<USS Banshee> Greeting from your new mad scientest - log 001

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Dr Frankenstein?s log #0001


As I walked to my room I could feel my annoyance rise? how dare she try to put 
a stop to my experiments. They were my life and now this woman was intent on 
censoring my insanity, I mean genius? ah same difference.

As I entered my room I have the computer call up admiral Benson. Within seconds 
a lady appeared on the screen ?Admiral Benson?s office, how may I help you?? I 
got the feeling that she could car less about anything as she finished doing 
her nails. 

?Yes, please tell the admiral that Dr. Frankenstein would like to talk to him, 
it?s urgent,? I replied quickly and with a slight sense of authority.

 ?One moment please,? as the screen went blank. I paced the room as I waited. 
?The admiral is in a meeting. Can I take a message?? as she sat there still 
doing her nails. 

I knew full well that the admiral was not in a meeting. ?Tell him that I have 
finished the infinity device.?

?One moment please,? she said again as the screen went blank. I did not have to 
wait but a second when the admiral popped up on the screen. 

?IT?S DONE?!?!?? with a tone of anticipation. 

?No, and as thing are going right now, it?s never gonna get done,? I said with 
an annoyance. 

?Oh, why? What is it now Frankenstein?? with a tone of uncaring. 

?FRONKENSTINE not Frankenstein! And there is a very annoying Chief of Science 
the will not give me my own lab and will not let me conduct my research and 
experiments that will allow me to finish the infinity projects and the other 
toys that I am working on! I thought we had a deal? You give me a personal lab 
where?d I not be disturbed and allowed to do the things that I need and want to 
do and in return I would give you the toys that I came up with!?  I said 
causing me to become slightly out of breath. 

?Now listen to me Doctor. We gave you permission to use all the equipment and 
resources that we would normally not think twice about allowing other people 
use because your theories have been said to be sound by our scientists, and 
where the psychology department pleaded us to lock you away for your insanity 
and we have looked the other way on your numerous incidents. Where have you 
broken by trying to create your monstrosities. Now you wish us to give you 
more?? with a tone of great annoyances.

?And I appreciate it but how am I gonna give you your payoff for supporting me 
without my own unsupervised lab?? I said with a stern tone. 

?FINE, I will send a letter to the commanding officer of the ship to tell him 
to give you your own private lab, BUT this is the last time we will do anything 
until you show us results and your new theories will not cut it anymore. We 
want an actual working device. Also, you will have to do this on your own 
off-time and when you are on shift you WILL follow your superiors officers? 
orders, or else your punishment will be far greater than anything than even 
your twisted mind can come up with,? he said with sight anger and more 
annoyance. The screen went blank.

I sat in the nearest chair and all emotion drained from me instantly. A small 
blur of something darted from my luggage to my leg. I would have been startled 
if I wasn?t expecting it. I looked down and was widget. A small chinchilla-like 
creature with opposable thumbs I keep with me as a pet and a friend. ~~hungry~~ 
I looked down at widget and thought it?s been a bit of a trip I was wondering 
when you would come out looking for a snack. As I went to get him food from the 
replicator, I couldn?t help but remember my experiment that created him. How I 
took the genetic material from a Vulcan, Betazoid, Klingon, and animal genetics 
from earth and made Widget. It was a strange combination to get a strange 
creature. Widget is quite a great telepath and a telekinetic, but very rarely 
used it unless he wants something, like his food or a toy. He is also extremely 
fast, agile and extremely smart. And the most spectacular ability he?s got, 
which I still haven?t found out where it?s from, is that
 he can?t be picked up by any type of device other than see him with the naked 
eye. He is my greatest failure. I, in no way, was trying to create something 
even remotely like him, and I won?t turn him over to Starfleet at any cost.

Well Widget, giving him a small bowl of fruit, nuts, and berries, we have a 
small problem? I need to get more control over the science lab. Now all I have 
to do is solve for X? there are too many variables I need to know more about 
what I am up against don?t you agree? Widget was was on his hind legs nibbling 
on a cashew like a squirrel just looking at me. ?Computer, give me the complete 
data files on all the officers of this ship, as well as the ship?s roster. I 
would also like the science department data logs, as well as its sensor logs.? 

I sat back in the rather big and comfortable thinking chair in my quarters 
staring at the data padd. I wonder what type of projects and experiments 
Kaelyre has been up to and what kind of crap she?s gonna make me spend my 
precious time on? maybe it will be something fun and exciting. Yeah, right, and 
maybe pigs will fly, hey wait??? He sees himself making a genetically altered 
pig and letting it loose to fly around the ship. Ahhh so many experiments that 
can be fun; so many more reasons they can court-martial me?

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