<USS Banshee> "No One Said it Would be Easy..."

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"No One Said it Would be Easy..."
By: Lt. Commander Sara Kaelyre
There were small wet footprints leading from the front door of sick bay to  
Sara’s office. She had been on the holodeck running training programs with 
 of her med teams and only stopped because she’d been commed about an 
incoming  communiqué from Star Fleet medical. After grabbing a towel out of 
the linen 
 closest Sara walked into her office and over to her desk. 
 “Computer open channel and put it on screen.” Sara wasn’t surprised  
the image of Efra Leor appeared on her screen but her old friend’s greeting  
and the tone of her voice caught her off guard. 
“Why the hell do you need Borg nanoprobes?” Efra asked as she waved around  
a padd, “And why the hell are you all wet?” 
Sara blinked a couple of times and then smiled. “I explained why I need  
them, and I’m all wet because you got me out of a training session that 
evacuation to a rain soaked planet.” 

Efra didn’t look placated at  Sara’s answers if anything she looked even 
more put off. “You look like a  drowned tribble. Now tell me why you need the 
nanos. All your message said was  you needed them. It did not say anything as 
what you plan on using them for.” 
The hope that Efra would just trust her and get her what she needed  suddenly 
feel out an air lock. She was going to have to explain and that was  
something Sara didn’t want to do yet. She wondered for a moment just how much 
could leave out and still get Efra to help her. “I need them to complete a  
project I’ve been working on for the past few months.”
“What kind of project?” 
Sara had to think quickly since Efra would most likely know she was hiding  
something when she paused. “It’s the same project I was working on when I 
needed  you to send me all of Doctor Phillips research data.” 
Efra huffed. “The DNA rewriting stuff? Sara what are you up too?” Sara  
t answer. “Ok look, you don’t have the clearance to use Borg technology  
even in a experimental way.”
“I know that, Efra. What I don’t know is how to get the clearance.” Sara  
replied as she continued to dry her hair with the towel she’d grabbed. 
“It won’t be easy the brass is really picky about who gets to use Borg  
tech. Can’t you just use nanites?” 
Sara scrunched up her nose and shook her head. “Do I look like the demon  
spawned weasel boy? Nanites are fine to play around with, Efra,  but  they’re 
what I need. For what I need done I need nanoprobes. So how do I get  
clearance to use them?” 
“You’ll have to appeal to the head of medical research, the commander in  
charge of the Borg diversion of science, and possibly even the head of Star  
Fleet medical herself and believe it or not I think you’ll have a much harder 
time keeping her in the dark. Then finally you‘ll have to get clearance from  
your command team to have them on your ship.” 
Sara reached up and pinched the bridge of her nose as she let out a slow  
breath. “I’m not trying to keep anyone in the dark, Efra. I’m just 
working on  
something that will have a greater possibly of being successful with the  
addition of Borg nanoprobes.”
Efra looked hard at Sara which made Sara nervous. “Your going to have to be  
more detailed about what your doing or your not going to get the nanoprobes.” 
“More detailed? I can’t at least not yet.” Sara replied as she began to  
chew her bottom lip. 
They had been friends a long time and Efra knew the look on Sara’s face.  “
Your up to something, Red. Fess up.” 
“I’m not up to anything, Efra. I’m just a little protective ya know. I 
this is my first solo project and I don’t want to fail in front of the entire 
 medical community.” It sounded good as she was saying it but Sara wasn’t 
sure if  it was believable. 
Efra just shook her head. “I get it. I’ll see what I can do but I make no  
Sara smiled and nodded her head in understanding. “That’s all I ask.” 
After closeting the communiqué channel sat back in her chair and sighed.  She 
needed the nanoprobes if her compound was going to work so maybe writing a  
proper proposal would be the best idea. Problem with that was the having to  
clear the Borg tech with Vic and Cy which would lead to Cy finding out that she 
was trying to rewrite her DNA. This wasn’t getting any easier and it didn’t 
look  like there was a chance that it would any time soon, but in the end it 
was still  all worth it. 

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