<USS Banshee> "Not-So-Friendly Competition"

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?Not-So-Friendly Competition?
by Lt. Josh Asper
& Ensign Anthony D?Vorak

Josh exited his quarters, walking down the corridor towards the turbolift. He had entered his exercise attire; consisting of black wind pants, a sleeveless T-shirt, and his usual sneakers. He approached the holodeck one controls. "Computer, activate program Kickboxing Delta 12."

"Program initiated." The computer's dry voice echoed as Josh stepped through the door and walked into the barely lit gymnasium.

Anthony sat in his quarters strapping on his boots and wrist elastics. He stood up and headed out of his quarters, with his silk Academy boxing shorts and chest glistening in the ship?s lights. He walked down the corridor towards the holodeck. He entered the holodeck to see Josh was already there.

"Fashionably late as usual, Ensign." Josh paced around the ring; he was barefoot as was custom for kickboxing, "Sometime today Tony."

"I was just giving you some time to prepare... its not every day you get a chance to fight against the academy champ." He eyed Josh up and down. "You'll be eating those sneakers, you know."

Josh perked an eyebrow, "Academy Champ? Or Academy Chump? I was the kickboxing champ at the academy, you must have entered my shadow after I left." Josh moved nimbly as he waited for Anthony to enter the ring. "Are you waiting for something, Ensign? I don't back down." Josh continued to prance about, lifting his boxing gloves in the direction of the Assistant Medical Officer. "Come on."

Anthony walked toward the ring looking very confident; "I?m going to enjoy kicking your ass." Anthony climbed up into the ring and threw his water bottle and towel to the side. "You pissed off the wrong doctor, its go time!"

Josh looked amusingly at Anthony, "Have you sought counseling, Ensign? Anger management may be a way for you to harness your anger into something more productive. I don't know, like keeping yourself on task." Josh turns his head right and left, cracking it several times on either side. He moved around as Anthony entered the ring. "You could have killed Sara. Had you been doing your job, that wouldn't have happened."

Anthony just glared at Josh. "You've got a lot of nerve. Let?s get this started, I have better things to do than kick your ass." Anthony walked to the center of the ring and held out his gloves waiting for Josh to step up.

"Better things to do? I don't think that sulking around Sickbay counts as 'something better'." Josh stepped up and hit Anthony's gloves as was custom. He backed up a little and slowly moved around. "Fight."

Anthony hopped around a bit trying to figure out Josh's pattern so he could throw a punch. He threw two left jabs and then a right just to test Josh's wits.

Barely sensing Anthony's movements, Josh blocked the two lefts and barely managed to duck the right as he stepped back a ways. Josh threw two right jabs and then swept up with his left leg towards the stomach of Anthony. "This should prove to be rather interesting."

Anthony blocked the first jab no problem, but took the second to the side of the head with no consequence. He managed to step just clear of Josh's foot. As the left leg passed his body he threw a right to Josh's open left side. "Don?t forget you were the one who led the away team who infected her in the first place. It was you who wasn?t doing your job"

Josh took the punch to the ribs and scrambled away. "Yeah, like I was supposed to detect the fact that a deadly virus had infected us. Yes, my job was to protect everyone. It was an accident." Josh said sarcastically. He managed to throw his foot out and up, aiming for Anthony's head.

Anthony caught the kick on his blocking arm and the side of his head, knocking him off balance. He stepped back for a second just to regain himself. "That?s right, it was an accident. Just like my missing the other part of the cure." Anthony glared at Josh again and decided to come on full force. "That is precisely why doctors aren?t supposed to treat the ones they love, they get nervous. Terje and I still managed to cure her." Anthony threw two rights towards Josh. Then two lefts and finished off with a kick towards the head with his right foot.

Josh managed to block the two rights and one of the lefts. He anticipated a switch in direction but took the left in the head. As he turned from the punch he was laid out with Anthony's kick. Josh was sprawled out, motionless on his back. He rolled and stood to his feet, wiping a bit of blood that began to spill from his split-open lip. "Love? You love her?" Josh tried to take the moment of silence to heart as he lashed out with his right leg, and then his left.

?Yeah, what?s it to you?? Anthony lunged out with a punch and swing up with his right fist in an attempt for a possible-finishing uppercut.

"I love her. I have been 'seeing' her for almost a week now." He easily blocked the punch and stepped back to completely avoid the uppercut.

