<USS Banshee> "Family Ties" - Part One

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“Family Ties” – Part One
by Lieutenant SG Sara Crusher
and Commander Cyanah Kaelyre

The quiet inside of the shuttlecraft was only disturbed by the breathing of the two women asleep in the back, their bodies entwined after a night of pleasure. The shuttle knew the way to Delos and was flying on autopilot as Cyanah and Sara relaxed, enjoying the time alone together. There were few feelings better than the sense of freedom that comes at the beginning of a vacation, knowing that the bonds of an everyday job would be broken for the next couple of weeks.

The shuttle’s alarm sounded, alerting them that they would arrive in one hour. Cyanah’s eyes slowly opened, sleepy, but grateful to know that they were so close to her home. Two days of travel in the small shuttlecraft had made her want to stretch her legs a bit. She smiled as she felt Sara start to stir and wrap her arms around her, pulling her into a hug. That was one of the feelings that ranked up there with beginning a vacation, waking up next to a lover and feeling your skin slide over hers as she draws you into a good-morning hug, naked skin and sheets combining to complete the encompassing feeling of warmth.

She trailed her finger down Sara’s face and onto the swell of her breast, then placed a lingering kiss on her lips. “Good morning, love,” she said, her voice still quiet to avoid breaking the sanctity of the morning, “we’re almost there.”

The blinking panel on the opposite wall confirmed the news and Sara smiled brightly. She reached up and tucked a long strand of brilliant red hair behind a porcelain ear as she took the moment to simply watch the woman who lay beside her. With each monotone update to their course, Sara had watched the pair of bright green eyes that now looked upon her light up a bit more, and not that they were on the verge of arriving they were the brightest she’d seen in a long while.

“Good morning to you too, Sweetie,” Sara said as she leaned up and softly kissed the tip of Cyanah’s nose, and then, despite the body language staring her in the face, she asked, “Excited yet?”

“Mmmhmm. Though there’s no one I’d rather spend two days alone with in a shuttle, we’ve still been in a shuttle for two days. It’s time to get out.” Cyanah crawled out from under the sheets and stood, offering a hand to Sara, who took it and got to her feet. They hugged once more, still relishing the sensation their skin made as they wrapped around each other. After a long kiss, they finally pulled apart, theirs hands still firmly clasped. “As much as I love the sight of you naked, Delos isn’t quite like Betazed in its acceptance of public nudity, so shall we get dressed?”

Sara nodded in agreement, so Cyanah opened the storage closet in the shuttle’s bulkhead and pulled out two Delosian semi-formal dresses. One was a deep forest green from Cyanah’s wardrobe, and the other, still wrapped in plastic, was a regal shade of maroon. Both were made from a soft cloth native to Delos that was exceedingly comfortable to wear, allowing lots of air to reach the skin, and they were both richly appointed, at least by non-Delosian standards, with embroidery and a few scattered jewels.

“I had this made for you,” Cyanah said, handing the maroon dress to Sara. “I sent your measurements to my family’s tailor on Delos and made sure he got it shipped to the Banshee in record time.”

Sara smiled as she carefully removed the plastic that protected the dress. “It’s beautiful, Cy!” she said as she held the dress up to her body. “And it’s so soft! I don’t think I’ve ever felt anything like this before.”  

She had somehow doubted that her normal off duty wardrobe, consisting of long skirts and denim jeans, would be appropriate for Delos. She wanted to make a good impression on Cyanah’s family expressly since she was no longer coming just as Cyanah’s girlfriend, but now as her fiancée. Once she had given Cyanah a proper thank you of a long, slow kiss, Sara went into the tiny bathroom and dressed. After running a brush though her hair and securing the sides of her hair in a clasp in the back, she returned to small sleeping section of the shuttle. “How does it look?”

Cyanah had dressed while Sara was in the bathroom, adorning herself with green gemmed earrings set in gold, a matching necklace, and of course, the sapphire ring that had once belonged to Sara’s grandmother. ”You look beautiful, as always, but it’s not quite done…” Cyanah said as she turned to dig in her jewelry box, picking out a necklace and a ring. She palmed the ring as she walked behind Sara and fastened the necklace around her neck.

Poised on Sara’s chest was a pendant made from a reddish-orange gem that seemed to burn when light reflected from it. Before Sara could say anything, Cyanah lifted her hand and slipped a golden ring with another of the fiery gems set in it onto Sara’s finger. “I’m told that on Earth, couples exchange rings for their engagement, so here’s yours, my love. It was my Guide-Mother’s.”

Sara opened and closed her mouth several times trying to speak as she looked at the ring, but nothing would come out. She hadn’t expected this at all, which made it one of those moments she wished she could freeze in time. She gave up on trying to speak when she couldn’t even crack a joke about Cyanah making her mascara run and causing her look like a raccoon just as she was about to meet her family. Instead, she turned, looked at Cyanah, and opened her mind to use their bond to express what her mouth had failed to. “It’s beautiful, Cyanah, and I love it almost as much as I love you.”

“I’m glad, love. You look so beautiful, too.”

The computer interrupted them, saying that they had thirty minutes until arrival. “Well,” Cyanah began, “now that we’re in appropriate attire, shall we eat a quick breakfast?”

“I’ve so many butterflies in my stomach that I’m not sure I could eat,” Sara told Cyanah as they moved towards the small square table with the replicator within arm’s reach. “But I suppose something light might be a good idea.” As Sara flipped through the limited shuttle menu she was quick to bypass anything messy. The last thing she needed was to get syrup or runny egg yoke on her new dress. After tapping a few buttons on the panel, Sara turned back to the table with a tray of two bagels, and small bowls of fruit, granola, cream cheese, jam, and yogurt. She smiled as she watched Cyanah making the tea and quickly placed two small plates at each chair. “Any last words of advice before we land?” she asked as she slipped into her chair.

Cyanah sat down and thought for a moment as she prepared a bagel. “My family will swarm you when we land,” she said with a grin.

“Swarm me?” Sara looked across the table at Cyanah. The grin on her face told her that it wouldn’t be a bad thing, but she’d never quite heard that term used for a family before.

“Oh yes, they’re going to be all over you, asking you questions, and generally won’t leave us alone for the first day or so. Aside from my mothers and my sister, I believe my brother has even come in for this.”

Sara sat at the table wide eyed. “What kind of questions? What should I say? How do I address them?” Suddenly everything that she and Cyanah talked about since leaving the Banshee had melted from her memory. Sara set her spoon on the table and smiled a little.. “I’m babbling. God, I hope I don’t start babbling when we get there. The last thing I want is for your family to think is that I can’t shut up. But you know how I get when I’m nervous, I can’t shut up.”

“Oh, don’t worry about it, love. Just be yourself, and they’ll love you like I do.” Cyanah smiled reassuringly. “You can address them by their first names, so don’t worry about that. Anything else, just answer! You won’t offend them.”

The final warning about their approach sounded and Sara’s heart leapt into her throat. Cyanah smiled at her and squeezed her hand as she pulled Sara to her feet. They both made their way to the front of the shuttle where Sara slipped into the pilot’s seat in order to land the shuttle. She took the auto pilot off and then feed in the coordinates for the landing site as the shuttle began its decent.

Marveling at the breath taking scenery that was unfolded before them, she realized that Cyanah was right; her holodeck programs, though very close, were truly no match for the real thing. Sara smiled when she heard a small pleasurable noise come from Cyanah as the front windows were suddenly filled with a magnificent sprawling estate. Sara slowed the shuttle and brought it ever closer to the ground. “Welcome home, Sweetie.”

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