<USS Banshee> Nighty-Night *Must read before sim*

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By Lt. Sara Crusher

Sara stood at the computer consol in her quarters waiting for a reply from 
Sabrina. Something wasn’t right and she and Cyanah wanted to know what was 
going on, and Sara was sure that if anyone would know it seemed that person 
would be Sabrina Wicca. It had been almost a full ten minutes since Sara send 
the text message to Sabrina using the coded commutation pathways she had 
given them and each minute that pasted felt like forever which made the 
strange feeling Sara had even worse. Sara stood there watching the blank text 
screen, tapping the fingers of her left hand on the desk and biting her nails 
on her right. She didn’t seem to breath or blink as she spoke. "Why hasn’t 
she replied? What in the hell is going on out there?" 

A pair of arms wrapped themselves around Sara from behind. The small delicate 
hands took hold of Sara’s hands and embraced her tightly. Sara pressed her 
head softly into Cyanah’s shoulder and took a deep breath. Her mind started 
to clear and her nerves settled as she stood there in her Imzadi’s arms. Then 
almost as if it had been waiting for Sara to relax the reply came through. 
"Hostile takeover..  Skitz, Chaos Bridge.. Hnar Tresec RR.. hostages.. 
Distention Earth.." Sara read the message out loud twice. 

Her mind started to race once again but this time instead of unleashing a 
flood of anxious movements, it was turning out possibilities of what was 
happening, why it was happening, and should they try to do something about 
it.  She turned and looked at Cyanah. She wouldn’t have needed the ability to 
read what Cyanah was thinking because the look on her face said it all. "So 
we should do something?" Cyanah nodded. Sara rubbed the back of her neck as 
she started pacing the room. 

Sara continued to pace as she talked things out. "Sabrina’s message said 
there was a hostile take over and that Skitz and Chaos were on the bridge. So 
lets assume that they’re the ones who have taken over. The question is why? I 
mean they’re not the brightest crayons in the box. And what does the bar 
tender have to do with this?" Sara stopped a moment to look at Cyanah who was 
sitting on the edge of her desk tapping at the computer consol. Sara walked 
over and looked at the screen over Cy’s shoulder. "Andros isn’t even on the 
ship. This is just to odd. If he’s not here who gave the order to leave.. 
Skitz and Chaos are yes boys. They’d never do anything against the book." 
Sara paused. "I think." 

"Maybe they’re working for the bartender?" Cyanah offered in a soothing tone. 

"That’s a possibly. But just to play it safe call up the communication logs 
from the last hour or so. Pin point anything from DS9 to the Bridge.. 
Something's telling me Fatima is involved. " It didn’t take long for Cyanah 
to call up the logs and to find the one between Chaos and the Admiral. "If 
the admiral ordered us to Earth then why is Sabrina calling this a hostile 
takeover?" Sara was starting to get a headache. She was calling up parts of 
her training that she hadn’t used since she left for medical school. The only 
reason she had taken the command track classes was for her mother. Sara could 
hear her mother now. "I told you those skills would come in handy out there." 

"He’s corrupt, Sara. None of this has been right from the word go." 

Sara nodded. "Ok.. Well first things first. We need to get the bridge back 
and then we can work from there with the others." Sara went back to pacing 
the room. Her mind was working as fast as her mouth. "It’ll be safe to assume 
that the bridge is locked out and that whoever is in charge is well armed." 

"There’s a high level security force field around all of deck one." Cyanah 
confirmed as she continued to work on Sara’ computer.  

Slowly something was forming in Sara’s mind. Details worked themselves out 
slowly as she wore a grove in the floor. Finally after another five minutes 
Sara stopped. She looked at Cyanah and nodded. Cyanah nodded back as Sara 
walked over to her. "Ya know if we do this we are technically disobeying the 
orders of an admiral. We could get into trouble." 

"We’re already fugitives, Love. Besides I highly doubt the Captain would let 
us fall."

Again Sara nodded. "I need you to go to a weapons locker.. Grab as many 
phaser rifles as you can and then meet me in sick bay. I’ll be playing with 
the environmental controls. I always knew that knowing how to manipulate 
those things would come in handy for more then just practical jokes." Sara 
smiled a little. "We’re also going to need a map of the J-Tubes. That’s how 
we’ll get on the bridge after I gas’em." 

"What about the force fields?"

"That’s easy. I’ll trick the computer into thinking that there is a fire in 
the ready room. The safety protocols will override the highest of security 
codes." Sara said with a sheepish grin. 

Cyanah smiled at Sara a bit. "And how do you know this?"

Sara blushed. "Lets just say my mother has some outrageous stories to tell 
you when we have dinner." With out another word Sara walked over to her comm 
panel and pressed the button. "Crusher to Mclouson. Heather meet me in sick 
bay ASAP." Turning to Cyanah again Sara smiled. "Ready?" Cyanah took Sara’s 
hand and smiled back. "As I’ll ever be, Love." 

Ten minutes latter Sara stood in one of the back labs of sick bay with Cyanah 
and Heather. Everything was set up. She and Cy knew how they would get in and 
Heather knew when to hit the button that would trick the computer into 
thinking there was a fire. Sara took one last deep breath. "Ok here we go." 
She pressed the blinking red button that would release a knock out gas to all 
of deck one and sighed. "Nighty-night folks." 

**To be picked up in sim**

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