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"Off Centered"
By Lt. Sara Crusher

Sara left the conference room absolutely livid. She didn’t even wait for 
Cyanah, cause she didn’t want to snap at her when she wasn’t the one who 
put her in this mood. Not only had she had to put up with Josh and his evil 
looks, but the major reason for her mood was the pushy second officer. "Who 
the hell does he think he is!" She huffed as she entered the turbo lift. "No 
one gave him permission to eavesdrop on a private conversation.. Ahh! Who 
invited that jerk into my head? Cause it surly wasn’t me!" She mumbled all 
the way back to her office about his lack of proper Betazed respect towards 
her. Which of course convinced her that he must come from a common family 
because no son of one of the 13 noble houses would have had the audacity to 
enter someone's mind like that. And he had to have been in there on his own, 
cause she was talking to Cyanah privately though their link, not a word that 
was whispered to Cyanah in her mind was apart of Sara’s open thoughts, it‘s 
not like she was broadcasting them to every damn telepath in the room. 

"You may want to be quite and focus." She said in a mocking tone as she 
entered her office. "Focus on what?" She thought to herself as she tossed the 
padd the Captain had given her onto her desk. The briefing hadn’t even really 
started. All the Captain had said was that they were going into Cardassian 
space and then she went off on a tirade, yelling at Munro over his ‘
girlfriends,’ like she really wanted to watch Morrigan BBQ the guy. He was 
the one who had distracted her from paying attention when the Captain finally 
had began the meeting. By that point, the fact that he would invite himself 
into thoughts; thoughts that were meant for her Imzadi, had really started to 
eat at her. After the mid morning she had had, it had took everything in her 
not to stand up right there in the CR and tell him off. Sara’s anger wasn’t 
dulling at all as she paced the length of her office, running different 
scenarios that she wished she had done while she had had the chance in her 
head. She had wanted to tell him that she didn’t give a flying flip who the 
hell he was on the ship, his position didn’t give him a right to disrespect 
her like that. 

Sara sighed loudly as she could hear herself getting all exasperated going 
into the whole Daughter of the Ninth House; holder of this and hire to that 
speech. She flopped down in her chair even more upset cause she hated that 
speech and he would have driven her to using it. "What if I hadn’t have been 
just trying to get Cy use to things.. What if he would have over heard 
something intimate?"  She asked herself as she picked up the padd she had 
tossed down. The padd contained her assignment during this mission but she 
had no idea what it said. She hadn’t looked at it since she noticed her name 
on it, so she decided she need to simmer down and get to work. Lt. Blow hard 
had taken up enough of her time. 

"Ah!" Sara moaned as she tried to read the padd for the third time. She just 
couldn’t get back into work mode. Her mind raced around everything but that. 
She couldn’t find the missing link that had some how flipped her day from the 
wonderful feeling of waking up next to Cyanah this morning to the state she 
was in now. Not only had chaos been waiting for her out side her door this 
morning, but it brought disorder, confusion, and madness with it. 

"Excuse me Lieutenant." Came a voice from the door way. 

Sara looked up. "Yes Ensign Spencer." 

"I have the results from the work up you had me do on the two women in the 
brig." The young man said as he handed Sara the padd. 

Sara mustered a small grin. "Thank you Ensign." She said as she read over the 
information. "Well it would appear there’s no real health risk form them 
being here.. But they both look as if they’ve been around the galaxy more 
then all five Enterprises put together." She commented as she signed off on 
the report. She then looked up at the ensign with a much softer expression 
then he had seen when he walked in. "Get this to Lt. Dnalls right away. And 
well done Ensign." 

Ensign Spencer smiled back at her as he took the padd back.  "Yes Ma’am." 

Sara watched as the young ensign walked out of her office and then started 
rubbing her temples. "I’m getting a headache." She said out loud to no one. "I
’m totally off center and it’s all their fault... Stupid men!." She added 
she stood up from her desk. She walked over to a book case in the corner of 
the room and took down several candles that she had there. She placed them on 
a small table she had in front of a small couch she had asked for and then 
went back after a small wooden box. After telling Heather to watch over sick 
bay for a while she lit the candles, and the incense that had been in the 
box, turned out the lights and ordered the computer to play her favorite 
meditation program. 

Over an hour later Sara finally stood from the coach feeling much better. She 
had re-centered herself and was much calmer. Even if it had put her even 
further behind schedule. She looked at the chronometer on her desk after 
replacing her things on the book case and sighed. It was late afternoon, 
nearly evening as she settled into her desk chair. It would end up being a 
late night at the office and she couldn’t help but wonder what Cyanah was 
doing right at the moment, as she started reading her new orders. 

"There's coffee in that nebula!" -- Janeway (The Cloud) 

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