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In the spirit of reviving old information, here's more. I know at least one of 
you is interested in this information, and it would be useful for everybody to 
have. Also, Brad, if you could update the website to include this information, 
it would be greatly appreciated.

Note: forwarded message attached.

Captain Victor Andros

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Shogun-Class Fighter 


         The Shogun-class fighter is described by many as a true warrior’s 
fighter.  One of the first fighters to field full size quantum torpedoes, the 
Shogun-class possesses substantial firepower for a ship of its size and 
individual fighters are capable of inflicting critical damage to large 
starships.  Unlike runabouts, the Shogun-class is not intended to serve as a 
multi-role starship. It is, instead, classified as a tactical support craft 
and does not carry its own NCC designation.  Shoguns will typically operate 
in squadrons of eight fighters. One five-squadron wing is typically based on 
each Akira-class starship.

           Physically, the Shogun-class appears to be a smaller cousin to the 
Intrepid-class Atmospheric Operations Craft. However, the Shogun is a much 
more formidable warrior than its big cousin.  The Shogun shares many systems 
with the both it and the Danube class, including impulse drive, thrusters, 
defensive shielding and computer systems.  The Shogun is more heavily armed 
and armored, with ablative armor, a tetraburniumhull, more powerful phasers, 
more microtorpedo launchers, and nine full size quantum torpedoes.  Its warp 
engines are derived from those on the Danube-class. With a streamlined hull 
and large, reinforced wings, it also excels in planetary atmospheres. 

           During the height of the Dominion War, Starfleet experienced 
considerable losses among its fightercraft. Recognizing that Peregrine 
derived fightercraft were proving inadequate to Dominion forces, Starfleet 
scrambled to develop an upgraded fighter.
           Taking developments from the Danube-class, Atmospheric Operations 
Craft, and Type-10 shuttlecraft, the Shogun is a potent attack craft equally 
capable of operations in deep space or in Class-D to Class-J planetary 

Specifications (Basic Configuration)

           Overall Length:  15.74 meters
           Overall Beam:  12.82 meters
           Overall Draft: 3.24 meters

Displacement:  65.2metric tons
Crew Complement: 1 pilot

           Cruising:  Warp Factor 6
           Maximum:  Warp Factor 8.5

           Rest-OnsetCritical Momentum: 3.25 sec
           OnsetCritical Momentum-Warp Engage: 0.54 sec
           Warp 1-Warp4: 0.78 sec
           Warp 4-Warp6: 0.62 sec
           Warp 6-Warp8.5: 4.05 sec

           StandardMission: 1 week
           RecommendedYard Overhaul:  10 months

Propulsion Systems:
           Warp: (2)LF-9X2 Advanced Compact Linear Warp Drive Units
           Impulse:(2) FIB-3 Compact Subatomic Unified Energy Impulse Units

           4 Type VIIICollimated Phaser Arrays
           9 MK-120Quantum Torpedo Box Launchers
           4 MK-25 Direct-Fire Photon/QuantumMicrotorpedo Tubes; 12 
microtorpedo cartridge per tube

Primary Computer System: M-15 Isolinear III Processor
Primary Navigation System: RAV/ISHAK Mod 3C Warp Celestial Guidance
Deflector Systems: FSQ-2 Primary Force Field 

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