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Of course, this takes place before the AT mission. ;-)



by Lieutenant Sara Crusher

and Lieutenant JG Cyanah Kaelyre


Sara sat on the bed in her uniform slacks and dark blue Starfleet issued
tank top. She watched as Cyanah finished putting on most of her uniform,
smiling a bit when as she saw her flip her hair out from under the blue
turtle neck. "It's not something easily explained with words, Cy," she
said as she tried to figure out how to answer her questions about the
link they now shared. "The biggest thing to remember is to relax and not
to fight the thoughts that may seem to appear out of nowhere," she
continued, never taking her eyes off Cyanah as she walked around the
bedroom. "As for sending me something, it's like thinking. Ya know how
when you're thinking to yourself, you hear that little voice in your
head? Well, when you want to talk to me just do that; the only
difference is that you'll have to be thinking of me in the back of your
mind....Does this make any sense or am I making it confusing?"

Cyanah sat down on the bed and took both of Sara's hands in her own. She
smiled and tried to clear her mind and think only of Sara. "Yes, it does
make sense now," came the clear reply into Sara's mind. Cyanah closed
her eyes as she felt Sara's happiness at her success flood into her
mind. "This... is like nothing I could have ever dreamed of. I feel so
close to you."

Cy's voice was as clear, as if it were coming from her mother or
grandmother, and Sara couldn't keep from smiling. It was if the sound of
Cyanah's voice and her thoughts just seemed to belong there. "I feel the
same way," she began, pausing to ensure that Cyanah picked up on the
thought, and then continued, "I've have never been this close to anyone

Cyanah squeezed Sara's hands and replied, the method becoming more
natural to her. "Nor have I.... it has taken some getting used to,
having the thoughts and emotions of another person in my head... but
now, I fear being without them."

For the first time Sara could feel just how scared Cyanah was, and not
only over the mission. "I know you are, love. So am I." Sara told her
out loud as she looked into those green eyes she loved so much. "There's
going to be a sense of emptiness that I would give anything in the world
to keep you from feeling." Sara felt like crying but she told herself
she wasn't going to cry anymore, at least about this..

Cyanah looked down at her hands and sighed, the joy over her success
overshadowed by the impending mission. In just a few hours, she would be
aboard a Cardassian ship and away from her lover - her Imzadi. Sara was
her Imzadi in every sense that a non-Betazoid can have one, and Cyanah
felt that intimacy despite her lack of Betazoid physiology. "I'll make
it back, Sara... I don't think the Captain would have selected me to go
if she thought otherwise." Looking back up to meet Sara's gaze, she
continued, "We'll get more time together, I promise."

Sara smiled a bit and nodded. She needed to hear Cyanah say that, to
reaffirm that they would have more time together. "This whole thing has
so many new aspects to it for each of us, it just seems unfair to me,"
she said quietly. 

"It would be grossly unfair, but no one ever said that life was fair.
Anyone who says that is selling something," she said, playfully tickling
that spot on Sara's side she discovered during their lovemaking.

Despite the mood she had been Sara laughed, both at the pun made about
one of their earlier conversations and at the sensation Cyanah's touch
on her side was causing. "That's not fair," she said as she moved away
from Cy. "You keep that up and you're not going to make it to the
transporter room on time," she added with a wink.

"We have a few hours," Cyanah said with a grin. "But, let's save that
for a little later." She scooted next to Sara again and looked her in
the eyes. "This feels just as intimate."

Sara's smile grew at the sound of Cyanah's voice in her mind once again.
"This just feels right to me, Cyanah," she told her as she wrapped her
arms around her love. She loved the fact that Cy was becoming more
comfortable with the telepathy. "And you're right... This is simply
wonderful too."

"We've been mainly focused on me so far, and that was likely necessary
since I had never experienced telepathy before, but what about you?"
Cyanah softly caressed Sara's cheek and continued, "Is there anything
about us that you need to talk about? Has anything been tough to deal

Being a little surprised at the turnabout, Sara wasn't sure what to say.
Once again, she was placed in a position of taking her own feelings into
consideration. "There are some things... I mean, I've never been in a
relationship like this before," she said before pausing to think. "I
mean until now, I was just kinda... well, playing I guess... All I did
was date guys, and well, those relationships ever went anywhere."

