<USS Banshee> Making Sense

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"Making Sense." 
by. Lt. Sara Crusher. 

Thirty random people. Thirty people walking past the government building 
going about there daily lives. Thirty people of both genders and all ages. 
people out of a small populace of hundreds and not a single one with any sign 
of plague anywhere. Nothing, not a mutated germ, virus, or bacteria in the 
whole lot. Not even in the elderly man who’s immune system had been weakened 
old age showed signs of anything more then high blood pressure and gas. It 
just didn’t make any sense. 

Sara stood out side the government building watching the people walk past. Ju 
Ju III was suppose to be a plague ravaged planet who’s people were on death’
s door, yet there were an awful lot of happy looking people enjoying the warm 
afternoon sun. It just wasn't adding up. At least one of the people she’d 
scanned should have shown some traces of the plague, but they were all in 
health. Cyanah wasn’t getting anything from her environmental scans, but all 
of the pervious research had pointed to a smashed moon that she couldn’t find 
any trace of. Then there was that person that Josh had stopped to ask where the 
government building was. Something about the way he panicked when he saw 
Josh, the way he blurted out that he wasn’t infected, and the look on his 
face, it 
all bothered Sara and she wasn’t sure why. 

They’d been off the ship for no more then fifteen minutes and already the 
muscles in her back started to tighten and cramp, as they normally did when she 
was stressed. Maybe if she were lucky, Cyanah would rub her back when they got 
back to the ship. But first things first, they had to deal with their 
assignment, so Sara took in a long deep breath which left a nasty taste in her 
from the bio-suit filters. "This just keeps getting better." She mumbled to 
herself as she took a few more random scans. 

Again, nothing. Sara sighed and then turned towards the government building 
where Josh and Jansug had entered. She figured that enough time had pasted 
since Josh barked his last futile demand to "come" -like they were dogs who 
to obey his every word- that it was safe to meet up with the rest of the team 
with out making him think that she’d ask how high when he barked jump. 

As she walked up the steps her mind started working on possibilities. Maybe 
the plague was localized in once section of the planet. Perhaps it had a long 
incubation period. Maybe it only infected certain types of people. Again Sara 
sighed; none of that was in the research she’d just spent weeks with. All the 
data had pointed to an illness that knew no bounds and held no prejudice. Sara 
fought the urge to scream as she entered the building.    

The extravagance of the entry hall was mind blowing. Marble everywhere. Walls 
painted in rich colors and textures to make stunning murals. The government 
was engulfed in decadence, yet according to the visiting doctors she’d worked 
with and Commander Andros they had minimal medical faculties? Well their 
priorities were certainly obvious. Sara looked the room over one more time 
her eyes fell on the young woman behind the marble desk. The young girl also 
caught sight of her as she approached. 

"Dear lord there’s more of you?" The girl asked. 
Sara’s eye brow lifted before she realized the guys weren’t in the lobby, 
then she smiled. "Yes," She said then paused long enough for her silent partner 
to come up behind her. She stifled an internal giggle, Cyanah really did 
loathe away team duty. "I’m Doctor Sara Crusher, from the Banshee, and this 
Lieutenant Cyanah Kaelyre. We need to speak with the head of your health 

The girl sighed then pointed to a waiting area where Josh and Jansug sat. 
"Wait there. Mr. Radetsky and the Minister of Health will be with you all 

Sara nodded her thanks and then walked over to the waiting area. She and 
Cyanah lingered just out side the sitting area alone and waited. 

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