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?Love at First Sight?
by Lt. Josh Asper
& Ensign Sara Crusher

She was beautiful, her red hair was the most beautiful that he had
ever seen in all his days.  Now he had a date with her, he was
determined to make it memorable.  Josh Asper walked briskly down the
corridors of Deck 2, looking at all of the quarters as he passed,
looking for the specific door that belong to 'her'.  He approached it
and pressed the call button.  He adjusted his blue collared shirt,
and unbuttoned the top of it to allow a little of his skin to show,
to look more casual.  He made sure that he didn?t have any wrinkles
in his pants.

It had taken Sara Crusher all evening to go though her closet.  She
wanted to find just the right thing to wear; after all he was quite
handsome.  She walked around looking for her shoe when her doorbell
rang.  Her heart began to race as she slipped on her shoe, hopping to
the door on one foot.  She stood there and fixed her skirt and
double-checked her hair before she opened the door.

The door hissed open and he had to stop his mouth from dropping to
the floor, Sara was even more beautiful in civilian clothing than he
could have imagined.  He stumbled over his words in his mind.  
"Uh...hi."  Josh said awkwardly.  She smiled at him as she watched
his eyes follow the flow of her loose black top, the way its silk
bodice clung to her body.  The way it's lace sleeves fanned out in as
they came half way down her arms, the way her black mid-length skirt
moved around her legs, it was all very mesmerizing. 

"Hi" She said when his eyes finally meet her own. 

He struggled pull his eyes from her, but he finally did with much
strength, "You up for dinner tonight?"

"That sounds wonderful." She said as she admired him.  "Shall we go
to Three Forward??  She asked as she stepped through doorway and into
the hallway. She could not help but think how handsome he looked. 

"Actually, I was thinking a new place, which I didn't know existed
until someone mentioned it to me.  The Down-Under Lounge.  On Deck
Eight, apparently it is there.  Shall we?"  He offered his arm to
her.  Sara took his arm, it was so strong and she could not help but
to snuggle into him as they walked down the hall. 

"The Down-Under Lounge?  Sounds like fun." She said as Josh reached
for the turbolift call button.  The door opened and Josh motioned for
her to go in first.

"Ladies' first."  Sara walked in and Josh followed her.  "Deck Eight,
Down-Under Lounge."  The two rode in the turbolift to deck eight. 
They walked into the lounge, which was deserted besides the lone
waiter that was there, he motioned them to a table and Josh pulled
out Sara's chair for her.

"Thank you." She said as she sat down.  The room was dim, the only
light coming from the candles all around them.  Josh took the seat
across form her.  She smiled at him and then quickly looked away. 
When she turned back to him, he was smiling at her. His eyes are
amazing. She thought to herself as Josh ordered a bottle of wine. 

The waiter crossed the room towards the back of the lounge and Josh
gazed towards Sara.  He knew that she was empathic, he figured that
he would try something. You look spectacular this evening. He gazed
at her and thought of that statement as hard as he could, hoping she
could sense it. 

She wondered if her surprise showed in her eyes.  Normally she could
only hear the thoughts of other telepaths, and a few very close
friends, but she had heard him say something.  Or at least she
thought she had.  He saw the look of surprise and laughed to himself.

"Did you hear me?"  He accepted the wine and poured two glasses, he
put down the wine and gazed again at her, "I said that you look
spectacular this evening."

"I think so, it was very faint but yes I think I did." She said as
she took the glass that he offered her. "And thank you.  You looking
really hot tonight yourself." Her face flushed a bit, I can't believe
I said hot.  She tried to cover quickly, "So what shall we have." She
picked up the menu and started to read it

He knew that she was covering what she had said, but nonetheless, he
was flattered that she found him attractive.  "I am having the
Seafood Fettuccini."  The waiter walked over and took his order.

The waiter shrugged, "And to drink tonight, Lieutenant?"

Josh gazed at the wine, "The wine will be just fine."  He smirked and
gazed across at Sara. "And of course whatever she is having..."

"I will have the lobster salad." She said as she handed the waiter
the menu, "Thank you."  She added as she looked back At Josh.  The
waiter nodded and headed once again for the other side if the room. 