Anthony fell forward off balance after his uppercut towards Josh. He landed on the mat knees first. Seeing his point of attack, Josh surged out with his right foot, aiming for the Ensign's face. Anthony took the foot to the face rather harshly; he shot back a few feet from the force of the blow. He sat at the edge of the mat with blood streaming from his nose. He wiped it clear with his right glove, "Not bad, Asper."

Anthony hated the fact that Josh had drawn blood. He was infuriated. He jumped from the ground and stepped towards Josh again. He wiped some more blood then threw two quick jabs. Josh managed to sink down and dodge both of them. Josh stepped away, sensing that Anthony was a little angry. "You should really control yourself, Tony." Josh smiled as he pranced around the ring. He realized that he was taunting him, but he felt as if he had gained the advantage in the bout. "Come on. Why don't you show me that Academy Chump thing you were talking about earlier??

Anthony stood with a noticeable anger on his face. "You shouldn't underestimate me, Josh. I just might surprise you." Anthony stepped towards Josh; he threw a right punch as a decoy. He then swept his left foot behind Josh's knees causing him to buckle. Anthony then threw another right to use Josh's momentum to amplify the blow. Josh took the shot right across the upper part of his chest. His body impacted the ground with a sickening thud. Josh rolled over in moderate pain. He slowly got to his knees and tried to stand.

Anthony stepped to the side of Josh and wound up his leg and lashed out with a punishing kick towards Asper's ribs. The kick impacted in Asper's ribs as Josh attempted to stand. He rolled over in severe agony. Josh pounded the mat with his gloves and leaped to his feet, still favoring his left ribs. "You son of a bitch."

"I?m not doing too bad, for a chump. Eh, Asper?" Anthony was noticeably out of breath; "you ready to quit yet?"

Josh pulled of his sleeveless T-shirt and tossed it outside the ring. Josh circled around watching Anthony. "No, but I sense one ass kicking coming up."

Two hours later the fight was still raging on the holodeck. Asper and D'Vorak were mentally and physically spent. Each had sustained multiple injuries. Josh's lip was ripped open like a paper bag. He could tell that his ribs were bruised. His head was spinning after D'Vorak had connected with a fist or nine to his head. His knee was killing him for it had buckled underneath him a couple of times.

Anthony's nose was still gushing. His left eye was swelled half shut with a cut above it. His sweat made his multiple cuts sting. Anthony was having a difficult time breathing, and he believed he had a broken rib. What made it worse was that he could see two Josh?s, but he was still having luck hitting him but it wasn't much of a fight for either of them anymore.

Josh had just taken a shot to the head and was knelt on the mat. "D'Vorak, you have got some guts kid. I will give it to you. This fight isn't going anywhere, and it isn't going anywhere fast. What do you say we call it a tie?"

"I don't know which one of you is talking to me, but that sounds like a good idea. I have to admit, you've even done better than I expected."

Josh rose to his feet and offered his hand to D'Vorak. "Good job, but you still can't have Sara." Josh laughed as he waited for D'Vorak to take his hand.

Anthony took Josh's hand "You still don't get it, Sara and I are really good friends, no more. She gets hurt a lot, somebody has got to look out for her though; that?s where I come in."

"Anthony, I won't hurt her. If I hurt it would be hurting myself. I love her a lot and I would do practically anything for her. I just don't want her best friend to be angry with me, or hate me with some undying passion." Josh shook his hand and managed to crawl from the ring. He took a towel and wiped all the sweat from his face and chest. "I want us to be friends, being on a ship this small it would benefit both of us."

"I agree with you there. You're not the woman-playing Jackass I thought you were." Anthony looked at him and smiled. He cradled his rib with the one hand and wiped the blood off his face with the other. Now lets go see Sara. I think I have some work for her.?

"Let?s see how many injuries I have sustained. I bet I have more." Josh smiled as he limped towards the door of the holodeck. "Computer, end program." The gymnasium wasted away and was replaced with a gray two-toned room.

As they walked out of the door of the holodeck Anthony stumbled beside him. "Next time we'll try my old Klingon training program, I?m sure we'll feel ten times worse than today." Anthony patted him on the back.

?I wouldn't miss it." The two walked out of the holodeck and into the bowels of the ship. Their intended destination: the medicinal and soothing confines of sickbay.

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