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"Knots and Tea"
By Lt. Sara Crusher

Sick bay was relatively quiet this time of day. There were a few nurses on 
duty arranging supplies or treating a minor cut or bruise.  Heather was in 
the back somewhere with the crewmen who has a habit of getting things stuck 
up his nose. This time it was a marble. But the normally quiet and calm mood 
of sick bay was about to explode with the hissing of the main doors. 

"Listen up people!" Sara shouted as she stepped into the grey sterile, yet 
warm environment. "The Captain and her team have beamed over to the escort 

All activity stopped as the CMO walked into the room. It took Sara aback as 
the people around her stopped what they were doing if they could, or managed 
to give her the attention she asked for if they couldn’t. It took her a 
minute to regain her momentum. 

"Which means as of right now this entire department is on alert." She began 
as she moved further into the room. "I want four trauma units set up with a 
doctor and two nurses each. I want two surgical units on standby. These teams 
do not include my personal teams who are to be put on 24 hour call." She 
continued to walk further into sick bay. Her voice was soft but firm, 
demanding yet not dictatorial. "Shifts should go into Delta mode. Which means 
there should be a total of three extra personnel on duty at all times. And 
finally, I am now on 24 hour call. Understood?" 

Everyone nodded as they scurried about on their ways to setting up the new 
formats. Having sick bay ready for anything was another way for Sara to feel 
a little better about having Cyanah and the others on that damned ship. She 
stood there a moment longer and watched as her staff set things up, her hand 
finding it‘s way to the knot in her stomach again. One of the older nurses 
saw Sara standing there and smiled at her as she came over to her. 

"Are you all right Doctor?" She asked kindly. 

Sara smiled a little for the first time since Cy had left her standing in her 
quarters. "I’m fine Jenny.. Thank you for asking." 

Jenny shook her head as she patted Sara on the arm. "Your about as fine as a 
long tailed cat in a room full of rockers." Jenny said with a smile. "Your 
not going to do any one any good all twisted up like you are.. You need to 

A smile once again danced across Sara’s lips. Wasn’t that her line. She had 
told Cyanah a number of times over the last few days to just relax. But like 
she told J’van the knot in her stomach wasn’t going any where till this was 
all over and they were all home. "I’ll relax when this is all over Jenny, but 
right now I just can’t." Sara placed a trembling hand on Jenny’s and 
"But thank you so much for your concern." 

Jenny smiled and watched as Sara disappeared into her office, her hand once 
again on her stomach. "This is nuts." She said to herself as the knot seemed 
to tighten. "I got to get it together, Jenny’s right I’m no good to anyone 
as a bundle of nerves." She said as she crossed over to her replicator. 
"Peppermint tea, light sugar, light cream, hot."  In a matter of seconds the 
warm drink from her childhood was ready for her. Sara lifted the cup 
carefully and headed over to her desk. When she was a little girl when ever 
she didn’t feel well or was up set over something her mother always made her 
peppermint tea and it always helped. 

Sara leaned back in her chair and sipped at the warm liquid with her eyes 
closed. The warmth and sweetness of it invaded her taste as the aroma tingled 
her sense of smell. She sighed deeply as she started to feel the muscles in 
her neck and shoulders unclench and her heart returned to a normal rate. The 
warmth from the cup it’s self settled her nervous trembling and her breathing 
became more alleviate. But even as her body began to relax, the knot 

The problem with relaxing was that it allowed the mind to wonder, to focus on 
things real and make believe and things that should be there and aren‘t. 
Luckily Sara was able to control her imagination so she wasn’t sitting there 
thinking of all the ways things could go wrong. But she suddenly realized 
that something was missing. Over the past week she had become use to having 
Cyanah’s presence in her mind. Not her words, or even her thoughts so to say, 
but the simple sense that she was there. Although she could still clearly 
feel her essence, a shadow of her in her mind just like she told her she 
would be in hers; Sara couldn’t feel her presence no matter how deep into her 
mind she went. 

Sara sat up in her chair. She had finished her tea with out knowing it and it 
made her wonder how long she had been sitting there. She stood slowly and 
walked back out into sick bay after placing her cup in the recycle bin. 
Everything was in place and her staff was on it’s toes. She spotted Heather 
and walked over to her. "I want updates from the bridge every 90 minutes. If 
anything.. Anything at all happens I want to know.." Heather nodded and Sara 
smiled. "I’ll be in quarters call me if I’m needed." Again Heather nodded 
and gave Sara a smile as she walked out the door. 

One of the perks of her and Cyanah’s  promotions were getting bigger quarters 
on the officers deck. A personal plus was that they were closer together then 
their old ones. Sara stopped in front of Cy’s door. She wanted to step up and 
ring the bell, she wanted to see the look of surprise on Cy’s face when she 
opened the door. Instead she walked up and pressed the door lock. To her 
surprise the door opened for her. She stepped in side and smiled. The room 
smelled like Cyanah’s perfume, Sara took a deep breath and smiled. Sara 
walked over to the coffee table and picked up one of the PADDS that sat 
there. She laughed, "I’m going to have to get her to read something a little 
more interesting then just the Starfleet Astrophysics Journal." Sara was more 
then a bit surprised when she picked up the second PADD. Tears started to 
sting her eyes as she read. "Betazoid Culture; Their customs and traditions." 
Sara collapsed onto the coach clutching the PADD close. She smiled a bit as 
she looked at the PADD again before putting it down. "Well isn’t she full of 
surprises. Well my love two can play this game." She said with a smile. 

Sara walked over to the replicater as she talked to the computer. "Computer 
down load all available information on Delos and it’s culture." The computer 
beeped at her and just as she stepped up to the replicater the PADD appeared. 
She smiled again as she took it in one hand. She then looked through Cy’s 
list of Delosian tea. After picking a one, Sara settled on the couch and 
began to read. And although the knot was still there, she didn’t notice it as 

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