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"Long day; better night"
By Lt. Sara Crusher

The bedroom was suddenly filled with an annoying beeping noise as the lights 
slowly started to come up. The computer’s dry voice interrupted the beeping. 
"0600 hours, Doctor. Time to get up." The beeping then came back. Sara pulled 
the covers over her head and tried to submerge her head into her pillow. 
Normally she didn’t mind getting up. Well, she didn’t mind getting up when 
she wasn’t waking up alone and after pulling a late shift in sick bay, 
anyway. Finally a hand popped out from beneath the blankets and reached over 
to the night table where it pressed the alarm off key on the control panel. 
Then it recoiled back under the warm covers. Sara continued to lie in her bed 
half asleep and thought maybe an extra hour wouldn’t hurt, but Gypsy and 
Tramp had other plans. The small black cat and tiny pup hopped onto the bed 
and then on to Sara’s back. 

"Ok.. Ok.. I’m up." Sara said groggily as the animals nipped and kneaded at 
her back. They both hopped down when they felt Sara starting to move. She sat 
up slowly and swung her legs over the side of the bed and looked down at the 
pair. "I really have to teach you how to use the replicator." Tramp barked at 
her and wagged his tail as Gypsy rubbed against Sara’s bare legs. Sara smiled 
at them as she stood up. "Ok.. I’ll feed you. You can stop sucking up now." 
She laughed a bit as she walked into the living area and over to the 
replicator. "Gypsy 23, Tramp 5, and coffee." 

Sara placed the two small bowls on the floor and refilled the water dish 
before grabbing her cup of coffee and flopping down in her desk chair. She 
checked her messages and mail and went over her agenda for the day. She 
curled up in her chair with her hands wrapped around her mug as she read the 
latest letter from her mother. "We have a break coming up and I might be able 
to make it out to meet your ship since you’ll be back on home turf soon." She 
read out loud. Sara smiled happily at the thought of seeing her mother. She 
quickly glanced at the clock as she shut down her computer; just enough time 
to hit the gym before her shift. 

It only took her a few minutes to change into a swim suit and throw a pair of 
wind pants on over it. She grabbed her towel and dashed out the door and 
towards the nearest turbo lift. She fought to get her hair into a pony tail 
as she rode in the lift towards the gym and it’s massive heated pool. The 
lift paused for a moment to allow another crewmen on and Sara smiled at the 
young man. He was tall and well built with short dark hair and green eyes. 
Rather boring green eyes, she thought to herself as the crewmen nodded at 
her. She had become very picky about such things and found that no one no 
matter the color of their eyes could match the sparkle that a certain 
scientist had in hers. 

"Good Morning, Doctor Crusher." The young man said as he stepped into the 

Sara nodded and smiled. "Good Morning, Ensign Hayes." 

The young man looked surprised that Sara knew who he was, but he also looked 
quiet pleased as well. "Heading to the gym?"

"Yeap. You?" Sara couldn’t help but think that was a silly question since she 
was starting there in a swim suit, wind pants, sandals, and had a towel 
around her neck. Then again the young man was in his academy sweats and 
clearly heading to the same place since he hadn’t called out a different deck 
and Sara had just asked him the same silly question. Guess it all boils down 
to awkward lift conversations, she thought to herself. 

"Yeap. Thought I would hit the weights before my shift. How’s the pool? I 
haven’t had the chance to try it out yet." Hayes asked as he looked Sara 

The small lift car suddenly felt a lot smaller. Sara removed the towel from 
around her neck and draped it over her shoulders pulling the ends closed 
until her upper body was completely covered. "It’s wonderful." She finally 
replied. "I try to get in a few laps every morning." 

Hayes who had to stand over six feet tall and towered over Sara, smiled at 
her. "It’s quite clear that you enjoy a good work out, Doctor." 

Sara blushed deeply and grinned nervously. The lift doors opened and Hayes 
stepped aside to allow Sara to pass him. Sara stepped out of the lift after 
nodding her thanks to the young man and headed down the hall way. Hayes 
fallowed suit and was soon walking next to her. 

"So is swimming the only thing you do?" He asked as he cut his stride in 
order to meet Sara’s. 

"No. It’s just my morning wake up work out. I try to take full advance of all 
the gym has to offer." She answered him.

Hayes nodded. "Well if you ever need a spotter fell free to ask. I use to be 
a personal trainer before the academy. I could show you some things to really 
take your work out to the max." 

