<USS Banshee> "Missed Opportunities"

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"Missed Opportunities"
Lt. Josh Asper
Ensign Sara Crusher

The night shift had entered Sickbay, working with patients and
everything of that sort.  Sara Crusher and Josh Asper had been in
quarantine for several hours.  With no company, they had learned to
talk with each other.  It was actually quite comfortable; the light
had been dimmed because it had increased the severity of the
headaches experienced by both people.  Josh rolled over on his

Josh gazed towards Sara who was sitting across a narrow space on
another biobed, "Sara, are you afraid of dying?"  The question took
her by surprise. She looked over and Josh who was motionless on his

"I?m not afraid of death it's self so much, but of what comes after
that." Josh could feel the intellectual possibilities; that factor
had been absent from most of the people he talked to on the Banshee.  

"I?m not afraid myself, I am more worried about what my mother,
sister, and brother will do."  He rolled over again, now he was
gazing and staring at the ceiling.  "I worry about them, I don't want
to leave them; they need me.  I worry about that the most."

"That's what I mean about what happens after.  What will my family
do?   My mother will be heart broken; my brother is going to be
pissed, and if we do die, I think the ship might want to avoid Earth
for awhile." 
Sara sat on the edge of her bed swinging her feet.  She smiled a bit
at what she must look like.  Then she watched as Josh took a deep
breath as if to calm himself.  She could feel so many emotions coming
from him, emotions she shared. 

He turned and looked at her again, swinging his own feet off his bed;
"I just am not ready to die.  I haven't done all the things that I
wanted to do.  There are so many things and people that I have yet to
do and meet.   This headache is going to drive me crazy, the
hyposprays don't work anymore at all."  Josh walked around the beds
massaging his temples.  "I want to just smash my head with a

Sara stood up slowly so that her own head wouldn't swim. She walked
over to the replicator and ordered two hyposprays.  "These are the
strongest we got." She told Josh as she pressed the tool to his neck
and then her own.  "I haven't had headaches this bad since my
adolescence." She put the empty hyposprays down on the table and then
moved once again to stand behind Josh.  She was scared, but not of
dying.  She was scared of leaving a life not yet what it was meant to

 Josh let the medicine swim throughout his body, but his headache
didn't go away.  "I always wanted to go to Paris, the actual place. 
Now I won't have a chance."  Josh sat down on his biobed and put his
head in his hands.  "I guess that there are a lot of things that I
won't be able to do.  Damn it, what a way to go, huh?  I wanted to
die somewhat honorably.  Not succumbing to some stupid disease."

Sara walked over and pushed the little step stool she kept by her bed
closer to Josh's.  She stepped up and sat next to him.  "I always
thought I would be in my mid 100's when I passed.  I would go in my
sleep, no pain." She moved closer to him taking his hand in her own. 

Josh looked down at Sara's hand taking his, "You know I always wanted
a family.  Even if I had to raise them on a ship, I wanted children
and a loving wife."  He let his stare suggest something, but he
quickly changed the subject. "What about you?  Did you have someplace
you wanted to go, and now won't be able to?  Did you have something
you wanted to achieve and now can't?"

She let the image of Josh chasing a little brown-haired green-eyed
boy down the hall away from the bridge play at her thoughts for a
moment longer before answering him. "I want to go to Athens. I loved
the stories of the old Greek heroes that my Papa would tell me when I
was small.  I always thought that it would be a wonderful honeymoon
place."  Sara shifted her posture as she thought about the second
half of his question.  "I always wanted to be a mother.  That's
something I still want to achieve.  I guess I thought I had more then
enough time to get my career in place first though."

Josh nodded and looked at her, "I am sure that Terje will come up
with something.  He always does."  He shifted his weight and sat
behind her, he started massaging her shoulders.  "What a pair we are,

She smiled as she let his fingers knead into her muscles. "Well to
tell you the truth, I would have never put money on this happening."

Josh stopped massaging her shoulders; he was kind of taken aback. 
"Really?  Why not?"  He leaned over her shoulder to look her in the

She laughed at the expression on his face. "I didn't think I was your

Josh countered almost perfectly, "Really?  Then what would you define
as 'my type'?"

She thought a for a second, "Well I'm not sure, but the bad boys
normally don't like the goodie-goodies as much as goodie goodies like

"Bad Boy?  What are you talking about?"  Josh continued his massage;
"I am not that bad, you know."

She could feel all the stress and tension just melt away under his
touch. "No not anymore, but once you were.  Which is not really a bad
thing.  I've always had a weakness for former bad boys." Her smiled
grew with each word she spoke.

"Well, lets hope that our first date wasn't our last."  He smiled,
"So, when do I get to meet your parents?"

She laughed out loud which made her head hurt but she didn't care.
"Don't worry about our dates, I had had one planed for this Sunday. 
Guess while have to see if we get to though with it.  As for my
parents, I like you too much to put you through that.  Then again, if
you had any kind of history or culture class at the academy, you
already know my mother, and if you did, I am already sorry for you."

Josh shifted and stood to his feet and walked over to the replicator,
he couldn't find what to get, so he walked back and sat down on the
biobed.  "I can't die, it just wouldn't be right."

Sara got to her knees on the bed and moved closer to Josh.  She slid
her arms around him and put her chin on his shoulder.  She held him
tight for a long time before she said a word.  "We are not going to
die Josh."

He embraced her as well, "I know, but it is a possibility.  Although,
having you here makes me a little more comfortable if I have to take
that step into death." 

She said nothing; she just held on tighter.

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