"Waiter?" Josh asked, the waiter turned around and raised an eyebrow,
"How long until we can expect that?"

The waiter blushed, "With your request Mr. Asper, we are preparing
everything fresh, it should be about ten or fifteen minutes."

"Thank you," Josh got up and talked with the waiter quietly as Sara
sat and watched.  He came back and sat down.  He smiled at her

"Should I be worried about what ever that was." Sara asked as she
returned his smile and ran her finger along the edge of her glass. 
Soft music began playing in the background.  Josh stood to his feet
and smiled, 

"Care to dance, Ms. Crusher?"  He offered his hand to her.

She nodded her head as she took his hand, "I would love too, Mr.
Asper." Josh walked her to the middle of the room. She took a deep
breath as she felt his hands wrap around her waist. Sara was grateful
for all the dance lessons her Aunt had given her as they started to
move to the music, but her thoughts were soon about only the moment

Josh felt his hand move to her waist as they began to sway to a song
that was in the database from the 21st century.  Apparently, upon
later look, it was "All my Life" by KC and JoJo.  He let himself
glide around the floor with her as he held her tight, he smelled her
hair, for what reason it baffled him, and they continued to glide to
the music.  

Sara felt something while she was in his arms, she didn't know what
it was, but she knew she liked it. The warmth of his body, the smell
of his after-shave, and the sound of his heart beating, it all played
into one emotion.  She closed her eyes and just moved with him

He moved with her in his arms, he felt as if he could fall asleep
with her in the dancing position.  He kept dancing with her, the
smell of her hair was intoxicating.  He loved the scent of her
perfume.  He felt as if he had been dating her and this was one year
since the starting day.  He felt something that ran deep inside him,
the feeling of love, compassion, the feeling of protection towards
her and didn't want to let her go.

The waiter walked up, "Excuse me." He said, "Your dinner has been
prepared." He sat the plates down and walked away. Josh held her, not
wanting to let go.  After a few more wonderful moments she could feel
him start to pull away. She knew it was only to walk her back to the
table but she didn't like it. She held his arm tightly as they walked
back to the table. 

Josh again pulled out her chair, then after she was seated he placed
her napkin in her lap, brushing his hand against the bare skin of her
lower arm.  His touch sent a fire though her body; she took a deep
breath and hoped he hadn?t noticed. 

Josh pulled his hand back and then sat down.  He placed his napkin on
his own lap and then began eating.  He took a bit and swallowed, the
food was good, but he couldn't stop from watching Sara.  His eyes
kept on her as she ate, and he ate his own food.  He couldn't tear
his eyes from her.

Sara took small bites of her food; she could feel Josh watching her.
She would look around the room or down at her salad and then made eye
contact with him.  The sight of him turning away trying not to get
caught made her laugh.

He heard her laugh, "What's so funny?"  He said, laughing himself.

She loved the sound of his laugh, her grandmother had always told her
that a man's laugh would tell you more about him then his words. Josh
had a very full laugh one of fun and trouble. "Nothing." She teased
with a girlish innocence. She wanted to know all about this man that
sat before her, but was unsure of how to get the conversation

Dinner continued without much talking, Josh and Sara kept to
themselves as they ate.  Dinner ended and the two enjoyed each
other's company.  "So, who is Sara Crusher?" He asked.

She could not help but laugh at the question, mostly because it was
something she was still trying to figure out.  "Well lets see," She
paused trying to find the words. "Sara Crusher is a star fleet brat
who likes to play as much as she likes to work.  She can be very shy
one minute and a real," she smiled, "Bitch the next."

Josh stared at her and smiled.  Likes to play, he thought to himself.
The waiter began to cross over from the other side of the room and he
stopped, looking to Josh.  "Anything for dessert for you two
tonight?"  He asked as he raised a PADD for the order.  Josh stared
casually across the table.

"Whatever she wants, if it is anything."  He thought to himself,
Dessert could prove to be...interesting.

