<USS Banshee> "Just a Pawn in the Game"

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?Just a Pawn in the Game?
by Lieutenant Joshua Asper

The air and emotion on the bridge was less than welcoming as the ten Cardassians marched out from the turbolift. Josh wasn?t upset that they ?graced? his presence, but he would rather have had them throw themselves harmlessly out an airlock. His gaze, currently locked on the viewscreen just feet in front of him, shifted slightly to the left as he saw both the workers at the science station and engineering station reach for the phasers that were kept so very carefully behind the workstations.

They rested their hands there casually, without formally drawing the weapon in offense or defense towards the ?welcome? guests. Josh looked to the ready room door, which remained closed ? Andros could make his presence known and Josh could return to his usual labor as Tactical Officer.

Performing the customary uniform tug, Josh stood hastily to his feet. ?Stand down.? The words echoed with authority as the almost armed workers went back about their business. Josh turned to the lead Cardassian, whom he recognized as the ever-present Gul Turtock. ?Welcome to the Banshee, I?m Lieutenant Joshua Asper. Commander Andros, whom you?ve spoke with before, is currently in the ready room and will be with you shortly. You?re more than welcome to wait if you wish.?

Without a nod, the Cardassians took offensive positions. Josh hadn?t expected anything less, but thought it to be rude to be doing so in front of an obviously cooperating crew. Josh was half-tempted to leap over the banister and beat the hell out of all ten of them. He then realized, as reality gave him a good slap in the face, that he wouldn?t make it past the Gul ? the banister for that matter ? and would likely be shot very quickly.

Spoonheads, another name used for Cardassians because of their distinct ?spoon-like? forehead ridges, weren?t on Josh?s top ten list for most favorable species. They were ugly, smelt bad, and had that look like they got their faces beat in on a regular basis. Even though the hatred was building in him because they had nearly killed him, he was more angered because of their near successful attempt to take Sara from him.

Spending such alone time with Sara in quarantine wasn?t a bad thing; in fact, he had enjoyed the experience tremendously if it wasn?t for fact that his head felt as if a steel spike was constantly being hammered into his skull. The reason for their trip to solitary confinement in sickbay was because of pirates who were suspected to have ties with Cardassia.

Time seemed to pass as slow as a Vulcan summer did. He held back the urge to tap his toe ? as was his custom when he was nervous or uncomfortable. His thoughts, in all the free time that was being given to him, drifted to the location of the Captain. She had left rather abruptly from the planet to an unknown ship and an unknown crew. The only thing that he could conclude, logically, is that the Captain really wasn?t the one who had committed those horrible atrocities.

Josh had to pull his mind back to the posse of Cardassian soldiers that lined the top of the bridge. The whereabouts of the Captain and his current state of mental affairs would have to take a backseat to the tasks at hand. At this time there wasn?t a thing that he could do besides cooperate. The doors to the ready room would soon open, until then all he had to do was wait and maintain his professional sense.

The Cardassians didn?t care either way. Professional or not, he would have to put up with them. Alas, the toils of the world would take their toll. To the world, Josh was just a pawn in the game.

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