<USS Banshee> ?Déjà vu?

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Everybody's being depressing or tense. Here's something to lighten the mood a bit. :)


??infuriatingly cheerful cat-person..? Unfortunately for Kahmek the ?cat-person?s? sharp ears picked up that statement and turned back to face him.

?Oh come now, that can?t be the best you can do,? Kaiden said coolly, her tail flicking in half annoyance, half amusement.

?If you weren?t a puny female I?d??

?You?d what? Do this?? Kaiden hopped lightly onto the bench and punched him, right in the nose. Kahmek staggered back, amazed at the force packed into the tiny five-foot frame. ?You?re bleeding,? she said coolly, then stepped off the bench and walked away with all a cat?s grace, gold mane of hair tossed back by the wind.


?You did what?? Sorca, squealed, stunned by her roommate?s bold actions.

?I punched him in the nose.? Kaiden grinned. ?He deserved it.?

?Well, yeah. But? couldn?t you get in trouble for that??

?Probably. But only if he reports it. Knowing Klingons he probably won?t even go to a doctor. I didn?t punch him very hard; his nose isn?t broken. Only enough to show him that I could if I wanted to.?

Sorca laughed. ?Well, he probably won?t bug you anymore.?

?If he does I?ll kick his ass.?

?Okay I KNOW you?ll get in trouble for that.?

?Of course!? she grinned.

?Kaiden you are hopeless!? Sorca groaned.

She was about to reply to that when a message flashed on her computer screen. Someone was trying to contact her. Kaiden rolled over on the bed and pulled the computer over, waving Sorca back out of view as she hit the key. She was very taken aback to see Kahmek?s face appear on the screen. ?Um, hi.? Well, he?d cleaned his face off.

?Would you join me for lunch tomorrow afternoon??

Kaiden was so surprised she accepted before she knew what she was doing. ?I?d? consider it an honor.?

?The honor is mine.? Then Kahmek was gone without a goodbye.

Kaiden rolled back over. ?What just happened there?? the bewildered Ryodoan asked her friend.

Sorca was giggling. ?Kahmek just asked you out on a date!?

?Did I actually accept??

She nodded, laughing hysterically.

?Oh Goddess no?? Kaiden groaned, then started laughing as well.


?I can?t believe you two are working out so well.?

?For crying out loud I can?t believe we?re working out at all,? Kaiden retorted.

?They say opposites attract,? Sorca said with a sweet smile.

?You should pay more attention in physics.?

?Hey I took physics a long time ago.?

?Go take it again,? Kaiden said with a grin. Her roommate of course knew that Kaiden didn?t mean anything by anything derogatory that she said.

?Hey it?s been two and a half months.?

?I?m aware of that.?


?Well what??

?Well? you know?? Sorca said with a sly smile.

Kaiden groaned. ?No! You know I can?t! That would force a bond and it would break and I?d die.?

?Oh? Yeah. I forgot about that.?

?Yeah. Anyway? How are you and Red doing??

?His name is not Red!?

Kaiden grinned. ?Whatever.?


?It?s not honorable to date me? What?? Once again, Kaiden was dumbfounded.

?You wouldn?t understand. You?re not Klingon.?

?So explain it to me!? She folded her arms, staring up at Kahmek.

?Like I said-?

?Yeah yeah yeah. Explain this.? She walked away primly, after once again, Kahmek?s nose was bloody.


?You did what?? Sorca squealed.

?Déjà vu,? Kaiden muttered. ?Is it just me or is everything going in circles??


?Never mind. Apparently Kahmek?s parents didn?t approve of me or something and it has been decided I am not ?honorable? enough.?

?Oh. I don?t get it.?

?Me neither.?

?So? Are you upset about it??

?Not really, I find it more amusing. It would never have worked anyway.?

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