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"Hello Kitty."
By Lt. Sara Crusher and Ensn Kaiden tolCemmen

Kaiden headed to the transporter room of DS9 with her hands full. She had 
managed to spend her entire month's paycheck on who knows what. She was sure 
everything was entirely useless, but it had been fun buying everything. 
Kaiden also felt like she had eaten half the food on the station. How she had 
managed that she was uncertain, but she had. What to do now was a mystery... 
but she was sure to find something once she got back to the Banshee. The 
holodeck. Perfect. Kaiden stepped up to a console and started idly scrolling 
through the list of programs, looking for anything that would catch her 

The walls of her cabin seemed to be closing in on Sara. She was going stir 
crazy and really needed to get out for a while. She popped her head into the 
bedroom to see if Cyanah wanted to head to the holodeck. Sara smiled brightly 
when she saw that Cyanah had fallen asleep on the bed. She walked over and 
took the padd out of Cyanah's hand. She laughed and shook her head. "The 
Scientific Journal again." Sara placed the padd on the night stand and draped 
a light blank over Cyanah before leaving her a note. The halls of the ship 
were empty as Sara made her way to the holodecks. Everyone must have been on 
the station. As she rounded the corner her eye caught sight of a big kitty 
cat.. "Hey Kaiden." 

The oversized cat heard her name and turned to see who was calling. "Oh, 
hello," she smiled. "Where are you off to?" Kaiden suddenly realized that her 
finger was still on the console and the list of holodeck programs was fairly 
flying. She nearly jumped and removed her hand, holding it behind her back, 
smiling slightly, having turned the faintest shade of pink.

Sara smiled at Kaiden. "I was heading where your standing." She laughed a 
little. "I got bored and thought I would see if I could find something to 
do." She looked over Kaiden's shoulder and smiled. "Find anything good?"

"No idea... Hope I didn't skip anything good." Kaiden moved to the side to 
allow Sara to look as well, beginning to try to find where she left off. "I 
think I had better confine myself to the ship for a while... or at least 
until we get paid again," she laughed.

"I'm already confined. I feel like I'm grounded." Sara laughed again as she 
looked though the files. "So in the mood for company in there?"

"Well, they do say that two heads are better than one... And more fun as 
well." Kaiden grinned. "Please tell me you have some idea of what you're 

Sara looked though the programs and then flipped over to her own. "Well last 
time we tried yours. This time lets try one of mine." She continued to look 
though the files. "I have kick boxing, hiking, horse back riding, and a 
really cool club program." She turned to her friend and smiled. "What are you 
in the mood for?"

"Something that will help me work off lunch. I didn't know I could eat that 
much. I think I ate half of the station."  Kaiden glanced at the files, and 
shrugged. "You know the programs better than I, so it's your pick."

Sara nodded. "Ok." She looked though the programs again. Then picked one. 
"Have you ever been to Earth?" She pressed the buttons that would load the 
program. "There is a great set of mountain ranges in the southwest." Sara 
stepped to the door and smiled. "This will work off a few pounds in a heart 

"Of course I've been to Earth. How else would I have gone through the 
Academy?" Kaiden grinned, eyes sparkling. "But I don't think I ever went to 
the southwest... So this will be new either way. I usually was in the 
mountains of Colorado, whatever they were called. I'd like to see this."

"Oh yeah." Sara laughed as she smacked herself in the head. The computer 
beeped and in it's dry tone informed the two they may enter. In the arch was 
were two backpacks and two pairs of boots. Sara pointed to them and then 
started to slip on the boots. "I'm glad I had jeans on." She said as she tied 
the shoes. Once they were ready they stepped out of the arch area and into a 
scene right out of the American Southwest. Before them laid a few feet of 
desert sands and beyond that the Camel Back mountains. Sara smiled and took a 
deep breath. 

Kaiden stepped in and looked around. "Wow," was all she could think to say. 
It took her a moment to snap back to the present and start pulling on the 
boots. "I take it from that comment I should have been wearing longer pants?" 
She grinned. A glance at the only plants around told her that her legs would 
become rather scratched up, but at this point, she didn't really mind. Kaiden 
continued looking around, taking in the surroundings.

"Just stay clear of the cacti and you'll be ok." Sara said as she moved 
towards the foot of the mountain. She couldn't help but smile and sigh at the 
same time. She had planned to bring Cyanah to this very spot in real life 
when they got to Earth. She had wanted to show her all of Phoenix but this 
lay over at DS9 was causing major problems in her plans. Sara looked back at 
Kaiden and smiled. "Ready?"

"Ugh... Don't remind me about those..." Kaiden made a face, remembering a 
nasty bout with the thorny plants in Academy days. She quickly pulled the 
boots on, tied them tightly, then stood upright. "Yes, I'm ready."

"Then lets go.. It's about two hours to the top and an hour to the mid point. 
There's water and stuff in the back pack." Sara smiled one last time then 
started up the foot path. "So how are you liking the ship. You've been hard 
to find lately."

"Well... I've been hiding out in engineering mostly. Either that or the 
holodeck. Luckily managing to avoid going to sick bay. You never know about 
doctors," she managed to maintain a perfectly innocent expression.

Sara looked over at Kaiden with a dead pan expression before laughing. "Well, 
I've meet the new temp CEng.. I don't blame you for hiding.. She's a bit 

"Engineers are supposed to be... but some do take that above and beyond," she 
chuckled. Kaiden walked easily with a light step. "I've missed hiking. I'll 
have to show you where we used to have picnics back on Ryoda." 

"That would be nice. I grew up in these hills. I love it here." Sara's smile 
brighten. The path seemed to get steeper as they walked and neither woman 
noticed as they talked about life aboard the Banshee. "You missed the last 
party.. It was a trip. There was suppose to be one when we got to Earth after 
the Captain recovered.. You really should meet the rest of the crew. Just 
keep in mind that the CSci is taken." She winked at Kaiden and laughed.. Then 
she stopped.. A little out of breath and a little sweaty.. "We made it.. Mid 
way." She beamed. 

"I'll keep that in mind," she smiled, then paused to look around. "Very 
lovely..." her voice was a bit softer and so was her smile as she took in her 
surroundings. "And I think I did work off lunch. Or half of it, anyway. Ready 
to start back? Then we could do it all over again!" Kaiden laughed at Sara's 
expression. "Or not. C'mon. Race ya back!" Kaiden grinned and took off down 
the hill, Sara hot on her heels.

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