<USS Banshee> Night of Silence

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Night of Silence
Lieutenant JG Telsia Ehling

Telsia walked into her and Josh?s quarters.  It was quiet, even the sleeping 
boy in her arms made no sound besides the low sucking of his thumb.  Taking a 
deep breath, she carried Cameron into his bed room and softly laid him down in 
his crib.  Bending over him, she very removed his shoes from his feet and 
quietly placed them on the shelf with the few other shoes they had for him.

The peaceful silence in the quarters was something that Tel had been craving.  
Though she loved her son more then life it?s self and she loved the complete 
chaos and dirt that came with having Cameron, some days all she wanted was a 
quiet home to go back to and a soft, warm bed to crawl into.  

The only bad part about their quarters at the moment was the fact that Josh 
wasn?t there and he wouldn?t be there at all that night.  He had bridge duty 
tonight, so even though the bed was calling Telsia, she was hesitant to climb 
in it alone.  It would be cold and empty, something she didn?t want at that 

If Tel was to be totally and completely honest, that night, all she wanted was 
for Josh there to make slow sweet love to her.  But that wasn?t about to happen 
tonight, not with him at work.  Wouldn?t that be scandalous, Tel thought, if 
she pulled Josh away from work for that reason.  

Walking into their bedroom, she began to remove the civilian clothes she was 
wearing to play with Cameron in the holodeck.  Slipping on a purple silk night 
gown that Josh had bought for her, she walked into the bathroom and release her 
hair from it?s confine of the pony tail.  

Glad to have the freedom of her loose hair, Telsia ran her fingers through it, 
wincing as she hit a few tangles.  Picking up her brush, she began to run it 
through her long brown hair, making the hair become smooth and soft.  

After washing her face and removing the small bit of make-up she almost always 
wears, Tel walked quietly over to Cameron?s room.  She wanted to check up on 
him one last time before she went to bed.  Cameron was sleeping peacefully in 
his crib, one thumb stuck in his mouth and the soft sound of him sucking on it 
floated up to her.  

Telsia smoothed his hair down again, before turning and making her way back to 
her bedroom.  Pulling back her blankets, she climbed in.  While Tel as happy 
for the silence of their quarters, she couldn?t help but feel lonely at the 
absence of her lover by her side.  Grabbing his pillow and burying her head in 
it, Telsia fell into an easy sleep with happy dreams of their future on her 

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