Thankfully the doors to the gym where just ahead of them and Sara nodded 
again as they approached. "I’ll keep that in mind, Ensign. Thank you." She 
walked quickly though the doors and started off in the direction of the 
locker room that lead into the pool. 

Hayes watched Sara as she walked away and grinned to his self. She was a cute 
little thing, he thought to himself. "Hey Doc!" He called out to her. 

Sara stopped just before going into the locker room and turned around. "Yes?"

Hayes quickly made his way up to her with a sheepish smile. "I was just 
wondering if maybe you’d care to have a drink with me later?"

"Thank you for the offer." Sara said sweetly. "But I’m seeing someone." 

There was a clear look of disappointment on Hayes’ face, yet he didn’t give 
up. "Exclusively?" 

Sara smiled. "Very much so." 

"So I don’t have a chance, do I?"

Sara shook her head. "Nope." 

Hayes nodded and smiled. "Well if you ever get tired of this guy I’ll be 

Why did they always assume it was a guy? Sara sighed inwardly and then 
grinned at Hayes as she opened the locker room door. "That’s sweet, Ensign. 
But I don’t ever plan on getting tired of her." 

Ensign Hayes just stood there for a few minutes and watched as Sara 
disappeared into the locker room. He blinked a few times and then went on his 

Over an hour later and Sara was back in her quarters, showered, in uniform, 
and on her second cup of coffee. She cleared away her breakfast dishes and 
then walked over to her computer for one last look at her agenda. Senior 
staff meeting, staff reviews, a few patients, a laser surgery, and of course 
the doctors best friend... Paper work. Sara groaned at the last part. She 
picked up an empty padd and started downloading her day onto it. Looking at 
the clock she smiled. "Computer, record message." She paused and waited for 
the computer to confirm it was ready. When it beeped at her she looked into 
her screen as the tiny video camera focused on her.  

"Good Morning, Beautiful. I hope you slept well last night. I missed you." 
Sara smiled brightly. "I maybe a little late for lunch. I’ll be in surgery 
most of the morning and I‘m not sure how long it will go. If it gets too late 
go ahead with out me and either way I‘ll meet you in your office as soon as I 
can. I’ll see you at the meeting, save me a seat, k." 

After sending her message off to Cyanah, Sara headed to sick bay to get the 
things she would need for the staff meeting. As she was looking for her notes 
and padd she glanced around the room as the shifts changed. She watched the 
door as people came in and out and when she hadn’t seen Heather come in she 
wondered how she was. She made a mental note to find sometime to check in on 
her if she wasn’t in sick bay when she got back. 

The meeting ran normally. Sara sat next to Cyanah as each department gave 
their status reports to the Captain. After everyone was done the Commander 
started talking about data sampling or something but Sara wasn’t really 
paying any attention to him. She had noticed the elevated tension between 
Cyanah and Josh and wondered what had happened after she had left Cy’s office 
the day before. Then she noticed one of the stolen glances between the 
Captain and Cyanah. She stiffed a bit and tried in vain to refocus on the 
meeting. After everyone was dismissed Sara had every intention of walking Cy 
back to her office but her stolen moment alone with her Imzadi was stolen 
back when the Captain asked Cyanah to stay behind.  Cy smiled sweetly at Sara 
as she headed for the door and Sara smiled back. All the way back to her 
office she chastised herself for being jealous. She had been warned about 
the.. the whatever.. that Cyanah and the Captain had. 

"How was the meeting?" Jenny asked as Sara walked into sick bay. 

"Same old.. same old." Sara replied as she headed into her office. "Is 
Heather in yet?"

Jenny walked into the room and handed Sara her normal cup off coffee.. Which 
would make the total so far three cups and it wasn’t even ten am yet. "She 
called in sick." 

Sara nodded her head. She had had a feeling that Heather wouldn’t be in for a 
few days. "That’s fine. She may have all the time she needs. Pull McEntire in 
to sub for her."  

"Yes Ma’am." Jenny answered as she pressed a couple of buttons on the padd 
she held. "They’re waiting on you in the OR, Doctor." She added. 

"Very well. I shall be there shortly." Sara smiled as she watched Jenny leave 
and took a few minutes to finish her coffee and ready herself for the rest of 
her tasks for the day. The surgery was routine and went well although it did 
take longer then normal because the patient seemed resistant to the drugs 
they were using to keep him under. After spending nearly two hours in there 
Sara was more then glad to get back to her comfortable office and her fourth 
cup of coffee. Sara sat in her high backed chair with her head resting on the 
small pillow with her eyes closed. As she sat there her computer consol 
beeped at her. She turned her head and opened one eye. She glared at the rude 
machine though that one eye for a long moment before she realized she must 
have looked really silly, so she sat up, opened her other eye, and then 
pressed the button to retrieve the message. 

