<USS Banshee> Executioner's Song

  • From: Jvan Dnalls <jvandnalls@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 14:38:04 -0700 (PDT)

        The pacing never helped, all it did was give time to
think, and time to think was never really a good
thing.  J?van D?nalls had an avid imagination, and it
was working overtime.  He had spent the past few days
locked in a holodeck for the most part.  Why? Well,
why not?  There were at least 2 things that were
running rampant in his mind, and neither of them was
particularly appealing.
        He knew that Morrigan was either back on the ship
already, or would be soon.  His short conversation
with his Intelligence contact told him that much. 
But, was that good?  Was she the same woman?  Hell,
was he the same man?  All questions that begged
answers, and he refused them.  It was all to much to
        She was safe, and alive, and out of trouble.  All of
these, directly or indirectly were because of his
actions.  She was injured, had been in incarceration,
and was the target of at least one assassin. These
were not due to his actions, more for his inactions. 
He had been unable to protect her.  Both on a
professional level and a personal level, he failed. 
No debate, no challenge, he failed her in more then
one aspect, and he knew that very soon, when he faced
her, that she would know it.  
        Hell, she probably knew it already.  It was no big
secret, and yet he wondered still.  Would she be
honest and blame him as she should, or would she act
as if she was ignorant to the obvious?  Either way, he
didn?t like the outcome, as it included his losing a
part of her to mistrust or a failure to believe in his
capabilities.  Either way, it was here, and the axe
would be falling soon.
        That led him to think of his other problem.  How in
the HELL did Morrigan?s mother get onboard?  More to
the point, how much of this was she already told.  Was
she looking for his head? More then likely, after all,
her daughter?s safety was his job.  Then again, did
she know how involved they were?  Did she know that he
failed to protect not only his captain but his love? 
The confrontation with her was going to be harmful to
him, if not fatal.  And what could he do?  Certainly
he could not fight back, neither physically or
verbally.  He lost the match already, there was no
explanation.  All that remained was the agony of
defeat.  Worst of it all, he knew damned well that he
deserved it.  His head was being lined up with the
guillotine and he could do nothing but wait for the
blade to fall.
        With a disgusted sigh he walked toward the arch, in
his wake, broken bodies lay everywhere.  A good stress
reliever, but not nearly enough.  It was time to face
the executioner.

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