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OK, sending again since it look like the list ate it. Looks like I left
out a part from the middle, so here's the revised version. Thanks for
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"Not Quite Home"

by Lieutenant Sara Crusher

and Lieutenant JG Cyanah Kaelyre


It was late evening on the Banshee and the lights in the corridors
proved this by being dimmer and a lot softer then they were during the
day. There were a few people heading towards the lounge and holodecks
for some downtime but mostly the ship was quiet. Sara was one of those
brave people who dared venture out into the evening environmental
change. There had been a note on the bed from Cyanah to change and meet
her in holodeck three at nine o'clock and Sara was more then happy to do

Sara stopped in front of the holodeck doors and made sure the long yet
sheer skirt and matching off the shoulder blouse she had on were just
right and she even made sure her hair hadn't fallen out of its clips.
Then she smiled and stepped closer so the doors would open. Stepping
inside the holodeck took Sara's breath away. In front of her was a
boardwalk and beyond that a beach that seemed to melt into miles and
miles of ocean.   

Sara stepped onto the boardwalk and looked around as the doors behind
her closed and disappeared. The air was a bit thick from the humidity
but there was a wonderfully cool breeze which made it tolerable. 

            There was no one on the beach in front of her so Sara looked
both ways along the boardwalk. There seemed to be a small gazebo to the
left and Sara really couldn't see what was to the right. So she went
left. She had only had to go a few feet before she could see more
clearly what was in the gazebo.  

Sara smiled and watched for a while as Cyanah fussed over something and
as the hem of her white sundress danced around her bare legs. Finally,
after a few more stolen moments, Sara walked in closer. "Have I told you
lately how beautiful you are?" she said softly.

Cyanah was startled, as Sara had managed to hide her nearness as she had
silently watched. Smiling, she replied, "Yes, but it's always nice to
hear again." She gestured to the ocean and purple tinted sky. "Delos,
near my home..."

Sara couldn't help but grin brightly as she walked up the small stone
steps and into the gazebo. She was sure now more then ever that she just
had to get Rhi to approve her request to leave the ship during their
next shore leave. "It's amazing, Cy, I don't think I've ever seen a sky
that color before." Sara paused a moment as she wrapped her arms around
Cyanah. She could sense once again just how homesick she was. "You miss
it so much. Your home and your family." 

Cyanah pressed herself into Sara's embrace, sighing longingly. "Yes, I
do... it's been a long time since I've been home. I've prepared a
Delosian meal for you to go with the setting." She turned to the small
table that she was adjusting when Sara startled her. An array of
seafood, including two filets of some sort of fish and a center tray
full of purple flaky meat with a green dip in the center, was arranged
decoratively on the table. Two glasses were filled with a clear liquid,
and two candles danced their fiery dance next to the dipping tray.

"It looks wonderful," Sara said as she took a seat at the table; her
grin never fading as she watched Cyanah sit across from her. It was
taking everything in her not to tell Cyanah about her plans, but she
wanted to wait until she knew for sure everything was set. "Mmm, this is
wonderful," she said softly after tasting what seemed to be a light
fruity wine. Cyanah's face seemed to light up over the simple fact that
Sara had enjoyed it. Sara listened to the waves crashing below them as
she tried the fish and she couldn't help but think how special being
alone on a beach had become to them. "Tell me more about your home?"
Sara asked after finishing the bit of green covered purple meat, which
despite its colors was really very delicious. 

"Well..." Cyanah began, "The section of town nearest the coast is mostly
sprawling estates, and this beach is part of mine. As you move further
in, it turns into a modern city, which is where most of the men and
middle-classed women live and work. There's also a thriving fishing port
several kilometers up the coast."

Sara listened to Cyanah as she talked about Delos. There was a flicker
of something in her eyes that she'd never seen before as she talk about
the beach, about the gardens that surround the main house, about balcony
that over looked almost all of her family's estate. Sara reached across
the table and took Cyanah's hand. "You'll see it all again and maybe
even show it to me for real."   

"I know, love," Cyanah replied, squeezing Sara's hand. "This gazebo is
one of my favorite places to be..."

Looking around Sara could see why. It was beautiful. You could see all
the way up the beach, out across the water, and what was on the other
side of the boardwalk. Sara's face lit up and the sight of the cliffs
that loomed welcomingly in the distance. "Take a walk with me." She said
as she stood and walked over to Cyanah, never letting go of her hand. "I
want to see more." Sara gently pulled Cyanah to her feet and then took
the opportunity of having her so close to kiss her. 

Cyanah luxuriated in the kiss, and then started to walk up the beach
with Sara, holding her hand. "So, what else do you want to see?"

