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Shogun Pilot Equipment

Environmental protection is required for all Shogun pilots due to the 
possiblity of crash landings in inhospitable planets or ejections in space.  
The Type 3 SEWG pressure suit is the current form of environmental protection 

Shogun fighters are also equipped with several emergency kits for use in a 
crash landing.  A repair kit, extended medical kit, emergency rations kit, 
utility kit, and tactical kit are contained in the fighter, just behind the 
ejection seat.  These kits will separate with the ejection seat in the event 
of a pilot ejection or can be easily removed from a crash landing.

<<Most equipment in these kits are described in the Star Trek Encyclopedia.  
Descriptions are summarized for items not routinely used in Trek episodes.>>

--Repair Kit--
Hyperspanner - general purpose engineering tool
Coil spanner - engineering tool
Micro inducer - precision electronic engineering tool
Bipolar torch - powerful cutting tool
Gravitic caliper - engineering tool used to regulate plasma flow

--Extended Medical Kit-- (in three standard Medical Kit casings)
Hypospray (2)
Medical tricorder
Dermal regenerator - instrument used to repair damaged epidermal tissue
Battlefield trauma kit - packet of medical supplies to dress wounds in the 
Neural pads (2) - stablilizes patient with brainstem injuries.  Place one pad 
on healthy individual, one pad on patient.  Healthy person's nervous system 
stabilizes injured.
Cortical stimulator - medical instrument to revitalize neural activity in 
humanoid nervous system
Thrombic modulator - medical instrument to assist in blood coagulation
Medical Compounds (8 doses each)
- dermalplast - medical preparation used to treat chemical burns
- hyperzine - cardiac stimulant
- hyronalin - drug used to treat radiation poisoning (used with lectrazine)
- formazinec - standard stimulant
- inaprovaline - cardiostimulatory pharmaceutical; in high doses can 
stimulate cell regeneration
- netinaline - stimulant used to waken patient from unconsciousness
- lectrazine - drug used to treat radiation poisoning (used with hyronalin)
- tri-ox compound - medication to compensate for high levels of CO2 in 
class-L atmosphere.  Recommended dosage is 15 mL every 4 hours
- trioxin - medication to treat severe lung damage
- triptacedrine - pharmaceutical used to alleviate pain
- cortolin - resucitative drug
- corophizine - antibiotic
- dexalin - medication used to treat oxygen deprivation

--Emergency Rations Kit--
Water pack (16) - 250 milliliters of drinking water
Nutritional Sustenance (7 daily equivalents)

--Utility Kit--
Pattern enhancers (3) - used in triangular formation; enhance transporter 
beam and amplify signal lock
80 hour supplemental oxygen-nitrogen supply

--Tactical Kit--
Kelbonite and Bemonite ore coated tent - ores inhibit sensors and transporter 
beam outs 
Transporter inhibitor - device that prevents operation of transporter in an 
area of several square meters
Camouflage field - device that generates false sensor readings
Type 3b phaser rifle
Type 2 hand phaser
Photon grenades (12) - variable-yield energy weapon, creates powerful 
electromagnetic pulse
Isomagnetic disintegrator - large shoulder-mounted directed energy weapon

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