<USS Banshee> "Getting Started"

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"Getting Started"
By. Lt. SG Sara Crusher

Between the annoying dreams that told her she needed to do something about 
her age problem, and the reports and tests dealing with Josh; sleeping more 
a few hours was becoming a luxury to Sara. The chronometer on her desk said 
she had an hour before Cyanah would expect her home and since the shifts had 
already changed over she was free to work quietly in her office. She read over 
the data on Josh that had been analyzed so far and nothing was jumping out at 
her. ‘I need to change gears for a while.’ She said to herself and she 
Josh’s case onto the pile of padds on her desk. 

‘Now where to start.’ She thought as she stood up and walked over to the 
replicator for yet another cup of coffee. Was this her fifth or sixth since 
coming to work? Maybe her seventh she’d lost count. 

"Computer," Sara started as she walked back to her desk with her coffee. 
"access medical research data base, the Federation medical library, and the 
medical libraries on Vulcan and Delos." Sara sipped at her coffee as she sat 
and waited for the tell tale sound that the computer had done what she’d 
Once she heard the beep she continued her train of thought. "Access and down 
load all information regarding humanoid aging." 

Sara paused again as she leaned back in her chair and rested her head on it’s 
head rest and stared up at her ceiling. "Flag all information on Vulcan, 
Delosian, Human, Betazoid and hybrid aging. Flag all former research dealing 
aging on said species." Sara closed her eyes to think about anything else she 
might need. "Create a list of contacts, specialists on the ageing process, as 
well as a list of all known experiments and or treatments on humanoid aging. 
That should give me a nice start. Computer time until down load is complete."

"seven hours thirty-seven minutes." 

A slow groan came from deep in Sara’s chest. She had hoped to at least start 
looking at some files tonight. "Alright.. Computer, access the computer in my 
lab. Create a new secure research data base, project file name, Kaelyre, S. 
15124-817. Download and save all requested information to that file and lock." 

"Password." The computer asked. 

Sara didn’t even have to think she just called out. "Cyanah032380." 

"Password accepted. Data base created and locked. Download in progress." Came 
the computer’s quiet confirmation. 

‘Looks like I’ll have to wait till tomorrow to get started.’ Sara thought 
herself and she forced her eyes open. She picked up Josh’s case file again 
and once again began to look over the scans and tests, but she didn’t get 
Sara yawned as she sipped her coffee. Then she rubbed her eyes in a vain 
attempt to make the letters on the padd less fuzzy. A few minutes later Sara 
sound asleep at her desk, her finger tips just brushing her empty coffee cup 

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