Sara bit her bottom lip as she smiled. "Those." She pointed upward to
cliffs as they walked towards them. "I bet you can see almost the whole
city from up there." Although she knew the view would be amazing in the
back of her mind Sara couldn't help but wonder if they were drivable.
Sara had spent a lot of time diving off cliffs at the academy and even
before that during her summer trips to Ireland. She had been scared to
death the first time but after that she loved the rush that came with

"You can! It's beautiful! Do you want to hike up there or just have the
computer move us?" Cyanah replied, unaware of what Sara was planning.

"Well let's see," Sara said as they continued towards the cliffs, "have
the computer jump us to the top or walk with you to the first landing we
find saving the full view for the real thing?" Sara paused and looked as
if she were really thinking hard about it before smiling and pulling
Cyanah towards the cliffs. It hadn't taken long to get to the first
landing and even at that low level they could see for miles. "Wow," was
the only thing Sara could think of to say. 

Cyanah smiled and took in the view, remembering it fondly. She lost
herself in it for several long moments, her eyes focused on her home in
the distance. Her thoughts drifted to those loved ones that were far
away; she envisioned her mothers and her sisters, all on Delos living
their lives of nobility, and her brother, on a starship, bravely making
a career for himself.

Sara was suddenly floored by what she was sensing from Cyanah. She
turned from the view to look at Cyanah, taking both of her hands into
her own she spoke softly, her voice more concerned this time. "Sweetie,
are you alright?"  

Cyanah was broken from her reverie, partially by Sara and partially by
realizing that while this holosimulation of home was amazingly
realistic, it wasn't perfect. "The sea air, Sara... I can't get the
computer to make it right. This smells too much like Earth's salt

"Even if you could make every last little detail perfect, Sweetie, you'd
still now it was only a holodeck program." Sara reached out and caressed
the side of Cyanah's face.  

Cyanah let out a long sigh. "Yes, you're right." She recalled learning
about the incidents involving the Enterprises B and D with the Nexus;
people lived the favorite parts of their lives repeatedly in there,
knowing it was all fake, but perhaps forgetting after time.

Sara absolutely hated seeing her Imzadi like this but she didn't want to
say anything and get her hopes up about going home only to have her
request denied. So instead, Sara decided to get her mind off it for a
while. "Have you ever cliff dived before?" she asked, drastically
changing the subject as she began undoing her sandals and the buttons on
her skirt.  

"Cliff diving? You mean... jumping off a cliff?" Cyanah asked
incredulously, her physicist's mind already working up a storm
calculating gravity and force and all those things that make falling
generally undesirable.

Sara couldn't help but laugh as she undressed. Taking Cyanah by the
hand, she walked her to the very edge of the landing and held her close
looking over her shoulder and down at the water. Her bare skin pressed
up against Cyanah's back. "It's fun I promise. We're not that high up.
I've jumped from landings a lot higher." 

Cyanah undressed as she looked skeptically at the water below. "Are you
sure it's deep enough?"

Completely lost in the moment as she watched her lover undress it took
Sara a while to realize she'd been asked a question. "Yes I'm sure.
We're far enough out that it'll be perfectly safe and then we can swim
back to the beach." Sara took Cyanah's hand again. "You trust me,

"Yes, of course I do..." she answered as she stepped out of her
underwear. She looked down at the water again, then back at Sara, then
down at the water, then back at Sara, letting her gaze linger for a
moment on Sara's naked body. The wind picked up for a few seconds,
giving the two women goosebumps, and prompting Cyanah to wrap herself
around Sara. She closed her eyes for a while, enjoying the feel of her
bare skin in its ultra-sensitive goosebumped state against Sara's. "Yes,
love, I trust you..." she said after a lengthy embrace, "But I'm still

For a moment Sara considered forgetting about the jump and staying in
Cyanah's embrace, but there would be time for that after they got out of
the water. "Good. On both accounts... being scared is part of the rush."
Sara smiled before kissing Cyanah and again leaning towards the 'forget
the jump, let's just stay here' idea, but after a few long moments she
stepped back and smiled again.  

"OK. On the count of three we jump." Cyanah took in a very deep breath
as Sara took her hand. "One. Two." Sara could feel Cyanah tighten her
grip on her hand which surprised Sara a little at her strength. "Three."

They sprang out into nothingness, seemingly suspended for a brief moment
before the air began to rush by their ears as they started to pick up
speed. Their hands separated as they entered diving form, arms stretched
out ahead as their bodies arced gracefully toward the water, which
rushed up to greet them. The fall only lasted a few seconds, but seemed
like an eternity flying through nothingness, free of any clothes,
inhibitions, or constraints of gravity. They hit the water
simultaneously and bobbed to the surface a few moments later, Cyanah
yelping with exhilaration. 

They embraced in the water, their heads slipping back under, but the two
women didn't seem to need air for the adrenaline rushing through their
bodies. They kissed underwater for a few seconds, still free of
restraints, then returned to the surface as biology asserted itself,
demanding oxygen. A minute later, they lay entwined on the beach, still
full of adrenaline and using it to enjoy the rush of lovemaking rather
than cliff diving.

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