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By Lt. Sara Crusher

The only sound in the room was that of a mother fussing over her daughter and 
the daughter’s muffled protests against it. The other two women in the room 
stood by the door and watched. Cyanah moved closer to Morrigan, who was 
sitting in a chair by the window, Sara remained as still as stone by the 
door. Unlike Cyanah who was already descending on Morrigan to see how she 
was, Sara was going to stay put till ordered to move. Her head was slightly 
hung but her eyes were fixed on the woman who sat by the window. 

Sara could hardly believe her eyes, Morrigan looked just as she did in the 
photograph she had stashed in the small pouch beneath her robes. The longer 
Sara stood there the more clear her mind became. Memories she didn’t 
understand became clear, memories she had forgotten came back, old feelings 
reemerged, an entire part of her life was being given back to her. 

She was seven the first time her mother had asked one of her bright young 
first year students if she’d like to make a little extra money watching her 
two kids. Sara tried not to smile or laugh as she thought about the first few 
times Morrigan had stayed with her. She was absolutely terrified of her, 
which would finally explain the fear she had of her now. 

She wasn’t like all the others, Morrigan never fell for her little tricks and 
she didn’t allow Sara to get away with anything. Morrigan set the rules and 
Sara toed the line since she knew that what ever punishment Morrigan would 
hand out her parents would stand by. Then over the weeks, that turned into 
months, that turned into years, she feared Morrigan less and respected her 
more, she also grew to absolutely adore her Rhi. 

Rhi was always there when Sara needed her even at the times when Sara thought 
she was being really cold, but that was just Rhi, she was always cold and 
sealed off when they were around people from the academy but when it was just 
the two of them she was different. The trips to Ireland were always the best, 
that’s where Sara got to be with the real Rhi, the one who wasn’t being 
called an ice princess. Sara once again had to stop herself from laughing out 
loud when she remembered the time she had kicked one of Rhi’s classmates in 
the shin for calling her that. 

Little things started to come back to Sara now. Things like the fact that Rhi 
hated it when she would do stuff like skate down hand railings, skim her 
hover board across the bay, and climb on top of stone walls; and the biggest 
kick out of doing was of course getting a reaction out of Rhi. Sara could 
remember helping Kathryn in the kitchen and watching Brennan paint now. She 
grinned a little and then bit her lip to hide it when she remembered that Rhi 
was ticklish. 

The longer Sara stood there the more everything seemed real. She understood 
now why Morrigan’s option of her mattered so much and why she always took 
getting barbequed so hard to heart. She now understood that her biggest fear 
was not the woman herself but letting someone she cared about down and 
disappointing her. 

Almost everything was coming back to Sara, but there was still something 
missing. Sara still had no idea why she had blocked all of this out. She 
figured something traumatic must have happened, but obviously that was a 
given. There were also new questions coming to mind. She had been on the 
Banshee for a year, why hadn’t Morrigan said anything to her about knowing 
her? Why had she acted as if they had never had a past together? Why was it 
so easy for her to put all that behind her? Maybe none it mattered as much to 
her as it did to Sara. Maybe Sara didn’t mean as much to her as she did to 

~Love? Are you alright?~

Sara looked up at Cyanah who was watching her from across the room. She 
nodded and gave her a small grin. She everything off and tried to refocus her 
attention to what was going on around her. 

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