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"Down Tine"
By Ensign Sara Crusher and Ensign Anthony D'Vorak

Anthony returned to his quarters after running some errands around the ship.  
He came in and sat down on his couch.  He thought for a few minutes until his 
stomach started rumbling.  He was getting hungry he hadn't eaten since he 
made breakfast for Sara this morning.  "That's it" He thought. I wonder what 
she's doing for dinner."  He stood up and left his quarters heading towards 
Sara's quarters.  He buzzed a few times without a response. He turned to the 
console "Computer Locate Ensign Sara Crusher."  It answered
back to him "Ensign Crusher is in Holodeck 1."  He followed it by asking "Is 
she alone?"  The computer replied "Affirmative."  He decided to head for 
Holodeck 1.  The reason he checked to make sure she was alone was because he 
wouldn't want to barge in on her and Josh... That was the last thing he 
wanted to see.  He walked to the entrance of the holodeck and the door hissed 
open in front of him.  It was a familiar sight.  It was Jake's Pool Hall. 
Their old hangout on Earth.  Sara was up to her old tricks again to.  He 
walked over to Sara right in the middle of her trying to hustle a Nausicaan.

"So I hold the little sick like this. right?" Sara asked the Nausicaan in a 
very soft voice. The big oaf smiled at her and nodded. "Just like that Little 
Bit." He replied in a deep harsh voice. She hadn't noticed Anthony come in, 
she was focusing on her act. "And I hit the little white ball to make all 
those colored ones go in?" She asked as she leaned over the table. The 
Nausicaan simply nodded his head as Sara pulled the cue back and then sent it 
lightly     into the cue ball. The ball barley bumped the others, but it hit 
hard enough to break them apart. "I think I did it wrong." She pouted. The 
large Nausicaan smiled showing his jagged teeth. "Let me show you how it's 
done. Little Bit." He said as towered over Sara. Sara stepped back and let 
him have control of the table. 

Anthony chuckled as he watched her little show.  She had done the same to him 
when they first started playing pool.  Sara was a shark.  A quite vicious one 
at that.  He laughed as the Nausicaan pulverized her during their first game. 
 She only managed to sink one or two balls.  But that was her plan.  He 
didn't know if Sara had seen him yet so he decided to stay just out of her 
field of vision.  It was a joy to watch her work. The second game was a bit 
different. She held her own as she played the lucky little girl, but she 
still allowed the over grown ugly to beat her. Anthony couldn't help but 
smile. Both at the way she looked, dressed in tight black jeans, a white 
shirt and a black leather jacket her long read hair was down and draped over 
her shoulders, but also at what he over heard her saying. 

"Hey I got almost all of my little striped balls in that time."  He knew 
where she was going with this, after all they lived off her skills that 
summer they spent on Risa. "Why don't we play for slips." She said with her 
most innocent smile as she pulled out her credit chip. The Nausicaan laughed    
As did Anthony. He wondered if the big lug would fall for
it. He could barely keep himself from laughing louder when he nodded his 
head. "What did you have in mind Little Bit?" Anthony loved it when Sara got 
that gleam in her eye. "Is ten slips a ball to much?" She asked as she batted 
her eyes and bit at her bottom lip. The Nausicaan howled with laughter. "It's 
a deal." He said with a clear tone. He was so sure he was about to take candy 
from a baby that Anthony almost felt sorry for him.

Sara allowed the dumb oaf to break. He managed to sink two balls his first 
time round and missed a really easy shot his second. Sara stepped up to the 
table, chalked her cue, leaned over the table and called out her shot. "3 in 
the side pocket." Her voice had changed. It had become more aggressive, more 
confident then even she had been use to hearing from herself. Her sweet and 
innocent smile faded as she walked around the table banking shots that only a 
long time player could do. She also watched the Nausicaan knowing full well 
that he would be figuring out really soon that he had been hustled. The last 
time she pulled this with in real life she spent the night in the infirmary 
back at the academy. She tightened her grip on her cue as she sank the 8 ball 
with an unnecessary show off move. 

Anthony watched Sara finish off the game.  She had done marvelous.  He had 
just hoped that the Nausicaan was a half decent loser. But he knew that it 
just wasn't the case.  He walked slowly to the table noticing the Nausicaan 
was reaching for something.  He quickened his pace.  It was a knife.  Sara 
was too busy watching the 8 ball to be carefully watching the Nausicaan.  The 
Nausicaan had his knife drawn back ready to thrust it into
the poor Ensign's back. Anthony got there just as the Nausicaan was in mid 
thrust.  He
grabbed the Naussican's wrist and twisted it, the knife falling to the 
ground.  He then kneed the Nausicaan in the stomach and rammed his head into 
the wall. Anthony looked up only to see 3 bigger, angrier Nausicaans stand 
from their table.  He looked over at Sara and raised his eyebrow and smirked 
from ear to ear.

