook his head in disbelief. "Tis hard to believe that the Morrigans 
would let you stay away for so long." 

"It wasn’t by choice." She said as they walked. 

Shamus nodded. "Well come on.. It’s a long walk back and I wanna hear 
everything." He said as they turned onto a road that lead out of the town and 
into the country side. "Ms. Morrigan says your a doctor and in Starfleet just 
like Rhiannon. Says your even on her ship." 

"I am."

That booming laugh Shamus had ripped though the quiet country side scaring 
the birds and making Sara jump a little. "How ironic. That must be really 
strange, the two of you on the same ship, although having you where she can 
keep an eye on you would make sense."

Sara just smiled a little. "You have no idea." 

"So your a doctor on a starship what about other then that." He reached down 
and took hold of her left hand. "I notice there’s no ring on your finger." 

Well that caught her off guard but Sara smiled anyway. "Nice to see your eye 
sight hasn’t started to fade." She teased. "However, just because I’m not 
wearing a ring doesn’t mean you can kiss me again like you did back there." 

"Ah.. So I take it your taken."  

"Very much so." 

"Do I get details on who this lad is that stole you from me." 

"Stole me form you?" Sara said. "Whatever." Sara laughed and then smacked him 
again. "And it’s not a lad, she’s a lass.. And she’s wonderful. Her name 
Cyanah and she’s the chief of science on the Banshee. We met about a year ago 
though we’ve only been a couple for a few months. She’s smart, and sweet, 
and funny and caring and she puts up with me even though I annoy her with 
stuff like getting up early to go jogging, and she loves me despite the fact 
that it’s well me, and she’s simply the most beautiful women alive, and.." 
Sara stopped when she realized she was going on and on, "And there’s 
absolutely no way you can tell that I’m in love with her." She added with a 
soft laugh. 

The Irish country side was beautiful and Sara couldn’t help but wish that 
Cyanah had come with her to see it. She would love the coast line and Sara 
made it a point to make sure that when she did get there they would talk a 
walk down by the cliffs. Her mind drifted a little as she wondered what 
Cyanah was doing. 

"Well it sounds like you found some one to really care for." Shamus said as 
he held open the garden gate for Sara. 

Sara smiled and nodded. "I think I have." 

Shamus carried the packages into the house and Sara asked him to stay for tea 
so they could get caught up on each others lives. Shamus told her all about 
his joining the police force and about his girlfriend Kelly and even invited 
her and Cyanah to his wedding. Sara told him about the Banshee, Cyanah, and 
Rhiannon. Then they started talking about the past some where around the 
third pot of tea and the last of the cookies. They had gone form picking on 
each other, to best friends, to Shamus being her first boyfriend and being 
the one to give her, her first really grown up kiss, once his aim approved 
that is. Then suddenly with out warning the mood in the air changed. 

"Sara," Shamus said as he picked up the tea cups and placed them in the sink, 
"there’s something I’ve been wanting to say to you since that day in the 

Sara looked confused and stopped washing up the tea pot. "What day? What is 
it, Shamus?" She said as she dried her hands on a dish towel. 

"I owe you an apology. If I hadn’t have been calling you a baby that day then 
you would have never..." 

"Shamus!" Kathryn shouted as she walked though the kitchen door. "Well isn’t 
the site of ye two wee ones sitting at me table a site for this tired old 

Sara smiled and sighed at the same time. Either Kathryn had a perfect sense 
of timing or a sick sense of humor. She stood there and watched as Shamus 
hugged Kathryn and then helped her carry in the things she had brought in 
from the garden. Even he knew what had happened that summer and whatever it 
was that had happened in the field next to the small barn, or at least that’s 
what made sense to her. Sara looked up at the tin tea can that sat on top of 
the cabinets where the key to the barn was and sighed before her attention 
was brought back to the others. 

"Then it’s settled. You and Kelly will join us for the little dinner party 
m planning." Kathryn smiled brightly. 

Sara looked puzzled and more then a little worried. "Dinner party?" 

Kathryn looked at Sara as if she should have know what she was talking about. 
"Of course Beanie, when Rhiannon comes home with Cyanah and Jvan we’re going 
to have a little celebration." 

"Of course." Sara said with a vague smile. Something told her that this would 
not be going over well with a certain Star Fleet captain. 

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