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Joint Log
Doctor Terje
Ensign D'Vorak
"Go Fish!"(questions about the title... just ask Terje or DVorak)

Two straight nights of looking over too many Starfleet Medical Records in the
archives. Doctor Terje continued reading on and slowly sipping coffee to
keep himself awake.

"So many records, and nothing even compares to this. No possible cures,
nothing." He sighs. "I don't even know who made this, it could have been the
Romulans, we did find that operative onboard, but in doing this whoever
unleashed the Virus should've known that they were committing an act of war
against the Federation. Who would be dumb enough to do that?" He thought to
himself, he could think of quite a few people who would do that. Doctor
Terje goes back to reading the records when he notices Ensign Dâ??Vorak enter

"Good you're here, maybe with your help this will go somewhat quicker."

"No problem doc, the sooner we get those two away from each other the
better" He looks at Terje with the "you know what I'm talking about" look. "I
love these nights where we're burning the midnight oil but its just so much
more stressful because my best friend's life is on the line. I'm telling you
Doc, I don't know what I'd do without her" Dâ??Vorak says with a noticeable
amount of stress in his voice. "I've been looking through some
non-Starfleet databases." Dâ??Vorak frowns disappointedly. "There doesn't seem
to be much anywhere." He looks at Terje with an inquisitive tone "Any luck
with the Starfleet files?"

"It's like trying to find a needle in a haystack. There is nothing even
remotely similar to what we're looking for. There's no former cases like
this, no cure's, no information on who created it, nothing. I don't know,
maybe we're overlooking something. You probably know more about this than I
do, but the Warp Core was missing from the Hindenberg when we found it

"Yeah Doc" Dâ??Vorak exclaims "I believe it was missing... but I'm afraid I
know about as much about it as you do."  "I still have a feeling the
Romulans know something, I tried hacking their medical database but there
are so many security programs it would take me about 3 days... which is more
than what we have."  "Did you ever get a chance to examine Cyanah?"

"No, not yet, I'm haven't heard anything being wrong with her from the
Captain. She would have been affected by the effects by now if she were
infected. But besides that, I believe I heard one of the Engineering people
say something about finding Cardassian Warp Trails, as if the Warp Core was
taken by the Cardassians. Of course that's what I think they said, I could
be wrong. Maybe it was the Romulans, but they said they didn't take it and
we couldn't detect it over the Neutral Zone. First we need to know who made
Try looking up the Cardassian files and see if you can find anything."

"Alrightey." Ensign Dâ??Vorak walks slowly toward the computer panel and just
starts tapping buttons. "Computer, Give me access to the Bajoran and
Cardassian medical databases. Identify AMO Ensign DVorak USS Banshee
authorization Dâ??Vorak PI Beta One Beta." "Access Granted" the computer
replied. "Computer cross reference the databases with Information from the
file 'Hindenberg Virus' compare and identify any similarities between
databases and this file."

Doctor Terje goes back to looking through Starfleet Medical Records to try
to see if he did overlook something. A couple of hours pass while both Terje
and Dâ??Vorak continue to look at the records. Terje turns to Dâ??Vorak. "Found
anything interesting?"

Dâ??Vorak looks over at the Terje. "I think I might have... come take a look"
"I had it narrowed down to about 200 references" Dâ??Vorak explained "Then I
came across one from Bajor that matched one I found from the Cardassian
files." "Unfortunately the file was classified but I managed to find my way
into their database. The file was classified by the military." Dâ??Vorak
raised his eyebrow. "It looks as if whoever classified the file didn't want
anybody from the outside finding it."

The Doctor gets up from the console he had been sitting at for hours. "Whoa,
I think I've been sitting for too long." Terje stretches his legs and then
walks over to look over D'Vorak's shoulder. "I suspect they didn't want
anyone finding out about it for good reasons, it's a virus that can kill a
person in as little as 48 hours. They could kill an entire planets population
they release enough of this stuff into their air. I think that releasing it
the Hindenberg was a test to see the affects first hand instead of running
computer simulations. They may be planning to kill an entire civilization,
or they mat want to make the Federation step down. Either way, the results
can't be good. So, have you read this Classified File yet?"

"I have read a bit of it. Its un-translatable, another security precaution."
He reads down a bit. "But luckily, I know quite a bit of Cardassian." "It
looks like a summary of the test of the poison." "It
talks about beaming the canister to the Hindenberg and then detonating it."
He scrolls down a bit further. "The man who created it was named Doctor
Dulkarn of one of the Cardassian penal colonies." Looks at the screen
excitedly, "It contains the whole chemical composition! Looks like we might
have to put on another pot of coffee."

"Well, I believe they thought too highly of themselves. They trusted that
this file would be unable to be read that they put the most vital piece of
the puzzle. I always knew Cardassians were stupid. Now that we have the
chemical composition this brings us one step closer to getting a cure."
Terje walks over to the replicator and replicates two cups of coffee. He
returns to the console that Dâ??Vorak was at and hands him one of the cups of

Looks up at Terje, "Thanks Doc." Dâ??Vorak looks over at Sara sleeping in the
quarantine room and in his mind says "I know you might be able to hear me
Sara. Just hold on a little bit longer." "It looks as if itâ??s an arsenic
based poison which looks pretty typical to kill carbon based life forms but
itâ??s mixed with this nerve toxin that consists of Cardassian toxin GX471 and
ordinary water. I guess to make it move through the entire system. It looks
fairly simple."

"Yes, well from what I've come up with the virus initially attacks the
Menengial Artery in the brain. That is what causes the headaches and
hallucinations. Then it slowly travels through the blood vessels to the heart
and will cause the heart to shut down and stop pumping blood killing the
person. I did think about being able to put in an
artificial heart, but I then discovered that it continues to shut down the
Brain after the heart goes. So, since you can't make an artificial brain, we
have to find something to stop the virus before it causes the heart
failure." Stops and begins thinking really hard about something.

"Everything in the report seems to confirm that."  "It was designed
specifically so that no wonder of modern medicine, without knowing the
chemical composition could cure it."  He reads down a bit further.  "Heart
failure seems to be the most crucial part...  If we could maybe repair the
artery in the brain as well as stabilizing the heart... they might have a
fighting chance.  It all depends on us finding some sort of remedy."

"Yes, that is our top priority." Continues thinking about something really
hard. Terje's eyes go as wide as Baseballs. "Wait a minute." He runs back
over to the console with the Starfleet Medical Records. "That's it, THAT'S

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