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Offers and Errands 
by Lt Telsia Ehling & LtJG ORidian Starfire

Telsia was muttering to herself as she looked through Cameron?s toy chest at 
the foot of his bed.  She knew she had stuck that model space ship in there the 
other day when she was cleaning only now it seemed to have disappeared.  Nearly 
about to give up, Tel?s fingers grazed the top of the ship and she smiled 
triumphantly.  She might have been a bit forgetful and left the toy here but 
she wasn?t so forgetful as to forget where she had put it.  Gripping the toy 
tightly in her hands, in hopes of not being able to just forget about it again, 
Tel moved back out into the ships corridors and headed for the turbo lift.  

Oridian stepped out of the turbolift, headed down towards his quarters. He 
needed to go rifling through his clothes now, finding something a bit more 
casual then his just his uniform. Rounding the corner he almost nearly ran into 
Tel as she sharply turned a corner, seeming to be quite in a hurry. "Oh hey 
Telsia, how have you been?"

Overly surprised by her near run in with Oridian, Tel had to take a deep breath 
before answering ?A bit frazzled actually, how about yourself?? she asked, 
pushing a strand of hair, that had loosened itself from her pony tail, out of 
her face.

Oridian chuckled to himself. "Well, I'm not really frazzled, not yet at least. 
Trying to get ready for a little bit of shoreleave, though it hasnt seem to 
have started yet, whats that you got there?" Oridian looked over at Tel's hand, 
noting the firmly held toy within her hand. Looked like one he used to have 
when he was younger, just a tad more complex.

?Oh this,? Telsia just kinda laughed a little.  ?It?s Cameron?s absolute 
favorite toy and I forgot to pack it for our shoreleave so I was just running 
back to Josh and my quarters to get it.?  Tel held it up for Oridian to look 
at.  It was a great toy and the perfect model of a galaxy class ship.

Oridian looked at for a moment and chuckled to himself. "Well, I'm surprised 
Josh didnt get a little starfighter, not something as big as a galaxy class 
ship, even though they do have some smooth flying." Oridian smiled and looked 
down for a moment for continuing, little difficult to committ himself to 
something like that. "Now granted I do work an awful lot down in the good old 
engineering bay, but I was considering that if you and Josh wanted some free 
time to yourselves, I'd hopefully be able to watch over Cameron for you guys 
every now and then, assuming you guys wouldnt mind or anything."

A huge smile lit up Tel?s face at her friends offer.  Oridian was such a great 
guy, she was happy that her and Josh had been able to make friends with him.  
?Thank you so much for the offer, you don?t know what that means to me and well 
Josh too, once I tell him.?  Telsia got a mischeivious look in her eyes as she 
thought of the fun her and Josh could have if only they had a few hours to 
themselves every once in a while.  ?Thanks Oridian, I think I might end up 
taking you up on that offer at some point.?

Oridian smiled and nodded. "Well, I don't want to keep you from your family, or 
from your shuttle for that matter. I hope your shoreleave is good for you guys, 
I imagine its not often you get the whole family together for such a long time. 
Be well and safe Telsia!" Oridian moved around and started down the hall.

?Yeah, see ya Oridian and have fun on your break,? Tel called after him before 
turning and rushing on ahead, hoping that Josh wasn?t going to be too 
frustrated with her.

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