<USS Banshee> Just noticed something

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  • Date: Mon, 30 Sep 2002 17:11:29 EDT

Ok can anyone else see something a bit off about the dept set ups.. 

Crew and Facilities by Department 

Department: Command 
Department Head: Captain 
Other Personnel:  Executive Officer 
Facilities:  Main Bridge; Captain’s Ready Room;Conference Rooms; Auxiliary 

Department:  Helm/Ops 
Department Head:  Helm/Ops Officer 
Other Personnel: 12 Runabout/Shuttle Pilots; 6 Shuttlebay Support Personnel; 
5 Cargo Handlers/Transporter Operators 
Facilities:  Shuttlebays One, Two, Three; Cargo Bays; Personnel Transporters; 
Cargo Transporters; Emergency Transporters; One Danube Class Runabouts; Two 
Shuttlepods; Three Type-10 Shuttlecraft; Fifteen Work Bees 

Department:  Fighter Squadron 
Department Heads:  Captain, Executive Officer 
Other Personnel:  7 Fighter Pilots; 4 Fighterbay Support Personnel 
Facilities:  Fighter bays One and Two; Twelve Shogun ClassStarfighters 

Department: Security 
Department Head:  Chief Security Officer 
Other Personnel:  19 Security Officers 
Facilities:  Security Substation/Armories One, Two,Three; Main Security 
Office/Detention Center/Brig 

Department: Science 
Department Head:  Chief Science Officer 
Other Personnel:  25 Science Lab Researchers 
Facilities:  Biological/Organic Science Lab; Linguistics and 
Encryption/Decryption Lab; Astrophysics/Stellar Cartography Lab; 
MilitaryScience Lab; General Science Lab; Probe Storage Bay 

Department: Engineering 
Department Head:  Chief Engineer 
Other Personnel:  35 Engineers 
Facilities:  Fightercraft Manufacturing and Repair Center; Runabout Servicing 
Facility; General Fabrication Center and Machine Shop; Turbolift Maintenance; 
Life Support; Computer Core; Impulse Engines; Main Engineering; IDF and SIF 
Generators; Deuterium Storage Tanks; Antimatter storage pods; Solid Waste 
Reprocessing; Replicator Stock Matter 

Department: Tactical 
Department Head:  Tactical Officer 
Other Personnel:  10 Phaser Specialists; 6Torpedo Specialists 
Facilities:  Phaser Control Room; Torpedo Launchers; Munitions Bays 

Department:  Medical 
Department Head: Chief Medical Officer 
Other Personnel:  3 Doctors; 5 Nurses (3 doctors for 155 people? 4 if ou 
count the CMO) 
Facilities: Sickbay 

Department:  Crew Services 
Department Head: Counselor 
Other Personnel:  9 Personnel (The shrink even has more people then the Doc 
Facilities:  Counseling Center; Holodecks; Three Forward Lounge; Down Under 
Lounge; Botanical Garden; Officer and Crew Quarters; Gymnasium; Barber/Salon; 

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