Sara had finally noticed Anthony when she heard the knife hit the floor. 
"Nice timing Scoob." She smiled as she twisted on her heel swinging the pool 
cue she still clutched in her hand though the air and into the head of one of 
the Nausicaans. The cue snapped in two but gave Sara enough time to make it 
over to the bar. She ducked as a large hairy fist came flying at her face. 
Sara grabbed the end of a bar stool as she pushed the towering
beast away from her and then sent it crashing over his head knocking him out 
cold. She had only a few minutes to glance at Scooby to see how he was 
fairing before the first dummy charged at her. 

Anthony was being held by one of the two rather big, healthy Nausicaans.  The 
other was pelting him in the stomach and in the face.  He had some  blood 
flowing from his nose.  It was nothing serious though.  He managed to shift 
into a position that was a bit more comfortable to fight back in. He used the 
Nausicaan holding him as leverage as he kicked up with both legs at the 
Nausicaan beating him.  The Nausicaan flew across the room and through a 
table where he finally lay at rest.  He still wasn't sure how he was going to 
get rid of the other one.  He squirmed a bit.  He tried for a head butt. Only 
to miss and hit the Naussican's shoulder.  The Nausicaan literally picked him 
up and threw him back first into the wall.  It was painful.  But Anthony was 
still more or less standing.

Never take your eyes from the fight. Sara had remembered that little bit of 
advice as the Naussican's hand was making contact with her face. The back 
slap sent her flying to the floor at the other end of the bar. She was dazed 
as she struggled to get to her feet. She had made it to a crouch when the 
beast came at her again, this time it was he who sent a pool cue crashing 
though the air and into her shoulder. She screamed out as the pain from the 
blow coursed though her body. But for every ounce of pain there was pound of 
anger and a rush from the thrill of the fight. She feel back to the floor but 
this time she got her feet tangled in his and sent him crashing backwards. 
She stood slowly, her head swimming, her lip bleeding and her shoulder 
throbbing. She prepared herself for another attack and when noting happened 
she walked back over to the bar.  

The Nausicaan pinned him up against the wall.  He flogged Anthony with 
punches and knees to the stomach.  Little did the Nausicaan know that he was 
making Anthony increasingly angry.  Which probably wasn't a good idea. A
nthony gazed right at the face of the Nausicaan and grinned fearlessly.  He 
grabbed on to the Naussican's arms and steadied himself.  His legs took over 
the steadying along with the wall.  Anthony  "Kirk Chopped" the Naussican's 
shoulders three times.  When the Nausicaan was finally on his knees Anthony 
wound up and slugged him in the face; out cold.  He looked up, his face 
bloodied.  He shook his fist in pain and looked to Sara who was standing at 
the bar ordering a drink. He slowly made his way to her and then stopped when 
he noticed the
beaten pool player was making his way towards her as well. He was about to 
jump in but soon noticed she had things under control

Sara was just about to reach for the shot glass that Jake had put on the bar 
when a heavy hand came crashing down on the back of her head. Her knees 
buckled under her and just before she hit the floor again she was in the air. 
The     Nausicaan picked her up and she was now facing him eye to eye which 
meant her feet dangled a good 2 feet or more off the ground. He was growling 
something at her about cheating, his nasty breath making her stomach twist 
even worse then it had been from the blow to the head. He was shaking her and 
she knew he was bout to throw her like a rage doll into the glass bottles and 
mirror behind the bar. She quickly glanced around and with out missing a 
beat, she turned her head, grabbed her shot glass, poured it's contents into 
her mouth and then sprayed the Andorian whisky into the eyes of the big thug. 
The Nausicaan dropped her and she landed rather hard on her rear on the bar. 
She then grabbed two bottles that were on either side of her and sent them 
crashing into his head, and then just to be nice she kicked out with both 
legs causing him to land next to his buddy in the same state.. Out cold... 
Sara looked up and saw Scooby on the other side of the pile. She smiled and 
nodded to him. He waked over and removed her winnings from the first one and 
smiled back at her. She laughed as she called out, "Computer remove 

Anthony walked up to the bar and smiled at Jake.  He wiped the blood running 
from his nose on to his sleeve.  "Two Beers, Jake."  Anthony waited by the 
bar while Jake filled the glasses with the golden, frothy beverage.  Jake 
placed them on the bar and Anthony tossed a few slips of latinum on the bar.  
Then a few more, he smiled again at Jake. "For the Damages"  He laughed at 
the bartender and grabbed the two drinks from off the bar.  He motioned Sara 
towards the last intact table.  He pulled out her seat for her and
placed the chilled glasses down on the table.   The cool beer reacting with 
the warm air to frost up the sides.  

Sara grabbed another shot glass that Jake had set down before getting the 
beers. She tossed back the whiskey and then hopped down from the bar very 
carefully. She walked over to where Scooby was standing, her face still 
brightened by a large smile. Then before Anthony could react she was in his 
arms, her arms wrapped around him in a massive hug. He couldn't help but spin 
her around before setting her back down on the floor. "That was SO much fun!" 
She squealed. "Oh we haven't done anything like that in SOOOO long." She was 
acting as if they had just do something out of this world and not barely 
gotten out of a nasty bar fight... That she had started in the first placed. 
She laughed in pure delight as she gently sat in the chair that had been 
pulled out for her, and then she took a big victorious drink from her frosted 

Anthony set his beer back down on the table and sniffed some blood that was 
trying to escape his nose.  "I did have a good time."  He sighed in relief as 
he leaned back to stretch his back muscles.  "We haven't caused a ruckus in a 
long time"  He sat straight again and took another gulp of his beer.  He set 
his mug down again and smiled at Sara.  "So what gave you the idea to come to 
Jakes?"  He looked at her the whole time he took yet another
sip of his beer. 

