<USS Banshee> Joint Log, USS Banshee: "Nightmares"

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  • Date: Sat, 6 Dec 2003 19:54:31 EST

a joint log by Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansug Idrys and Lieutenant Joe 

(( N. B. this log takes place before the current Away mission in the plot ))

    Joe's sleepless nights had continued to plague him way after his alcohol 
supply ran out. Without an adequate way of resuming his slumber after it was 
disrupted by his endless slew of nightmares, he decided to go see the 
Counselor.  He could have taken up Sara on her offer to rovide hypos to get him 
sleep but they were too similar for needles to his liking, and the idea of 
needling himself did not appeal very much to him.He arrived in Sickbay, and 
towards the Counselor's office and "rang". 

    In the meantime, Lieutenant j.g. Jansug Idrys sat in his office, looking 
at a stack PADDs and other assorted reports. He grunted to himself, wondering 
when the work would be done with today. Then he heard the chime. Deliverance, 
he thought as he looked up. "Enter." He sat back and wondered who might be 

    Joe sighed, and then entered the office hoping he wouldn't regret it 
later. "Good evening, Counselor."

    "Hello, Lieutenant," replied Idrys, smiling. He gestured to a seat. "Is 
there anything I can do for you?"

    "Actually there is, um, it's kinda hard for me to say this but I, uh, 
I've been having nightmares for a few weeks now," replied Castillo.

    "Nightmares?" said Idrys. "By all means, please have a seat." He picked 
up a PADD, knowing the two of them were going to have to go into session at 
this point. Well, Lwax, here goes ... I've finished with all the Junior 
now I have a serious appointment with one of the Senior ones ... I hope I 
don't botch it, Sis.

    "Yes, I can; that's actually part of what bothers me. I don't usually 
recall my dreams very much," said Castillo as he sat. "One I recall 
well after a skirmish with some Jem'Hadar agents. ... I'm chasing 2 reamaining 
agents that are running off with Lt. Kaelyre, and as I'm about to catch up 
with them they reach a cliff, throw her off it and then jump off it themselves."

    "Did you see any action with Dominion forces?" asked Idrys. "I'm trying 
to establish why they would be here. ..."

    "No, Sir, this is my first posting," replied Castillo. 

    "Curious. What was your reaction to the Dominion war while in the Academy 
or prior to that?"

    "That it was a breakdown in what Starfleet stands for, we're supposed to 
unite people and promote peace and the well being and safety of lives."

    Idrys nodded. "All right. And were you acquainted with Lieutenant Kaylere 
before being posted here to the Banshee?"

    "No, I met her when I came on the Banshee, and I haven't really had that 
much interaction with her since I've been on the ship."

    Drat it all! By the Holy Rings of Betazed, I'd hoped he had met her in 
the Academy or something like that ... this is going in circles! "All right. 
have you had any nightmares concerning the Jem'Hadar before recently?" Come 
on, man, come on ... I have to crack this nut somehow. Damn, Lwax, I don't want 
to let you down!

    "A few others, but that's one of the ones I remmber more clearly. Some 
involve the Romulans, others, Klingons."

    Interesting alien buffet there, eh? Well. ... "So the dreams aren't 
without precedent then." He paused and pondered this all for a moment. "All 
Lieutenant, I know this hasn't solved everything but I'm going to say you 
should schedule another appointment so we can explore this further. What we've 
is scratched the surface ... I'm sure it's the tip of a larger iceberg so to 
speak. Meantime ..." He got up and handed a PADD over to Castillo. "I want you 
to take some Uttaberry tea before sleeping each night. It should calm you 
some." He smiled. Yup ... Lwax's recipe never fails!

    "Thanks, Doc. When can I see you again?"

    "Let's try for two days from now, same time."

    "Sure, Doc. See you then," said Joe as he left, feeling somehow relieved.

    "All right." He watched Castillo's retreating figure and then sat back 
down, reaching for another PADD. Somehow, the work didn't look so boring after 
all. He was the ship's Counselor and finally someone really needed help. Sis 
... I think I came to a breakthrough here. Now just wait until I tell you all 
about it.

    He grinned, knowing this would make even Mr. Homn more talkative than his 
normal silent self when he read the message.

    Lieutenant Junior Grade Jansug Idrys
    Ship's Counselor, USS Banshee


    Lieutenant Joe Castillo
    Chief of Security, USS Banshee
    Captain Rhiannon Morrigan, Commanding Officer
    Celestial Prime Alliance Sim group
    Admiral Gem Rhee, Founder / Commander-in-Chief

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