<USS Banshee> Morrigan's Inferno (Part One)

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"Where are they?!"  Morrigan looked into the genetically engineered, crystal 
blue eyes of the Vorta as he stood before her with his cloned perfection for 
a smile. Had Lieutenant Crusher been in the vicinity, her knees would have 
turned to Jell-O because she was using *that* voice.  It was her voice that 
announced that the fires had been lit and a barbecue was about to begin.  
Except this time, the tone rang false.  She was not the one wearing the 
chef's hat and apron.  She was the one on the spit getting ready to burn.  
"Where ARE they?"

The Vorta looked at her in amusement.  "By *they* I assume you mean your 
fellow away team members or perhaps... your crew.  Rest assured, Rhiannon 
Morrigan.  You were the only one we needed.  I won't bore you with the facts 
about how we managed to pluck you mid-transport.  I won't bother you with 
details of how we managed to scan the Banshee's computer banks to get all the 
pertinent information that we needed about you and your away team.  I 
certainly wouldn't dream of offending your sensibilities with the information 
that someone from your own crew has been helping us every step of the way."  
A smug smile tugged at his mouth and he practically clapped his hands in glee 
with the effect that he knew his words were having on her.  She didn't show 
it.... but he knew it just the same.

"I don't believe you," she stated simply.  "I'm not important enough to need 
for anything.  I'm just a Starfleet Captain.  My executive officer is more 
than capable of handling things on the ship, so don't think that by taking me 
out of the picture that you'll be getting the Banshee!"  Her mind was making 
wild leaps of logic in an effort to determine why she was standing on some 
strange ship with all these..... well, people she would rather not be with.

"No, no, my child," he lectured patiently.  "It is not your ship we want, or 
your crew, we just wanted... you."  He placed his hands on her shoulders and 
turned her to face the wall.  "We needed you and your heritage and your fire. 
 We needed a Captain who was well trusted in Starfleet..."  He patted her 
shoulder.  "Your number came up Rhiannon.  Now watch, and be amazed."

She turned her head to look once more at the Ferengi and the Cardassians.  
Out of the corner of her eye, she could see the Jem Hadar standing silently 
against the wall.  The Cardassian that stood nearby looked strangely familiar 
to her, and there was something in his yellow eyes that made her want to 
shiver.  Finally, she looked back to the wall.  It had transformed to a 
screen and on that screen was the proceedings that were happening on 
Cardassia. A great hall with banners and flags, Cardassians standing regally, 
the Legate waiting on the dais with his other advisors and council members, 
there was nothing to indicate that anything was wrong or amiss.  Surely they 
know by now that I'm missing.

The rest would be forever horribly imprinted into her memory like a searing 
brand into naked flesh.  The sight of herself walking into the hall with her 
away team at her side made her gasp aloud.  The Vorta smiled to himself as he 
watched her.  "The best is yet to come," he whispered near her ear.

She watched as others all over the system watched.  In horror and disbelief, 
she watched herself grab the weapon and fire. She watched as the Legate 
crumpled to the floor, as the Cardassian Guard turned to fire and was gunned 
down, as D'Nalls did what he could, and as Kaelyre suffered a wound to the 
arm.  A knot twisted painfully in her stomach as she saw Davies slump 
lifelessly to the floor.  She stared at the horror of what had happened even 
while the words that she did not utter yet they fell from her lips in the 
footage still rang in her ears.  Then the footage was ended.  The government 
had done what it felt was right and shut down the video feed ... but not 
before she heard the word *traitor* be coupled with her name and certainly 
not before she watched members of her crew be taken roughly into custody.... 
and not before she had seen the hint of betrayal in the eyes of the one who 
called her Imzadi.

One of the Ferengi stepped forward and whispered urgently to the Vorta.  "We 
should leave soon. The Orions won't wait."  He grumbled and mumbled to 
himself about latinum and slaves and mistreatment and Bartok.

Bartok.  No wonder his face looked familiar.  Rhiannon let her gaze slide 
casually around the room before glancing at the tall Cardassian again. It was 
him.  The Bajoran people usually said his name with a a mixture of fear and 
hatred.  He was the kind of thing that parents threatened their children with 
when they misbehaved.  Bartok the Butcher.  His inhumane treatment in the 
Bajoran labor and detention camps was legendary.  His name was up with the 
ten most wanted... dead or alive depending on whose list you were looking at. 
 Raised voices caught her attention again and she turned to where the Vorta 
and the Ferengi were having a discussion of some sort.

"The agreement is that we get any and all captives as payment for our 
services.  He has already killed more than a few and maimed or disfigured 
many others.  We are losing profit on this!"  Both Ferengi looked at her with 
their squinty, ratlike stares.  "If we could have HER, let us keep her with 
us.  She'll learn to appreciate the power of a taser whip soon enough.  We'll 
have her under control and gentle as a kitten in no time."

Morrigan arched a brow in the Ferengi's direction.  A Ferengi sex slave or 
Bartok's next science experiment?  What a choice.  She appeared to look 
disinterested as she considered her options.  She couldn't go back to 
Cardassia, not without being skinned alive.  The Banshee should either have 
left the area or was now occupied with Cardassian military or.... they were 
dead.  Okay, let's think positive here.  You're alive.  On a ship filled with 
Cardassians, Ferengi, Jem Hadar, Vorta, and most probably Founders.  Okay, so 
you're alive.

"No.  Absolutely not.  She is the type that would pretend to comply with you 
and then escape the first chance she gets.  The Founders have deemed her an 
unacceptable risk and she is being given to Bartok to dispose of in whatever 
way he sees fit."  The Vorta looked at both of the Ferengi.  "This 
conversation is at an end."  He gestured to the Cardassian guards.  "Take her 
to her new home.  I'm sure the Captain would like to settle in."

She stood quietly as the guards grabbed her upper arms and roughly propelled 
her across the room.  As the doors hissed open, she glanced upwards to see 
something written in many languages.

Abandon hope, all ye who enter here.

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