Sara was dabbing at the her lip trying to get it to stop bleeding.. "Just 
needed it I guess." She said as she looked at the blood on the napkin. "I've 
been feeling so.." She paused trying to find the words. "Well you know how I 
act around certain people on board. I guess I just needed to prove I wasn't 
all that much a big baby." She smiled as Jake placed a bowl of ice and a 
couple of cloth towels on the table. She placed a few ice cubes in a towel 
and then placed the towel on her lip. She sighed with relief.

Anthony reached across the table and pushed a section of hair that was 
covering Sara's eye aside.  He pulled his hand back and grinned.  He shifted 
again as he finished his beer.  He then remembered the reason why he came to 
the holodeck in the first place "I remember now, why I came here. Have you 
eaten yet?"  He raised his hand to call Jake over to the table.

"No I haven't and I'm staving again." She answered him. She laughed as 
Anthony ordered all the greasy foods he could think of. chilly cheese fries, 
onion rings, burgers, buffalo wings, jalapeno poppers and more beer.  "What 
are we going to tell them in sick bay when we come in looking like this?" 
Sara asked as she popped a pepper in her mouth. Anthony always cringed when 
she ate those cause she always had to add more hot
sauce to the already to hot to handle pepper. "Some how I don't think many 
people are going to believe tiny little Sara was in a bar fight with four 
Nausicaans over money she
hustled them out of in pool." She added as she fallowed the pepper with a hot 

"We don't have to tell anybody."  He smiled as he wiped some bbq sauce off 
his face.  "We can go in during the night shift, and I'll fix you up.. you 
fix me up."  He grabbed an onion ring and took a big bite out of it.  He 
pointed the onion ring at her.  "This way you won’t end up in the ready room 
again."  He turned the onion ring back around and popped it into his mouth.  

Sara smiled half heartedly. "I’m off duty.. what I do on my time is my 
business. I can’t get in trouble for this." She said. "Or at least I hope 
not." She thought.

Anthony wiped his hands on his pants and grabbed for his beer again.  After 
washing down the onion ring, he looked at her and half smiled.  "I really 
enjoy spending time with you."  He tried to make it sound as if he weren't so 
romantically attached to her, which was hard. "We should get together more 
often and do these types of things." He then he popped a  Jalapeno in his 

Sara laughed as she watched the tears forming in his eyes. "Scooby!" She 
shouted. "I programmed this program to inter link with my reflector 
programs..." She laughed as she waved Jake down for a glass of milk. "You 
know how I eat my peppers!" She watched as he guzzled down the milk Once she 
was sure he would survive grabbing the pepper, she agreed with him. "We 
should do more together. We were lucky to get the same ship and here we are 
wasting time." Not that they were wasting time, between being on duty, and 
getting in trouble she barely had time to breath. She couldn't remember the 
last time her and Cy hung out, and 20 minutes for lunch with Josh was a joke. 
They hadn't been a real date in weeks. "I really need to make more time for 
my friends." She said. "Starting with you." She smiled up at him. "You have 
to promise me that we will come down here at least twice a week from now on. 
And that we will have a meal together at least once a week."  

He smiled at her request as he slammed down the empty glass, with milk 
residue still lurching down the sides.  "I'm not sure Jake would like that... 
We can only make so many messes. But I promise. We‘ll do something."  He 
itched his hand and winked at her as he picked up another chicken wing.  He 
never thought she'd think of him first.  He thought for sure it would have 
been Josh.   He felt like he was losing her to him, but he dare not say 
anything to her.  He wouldn't want to ruin her happiness.  It was time for 
him to give up chasing her.  As it stood right now in his opinion, she would 
never want to marry a guy like him.  He decided not to think about it 
anymore, mostly in fear that her empathic abilities would kick in and she 
would know exactly what he was thinking.  "We should really explore some more 
Holodeck programs... from the good old days." 

Sara could sense the dramatic change in his mood. She placed her hand on his 
and was about to ask what was wrong when she heard her name over the comm 
system. She rolled her eyes and made a face that made Anthony laugh. "Crusher 
here go ahead." She called out. "There was an explosion in one of the science 
labs and we need your help." Sara and Anthony both had been on their feet and 
where heading to the door by the time the young nurse had said exposition. 
"Dr. D'Vorak and I are on our way. Crusher out." She smiled a bit as the 
doors opened. "Computer end and save program." She smiled at Scooby as they 
entered the turbo lift. "What was that about not having to go to sick bay." 
She laughed. "And next time... You can pick the program." They both laughed 
as the doors closed on them.  

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