<USS Banshee> "Ignorance is Bliss"

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?Ignorance is Bliss?
by Ensign Telsia Ehling
& Cadet Jerrad Asper

Telsia walked into her bedroom and quickly changed from her uniform into a pair of comfortable pants and a long sleeve shirt. Walking back out into the living room, she picked Cameron up from where he was sitting on the floor and walked with him over to the replicator to retrieve a sippy cup of milk for him. Sitting back down on the floor with him between her legs, she thought about how to approach the topic of leaving with the counselor.

A sudden chirping shattered her thoughts and a flashing light flickered on Josh's computer terminal.

Getting up, she moved to his computer and sat down, pushing a few buttons to accept the call coming in. Telsia just hoped Josh wouldn't get mad at her for this.

"Josh, you won't believe what happened between Bree an I. It was the best night I've ever - " Jerrad Asper paused mid-sentence staring at the woman that was definitely not his older brother. He stammered over a few words, a sentence probably, and then took a breath. "Hello there. Have I got my coordinates for Joshua Asper incorrect?"

Telsia had to stifle a laugh at the startle she probably gave the poor guy. "No, you have the right coordinates for Josh but he's on duty on the bridge right now. I'm Telsia Ehling, can I take a message for Josh?" Tel wasn't sure who this guy was but he looked like he could be related to Josh.

"Telsia, so you're the one. Josh has told me so much about you. I hear you two are quite the couple. My apologies, though, I didn't expect anyone but Josh to pick up the call." Jerrad ran a hand through his hair and was obviously quite nervous given the situation. "If you would just tell Josh that I dropped him a line and I'll try and get in touch with him at a later time that would be great. Sorry I bothered you."

"Oh it's no bother at all, I was just sitting on the floor playing with Cameron." As Telsia was talking she finally placed how she knew this guy, he was Josh's little brother. "Your Jerrad right? Josh's brother in the academy?" she asked, really wanting to become friends with Josh's family.

Jerrad nodded with an embarrassed smile, "That would be me. I'm here in San Francisco rowing with the other slaves. Looking to touch bases with my brother and tell him of the current happenings in my life - he's always the first to want to know."

"Oh," she said, feeling a bit disappointed that he seemed disinterested in speaking to her. "Well, like I said before, Josh is still on duty but I will let him know you tried to get in touch with him. Josh will be sad to hear that he missed your call." She bent down and picked up a ball that had rolled over against her feet while she spoke.

"I'm sure he'll be OK with it. How are you doing? I haven't talked to you once and I already feel like I know you. It's an odd connection that I feel. Is my brother as stubborn as I think, or is it just me?" Jerrad smiled as he leaned his elbow on the table in front of him. She was beautiful, Josh was right about that, but she was smart too. She gave off a feeling of knowing what she was doing and having insight - Josh did know how to pick them.

Tel rolled the ball back to Cameron on the floor and smiled. "I'm doing fine, life is starting to calm down some here. And I know what you mean about knowing each other. Josh has told me some about you, he is very proud of you." She couldn't help but laugh though, when she thought of stubborn Josh really could be. "Josh is, in all honestly, one of the most stubborn and sometimes bull headed men I know, but it's one of the reasons I love him," she said all this with a grin on her face, knowing she was misbehaving for saying what she did but not caring. "How are you enjoying life at the academy?"

"Well, it's going. I graduate the end of this year and I'm excited to post. I'm hoping to head the Banshee given my majoring in advanced security procedures. And I met the most delightful woman here with the most intellectually stimulating voices. She talks and you want nothing more than to jump in there and join." Jerrad blushed again and muttered silently, "...not to mention the body...but all in all things are going quite well, thanks."

A large grin appeared on her face and she had to stifle a laugh at the body comment. "You sound like you could be in love that's wonderful to hear." A shadow passed over her face for a moment but quickly disappeared. "I just hope you don't lose that. So, you?re thinking of joining us here on the Banshee? It's a good ship, not adapting to children but a good ship nonetheless."

"Oh, you must be Cameron's mother!" Jerrad said sounding a bit shocked.

Telsia raised an eyebrow at his surprise. "Yes I'm Cameron's mother," she felt slightly weird that her name and Cameron's weren't naturally associated with. "Would you like to meet your nephew?"

Jerrad shook his head out of misunderstanding, "What? That would make Josh the father? I was under the impression, the last time I talked with Josh anyway, that you were just staying with him because you knew him from the academy. I was aware that it was Josh's child. I'm out of the loop, I am sorry. Sure, I'd love to meet the little tike."

"Well, yes, Josh is Cameron's dad. It gets a bit confusing because Josh didn't know that Cameron was his but I'll let Josh explain all that to you. Let me get Cameron," she said, standing up and moving to pick him up. Telsia sat back down at the desk, with little Cameron sitting in her lap, still drinking his milk. "Jerrad, I would like for you to meet Cameron. Cameron, this is your Uncle Jerrad," she said, making Cameron wave his hand and trying to keep him from climbing all over Josh's desk.

"Oh, he's a cute one, takes after your side of the family," Jerrad laughed as he cooed at little Cameron. "It feels weird to all of a sudden be called Uncle Jerrad. I think, though, that I could definitely get use to being called that. It's nice to meet you little one, keep your parents in line, OK? I'm sorry I'm out of the loop Telsia; it's been a long week. As a matter of fact I have to go meet Bree. I hope to talk with you later. Have a good one." With that Jerrad closed the communications and the screen went black.

Telsia smiled and closed her side of the connection. It was so great to finally meet Josh's little brother. Getting up she put Cameron to bed and hoped the Josh would return soon from duty.

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