<USS Banshee> Joint Log "What's the Policy on Tattoos?"

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  • Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 14:12:52 -0400

Joint Log
Ensign Nerina
Ensign Anthony D'Vorak

Ensign Nerina Lay on her back on biobed 1 in sickbay, anxiously awaiting Anthony D'Vorak's attention for her Primary Physical for the USS Banshee. Anthony walked out of his office toward the biobed "I apoligize for making you wait Ensign, It has been pretty hectic in here the past few days." He noticed Nerina's discomfort but it was impossible to perform the physical any way other than with her on her back. The biobed was activated, the scanning device extended over the width of Nerina's body. "What's up with the captain?" Nerina shifted her body to try to make herself more comfortable. "You'll have to lie very still... Im not too sure whats up with the captain... she seems rattled for some reason... but after hanging out in a turbolfit with Cy... who wouldn't Be!" Nerina was trying to keep as still as possible on the biobed "What happens if I do move?" Anthony could tell shes one of those people who has a problem sitting still. He smiled a warm smile to try to comfort her and answered "What happens is that your scan won't be as accurate and I'll have to do it again... and I assume thats as inconvenient for you as it is for me." Nerina forced a half-smile back "I just can't sit still for long. Its a reflex thing or something." She looked around for a second "Actually, the doctors never told me what it was. Not that it matters, my doctor never said anything to me about my condition so I thought it was nothing." Anthony tapped at a few buttons on his tricorder to switch the scan to a bi-lateral mode. "You know what I think it is?" He commented as he leaned over her to tap a button on the far side, "Natural... I know I have trouble sitting still through physicals, lots of people do. Believe me, I dislike doing them as much as you dislike having them done." He hit the big red button on the side of the biobed console which made the scanning device scan up and down Nerina from head to toe. "I alway s thought docs liked to torture the patients" she smirked and added "Ours sure did!" She continued on saying "He screwed my dad up real bad once. He couldn't type for three days. He was devastated."

Anthony smiled at Nerina's last comment, having previously studied her bio, he knew that her parents were both hackers as was she and that a hacker not being able to type was like a doctor without a hypo. "I don't like to torture my patients... much... Where are you from?" At this point he was begginning his progressive scan of her brain. "I was raised in Australia. But I remember more of New York City, that's where I learned what I needed to know.." Nerina stopped herself feeling like she had already said to much. She decided to go on the defensive. "Why though? I thought that was on my file already??" Anthony smiled once again, noticing the stress in the room rising. "It's small talk, usually makes physicals go faster" he tapped a few more buttons on his tricorder to finish the progressive brain scan. "Most of the time, it makes patients more comfortable." Anthony deactivated the Biobed scanner and tapped the controls to retract it.

Nerina rolled her eyes knowing that she shouldn't talk so much. "Yeah sure, comfortable, Can I sit up now? I hate being on my back. It's too vulnerable." She was getting antsy. Anthony looked at Nerina more or less confused. "You can sit up, but the fun isn't over yet." He paused again, looking as though he were ready to ask another question "I can tell you don't like to talk much." Nerina raised an eyebrow as she sat up, "I hate to burst your cute little bubble, but this stuff ain't fun. Whoever told you that it was, was spitting words out their rear end." She shrugged while she paused to take a breath "I don't mind talking, I just do too much of it for my own good sometimes. I can talk. I'm good at it. I know you wanna ask something so don't be scared and just come out and ask me." Her tone was getting more and more defensive, he could tell that this girl had something to hide, but his intentions were honest, he was just curious, there was no reason for her to get as defensive as she was. "I hate it when people hide stuff." She complained. "I'll find out what they were hiding eventually and then I can use it against them. So ask away!"

Anthony just stared at Nerina Shocked. "I wasn't planning on asking you anything Ensign... If you want to thrive as a member of this crew... you're going to have to learn to trust people." He paused for her response. "You trying to say something?" Nerina wasn't trying to pick a fight, she joined Starfleet to avoid fights. She sat there trying to calm her emotions down and slow her mouth from spitting whatever pops into her head before she can think about it. Anthony nodded at her query. "Im not trying to be mean but... I was just trying to make conversation... Everybody on this ship trusts one another... well... most of us..." He smiled at her "I just think you should take into consideration that not everybody is out to get you." He smiled even wider "Especially not me!" He paused again waiting for a reaction. "Okay." She took a deep breath. "Im sorry, I'm too used to people always accusing me of stuff, so I always gotta cover my back. I worked in a feild where if you don't cover your back your gonna get stabbed, shot and skinned before you know what's going on. So." She shrugged when she finished her explanation. Anthony nodded his head in agreement, "Well, look no further than sickbay if you ever need a friend... Ive been told Im a good listener... and I can take a punch or two!" He put a hypo up to her arm slowly. "Im going to take a blood sample, if you'll let me. It wont hurt... I promise!" Anthony's warm smile seemed to make her more comfortable now. Nerina half-smiled back "Thanks for the warning. Yeah go ahead. You must understand me or something cause most people just come at me with something and I get all freaky at them and they go and blame me. But yeah, go ahead." Anthony kind of chuckled as he took the blood sample. "I understand what its like not to be able to trust." He looked up, as if he was thinking. "I still don't trust anybody... well I trust a few people... but Its good not to trust everybody... because you never know who might take advantage of you." Anthony put the blood sample in the tricorder awaiting its analysis.

Nerina looked at Anthony impressed. "I would've bet 50 bars that you were open to everybody." She held him in a little higher respect now. "What situation were you in that gave you that train of thought?" She considered her question and made a retraction "You don't have to answer, that was kinda intrusive." Anthony put down his tricorder, "You're in perfect health Nerina.... And the answer to your question... I was an orphan... found by a starship by the Romulan border." He smiled, not quite comfortable to finish the story just yet. " But thats a story for another time... You probably have other things to do... and I have paperwork galore to fill out." Nerina nodded her head slightly and remembered something. "Oh, I don't know what the policy on tatoos is, but I've got one. Just if you have to note it on a file somewheres." Anthony smiled, "I have one too... the policy is... just keep it covered while on duty I believe." Nerina stood up and headed out of sick bay "But thanks for listning doc. Even if I did talk too much." Anthony waved to her as she exited sick bay. The door whisked shut behind her. Anthony grabbed the tricorder with the blood sample and headed out for the office to do his paperwork.

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