<USS Banshee> "In the Meaning of Dreams" Chp. 6

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?In the Meaning of Dreams?
by Lieutenant Joshua Asper

Chapter Six ?
?An Unhealthy Deterrent?

Talk is cheap.

That?s what Josh?s new statement and moral was. After his rousing and rather uncomfortable chat with Sara, whom he was grateful that she actually put up with him in his time of need, he was still lacking a comfort and his anger was continuing to bubble into unhealthy levels.

With his gloves on and his black wind pants fastened to his legs, he was ready. He approached the turbolift and pressed the console to call the car with his fingers, which protruded out the end of their respected pockets. He stretched his arms and legs as he awaited the car and, at last, it arrived and he stepped in.

?Holodeck Two.? He called out as the doors sealed behind him. The thoughts still mingled through his mind about his mother, whom he?d just lost, and his brother, who was still so young and innocent, and his father, lost so many years ago and was taken from their family without due cause. So many things had gone wrong, so terribly wrong, and Josh just had to take it because he couldn?t change the past, or the future.

As the turbolift shuddered to a stop, Josh?s breathing increased as he walked down the corridor. People gave him funny looks as his stare ? one of determination and filled with anger ? aimed straight ahead and on a target that only Josh knew. Approaching the doors he paused, his eyes locked on the durasteel. His hand traced the metal frame as if to caress the soft face of a lover or dear friend. He smiled, an evil smile that is only shown by pure evil and anger.

Without flinching he punched the door with all his might. He felt something pull in his hand, but he didn?t care. A passing female crewman was startled into the wall and stared at him with a look of horror. She looked at him funny, and then shuffled along the wall until she was around the corner and well out of his field of vision.

?Computer, start program D?Vorak Theta Nine Gamma.? He cradled his right hand in his left and sort of condensed the pain down and isolated it from his mind. As the doors opened to reveal a cave with light that was just candles scattered among many rocks, the pain began to subside and leave his consciousness.

Stepping into the middle of the cave, which appeared in the form of an arena or place of meditation, Josh assumed an offensive stance. He bounced back and forth on his heels and stared at the mounds of rock that surrounded him. All of a sudden, without notice from the computer or noise, a Klingon warrior appeared before him.

It was go time.

Swinging his left fist, he contacted the brutal warrior and sent him staggering backwards. ?Computer, deactivate safety protocols.? Josh speared the Klingon and took him to the ground, and without wasting a breath Josh began pummeling the Klingon with his right hand. Each punch brining back more and more pain into Josh?s consciousness and, still, Josh couldn?t care. The fight was all about anger management, and this Klingon was what he was letting his anger out on.

?Warning, deactivation of the?? The computer?s automated warning rang out as Josh continued to furiously beat the warrior.

?Override.? Josh, stepping ahead of the computer, overrode the protocols. Now, even on the holodeck, a head smacking off the rock would kill him. At this point, mentally, he would welcome it.

As the computer acknowledged, the warrior threw Josh off and into the rock wall. He leapt up with the greatest of ease and picked up Josh off of the ground by the neck. The massive soldier began squeezing the life and air out of Josh?s body. Josh struggled against the iron-tight fingers of the Klingon, but it was no use. The air became harder and harder to get, the room became darker and darker.

Suddenly gaining a burst of adrenaline, Josh gave the Klingon a swift kick between the legs. Doubling over and coughing without relenting, the warrior scrambled backwards. Josh regained his footing, taking a couple of deep breaths in the process, and charged forward. Josh lifted his leg and caught the Klingon in the side of the head with his knee.

Falling to the ground, the Klingon groaned in pain. Josh went to work on his compromised opponent by kicking him in the ribs. A couple of shot the ribs, some more to the face, and a couple to the back caused the Klingon to howl like an animal. Josh smiled and continued beating. He took a step back, admiring his work, and removed his shirt ? throwing it casually on a rock nearby.

?All right, you son of a bitch, get your ass up.? The Klingon began to stand, and Josh rushed at him. Ducking, Josh sailed into the wall ? headfirst. A sickening crack echoed throughout the cave as Josh fell backwards. Blood drained out of his head and down his bare chest. The Klingon howled in laughter.

?Bloodless P?tak.? The Klingon lifted Josh up and punched him across the face, sending Josh spiraling to the dirt. A puff of dust rose as Josh?s head began to spin out of control. Josh stood and was smacked again, this time his head was caught between the fists of fury and the rock wall behind him. He was bleeding profusely and, because of that, he was getting horribly lightheaded as well.

?Computer, end program.? The Klingon disappeared as Josh lay there on the rock onto which he had recently fallen. Blood poured from the wound on his head and almost covered the rock by the time Josh realized that if he didn?t do anything that this would be the end of him.

?Asper to Sickbay.? He managed to stammer as he struggled to hold himself upright. ?Medical emergency in Holodeck Two.?

With those words spoken, Josh passed out.

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