"Hi Love," Sara smiled at the image on her screen. "I hate to do this but I 
can’t make lunch. The paperwork has piled up on me and I have something 
running down here that I have to watch." One of these days, Sara thought to 
herself, she would find out what it was that Cyanah did down in that lab of 
hers. "I promise, Love, I’ll stop by some time this evening. See you then." 

The screen flickered off and Sara sighed. She shrugged as she stood up, then 
after picking up a padd she headed out of her office. "Jenny, I’ll be in 
three forward." 

After grabbing a quick lunch in three forward Sara started her afternoon 
appointments. Nothing to bad. Except of course for Ensign Song and his latest 
attempt at putting things up his nose. Her last patient for the day was Lt. 
Julia Winters. 

"Hey Doc!" Julia said as she hopped onto the bio bed.

Sara grinned as she walked over to her with her hands in the pockets of her 
lab coat, a habit she picked up from her aunt. "Hey, Julia. How are you 

Julia lied back on the bio bed as Sara took out her tri-corder. "Much better. 
The morning sickness has stopped." 

"Well that’s good news." Sara looked down at her readings and once again 
grinned. "Well it looks like everything is progressing nicely. Have you 
gotten your transfer yet?"

Julia frowned a bit. "Yeah." 

Sara winced. "That bad?"

"No it’s not that. In fact I get to pick which ship I want after my maternity 

After closing the tri-corder Sara walked over to the contour to prepare a 
hypo that is mandatory for all expecting mothers who are serving on star 
ships. She couldn’t help but grin as she thought about Julia. She had meet up 
with her husband at DS9 and was now three months pregnant. She was starting 
to wonder what they had put in the air that weekend and who had put it there. 
She’d like to write them a thank you note. 

"Don’t get me wrong here, Doc. I’m thrilled over the baby. I just hate the 
idea of leaving the Banshee." 

Sara walked over and pressed the hypo to the young woman’s neck and then 
pocketed the empty rod. "I know the feeling. Banshee’s home.. But she’s 
a war ship not a family ship." 

Julia just nodded. 

"So what ships do you get to pick from?" Sara asked hoping to lighten the 
other woman’s mood. 

Julia smiled a little. "Any of the Galaxy class since they are more family 

"The Enterprise is a good ship, it’s no Banshee, but it has a great CMO." 
Sara said with a wink. "Will Ron be going you?"

"That’s the plan." Julia said with a smile. "It’ll be nice to be together 

Sara nodded as she updated Julia’s file. "Well as soon as we know where you 
three are off to I will send everything asap."  

After Julia left the rest of the afternoon passed by quickly and Sara soon 
found herself spending another early evening with paperwork. After the third 
stack of padds Sara found her mind wondering. She toyed around with ideas of 
what the future may be like, she wondered where she would be in five, ten, 
fifteen years. She thought about how events and people now, today, would 
shape that future. 

Once Sara pulled herself out of her daydreams and finished her paper work she 
clocked out for the night. She was tempted to pop in on Cyanah, but decide to 
be nice and let her finish her work. So instead she headed off to the 
holodeck where she would spend some time playing pool and coning some 
holographic suckers out of a few drinks. 

The corridors of the Banshee were quite as Sara walked towards her quarters 
from the holodeck. She was quite pleased with herself. She had turned the 
skill level up on her pool opposites and still managed to win all but one of 
her games.  Once she was in her quarters she feed her pets, checked the rest 
of her mail, which included her brother’s move in their game of mail chess, 
and then took a quick shower. 

She was sitting on her couch wearing a pair of khaki shorts and a white tank 
top when her door chimed. She smiled blissfully since she already knew who 
was on the other side. She drew her bare legs up close to her chest as she 
called out telepathically for Cyanah to come in. She would have thought it 
imposable to smile any more then she had been but she was wrong. Cyanah had 
stopped to change and Sara loved the way the dark blue sun dress looked on 
her. Sara stood up as Cyanah walked over to her. She wrapped her arms around 
her lover and kissed her deeply. 

After dinner the two women sat on Sara couch snuggled together and watched a 
video. Sara loved sitting next to Cyanah and playing with her hair as they 
simply relaxed after a long day. After the movie, Sara sat on the couch with 
Cyanah’s legs across her lap as they talked for a long time. 

It was sometime after midnight when the two finally went to bed. It was after 
three when they finally went to sleep. 

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