Sara sat quietly for a few moments; she was babbling and what she was
saying wasn't really making sense to her. She sighed deeply as she tried
to reorganize her thoughts. "Being in an intimate relationship is new
for me," she started, "But so is being in this type of relationship with
another woman. It's all a little shocking," she added, hoping she had
said it the right way.

"I was wondering about that," Cyanah began. "It's normal for me, but the
strangeness of this must be doubled for you." She placed her hand on
Sara's thigh and gave it a loving squeeze. "I've never been in an
intimate relationship before, either, but at least you're the gender I
expected. Had you ever been attracted to a woman before?"

"I don't think so," Sara said as she tried to think. "Not like this
anyway, a crush or two maybe," she admitted. 

"So falling in love with me, your best friend, was a surprise for you.
Have you had any troubles dealing with that?"

Sara shook her head. "Not with being in love with you," she said with a
smile. She liked saying that part; she'd get on the comm system and tell
everyone if she was sure Cy wouldn't kill her, or that Morrigan wouldn't
BBQ her. "But there have been times when I've had questions, or I've
wondered about things. Like that woman at the shop on DS9." Sara sighed

"Her reaction to seeing us as a couple being affectionate in public?"
Cyanah nodded. "Yes, I've had to deal with that since leaving Delos, and
it's been an eye-opening experience." After a long pause to gather her
thoughts, she continued, "It has made me rethink my attitudes toward
heterosexual couples on Delos. Having been on the other side of things,
I can't find it in me to look down on them anymore."

Sara looedk away from Cy for a moment as she nodded. "Betazoids are more
open-minded about things, but I grew up on Earth. Humans are not so open
to stuff." She grinned a bit as she thought about things. "I talked to
my mother last night, and I slipped you into the conversation a bit. She
reacted well." Sara turned back to Cy and wrapped her hand around the
hand Cy had resting on her thigh. "But what do I do when people don't
react well to us?"

Even though her Delosian heritage and societal values were common
knowledge among her Academy class, there were still those who insisted
on harassing Cyanah and the few girlfriends she had during her time
there. She had just gotten used to the negative reactions and wasn't
really sure how she had done it, but she was determined to help Sara
acclimatize herself to dealing with the prejudice of others. After some
thought, she offered, "Feel sorry for them, Sara. Their minds are closed
and they're too busy judging others to deal with their own issues. Trust
me. I used to be just like them."

Sara nodded even though she found it somewhat hard to believe that Cy
would be like the people she was thinking about. "I've never thought of
feeling sorry for them; I was always too busy being mad at people like
that," she said softly as she thought about what Cyanah was saying. "But
then again I've always been on the outside looking in," she added with a

"There's no point in wasting your time being mad at them when you can't
change them. I just pity them; it's the only way I've found to cope with

Nodding her head again, Sara looked at Cyanah and smiled a bit. "I know
you're right, but it's harder when you can actually sense what they're
thinking," she told Cy as she felt herself snuggle closer to her. "But
feeling sorry for them does make more sense than being mad at them. They
are rather pathetic when you think about it."

"Besides," Cyanah said, interrupting herself by softly kissing Sara on
the lips, "there are better things to do than waste time being upset and
hurt by them." She kissed Sara again and grinned wickedly.

Sara giggled and returned the grin as she reached out to bring Cy
closer. "I think we could find a quite a few things," she said softly as
she ran her hand through Cyanah's hair. She bit her bottom lip when she
felt Cy's hand on her side again, and kissed her deeply to keep herself
from laughing. Cyanah stopped tickling Sara and instead wrapped her arms
around her as she deepened the kiss.

The outside world slipped further away as Sara felt Cyanah wrap her arms
around her. Once again, everything revolved around the two of them. Sara
broke the kiss only long enough to pull Cy's top loose from her slacks;
she playfully pulled it over Cy's head and tossed it to the floor with a

Cyanah hungrily removed Sara's top and then embraced her lover once
more, relishing the feel of their bare skin against each other. The rest
of their clothing would soon follow as their bodies and minds merged
once more before they had to part.

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