Sara smiled at the emotions she was getting from Josh. She thought
for a moment and then looked up at the waiter, "chocolate ice cream
with lots of whipped cream and cherries, please. Oh, and two spoons."
She watched the waiter walk away before turning back to Josh. "OK,
your turn. Tell me about the man I'm seating with." She liked the
fact that he had started the conversation, it was almost as if he
were the betazed.  He seemed to know exactly where to lead.

Josh smiled and then raised his head to the ceiling, as if to ponder
where to start.  His encounter with Cyanah Kaelyre wasn't the
greatest, he figured that he should start slowly.  "Josh Asper is
also a Starfleet Brat, but he likes what he does and the people that
he meets.  And he is crazy about a certain Ensign in the medical
department, but he avoids letting people know about that."  He smiled
and gazed at her as the waiter approached, he sat down a bowl of ice
cream, chocolate as requested, and a lot of whip cream and cherries.

Sara could not help but blush at his comment.  She smiled at waiter
as he sat down the dessert; she took a finger and dipped it into the
whipped cream. It hadn't dawned on her what she had done until she
saw Josh watching her.  Again she blushed it was the way she always
started a sundae, so she didn't really think about the meaning it
might have at that moment. You really are a naive kid, you know that?
She scolded her herself. 

Josh stared at her, and waited to see what she did with her finger
that was now covered in whipped cream.  He was now intrigued and
continued to stare at her.

She decided to play it off, she could tell he was expecting her to do
something so she did, she ate the whipped cream from her finger. Then
she acted as if she were going to do it again but the following time
the whipped cream ended up on Josh's nose.

Josh smiled and crossed his eyes to see the whipped cream on his
nose.  That wasn't what he wanted or expected, but it works.  He
wiped it off, and licked it from his own finger.  He then dipped his
own finger in and drew it out again, and licked it clean. 

Sara laughed at the sight of Josh with whipped cream on his nose. She
picked up her spoon and dipped it into the ice cream, as she ate it a
small bit dripped from the spoon and on to her chin.  Josh saw the
ice cream and reach over and brushed it onto his index finger and put
it in his mouth.  He then picked up his own spoon and took some ice
cream.  He picked up a spoonful and motioned to Sara, waiting for her
to eat it.

Sara took the bite of ice cream and the returned the favor. Then she
picked up a cherry, which was covered in whipped cream and offered it
to Josh. Josh held open his mouth, he realized it wasn't very
flattering, but he figured that she was comfortable enough with him. 

She gave Josh the cherry and she watched as he ate it. She waited for
his next move in anticipation. She could not believe how wonderful
this evening was; she had never had a date go like this; let alone a
first date. She made up her mind some where on the dance floor that
it would not be their last. 

He was afraid to push farther, but he figured that you only live
once.  Josh dipped his index finger in the whipped cream and offered
it to Sara, he hesitated to do it, but waited.

Sara was surprised by his next move but went with it.  She smiled as
she took Josh's hand in her own, then she licked the whipped cream
off.  Josh trembled, he felt exhilarated and enticed all at the same
time.  He glanced at the chronometer and was crushed.  "I have an
early shift tomorrow," he said, "I should be getting to bed."

Her heart sank but she nodded her head, "I do as well." She said
softly.  Josh stood and walked to her side of the table, he helped
her from her chair and the headed back the way they had come, with
Sara still holding tight to his arm. They walked from the Down-Under
Lounge and walked into the turbolift.  He motioned her in and
directed the car to Deck Two.  He walked her to her door and stopped,
waiting for her to go in.  

"Goodnight, Sara..."

"Good Night, Josh," she whispered. She stood there a moment longer
not sure of what to do.  She was never one to give into impulses but
this time she could not help it. She leaned in and kissed him. 

He returned kissed her, and it went longer and longer.  He finally
pulled away and smiled as she entered her quarters.  He walked down
the hall; she was still running through his mind.  He couldn't let
her go because he liked her a lot. He entered his own quarters; a
couple doors down from his and eventually pulled himself into bed, as
he continued thinking of her.

She fell back against the door after it hissed closed, she stood
there a moment with him on her mind, and then she walked over and sat
on her couch where she fell asleep, thinking of Josh.

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