<USS Banshee> Dinner at Maria's: Prelude

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 "Dinner at Maria's"

a joint log by...

Commander Victor Andros


Lieutenant, jg Joseph Castillo

Part One...

Joseph Anthony Castillo was definitely a nervous wreck. He hadn't fully 
realized the implications of this evening when he had originally invited the 
handsome commander to dinner at his parent's house. At the time he hadn't 
thought it would be more than visiting his parents, and having moral support 
along and someone he hoped would impress his father. Now after all the time 
they had spent together training to get themselves on the roster for the shogun 
fighters, this gathering had the possible connotation of introducing his 
parents to his boyfriend, a concept entirely new to himself let alone his 
parents. It wouldn't make the long awaited confrontation between his dad and 
himself any easier. 

On the other hand, he did miss his mother quite a bit, and he had to admit for 
all his ignorance and stubbornness he loved his father too and missed him as 
well. "What am I worried about," he thought. He was a grown man with the 
freedom to see whomever he damn well pleased and if his father didn't approve, 
well then it would be another thing to add to his long list of disappointments. 

He took a deep breath, and checked to make sure his uniform was in order. He 
rang the door chime to the commander's room, and was rewarded with a terse, 

The door opened and Victor's back was to him. Joe let out a sigh and realized 
just how much he really was attracted to the older man. "It must be his aura of 
command," he mused to himself. "Ready to go, sir?" 

?We?re on shore leave, you don?t need to be so formal,? Victor responded 
without turning around.

?Ok, si- I mean, Vic.? Joe shook his head, ?It?s just that I?ve kinda been like 
that my whole life, you know, a bit on the over-respectful side. My mother 
raised me like that. I?m sure you gonna like her. She?s such a wonderful woman.?

Victor turned around with the hint of a smile playing over his lips, ?I?m sure 
I am. You talk about her all time, so I?m sure she?s a wonderful person.?

?She had to be to put with me and my dad,? Joe said under his breath.

Victor walked up to Joe and touched him lightly on the shoulder. ?Come on, we 
don?t want to be late,? he said.

Joe shuddered lightly, and Victor thought he could fell a few goose bumps under 
the younger man?s shirt. ?You?re right, I?m probably just a bit nervous about 
seeing my father.?

Victor licked his lips and smiled, ?You?re right, you do seem to be a bit tense 
about it all. Would you like me to help you take the edge off?? Victor smiled 
devilishly and rubbed Joe?s shoulder a little, eliciting a soft moan of 
pleasure from him.

?Oh, that does feel good.? Joe pulled Victor over to a chair and obligingly sat 

Victor chuckled, ?I?ll take that as a ?yes?.? Victor smiled a small smile and 
sets to work kneading Joe?s shoulders.

?I didn?t realize I was so uptight about it, but knowing you?ll be there makes 
me feel better about the whole ordeal.?

?I?m glad to hear my presence is so comforting to you,? Victor said.

Joe closed his eyes and really started to enjoy the massage. ?There?s just 
something about the confidence you exude that, when you?re around,? Joe said, 
?it makes me feel like everything is going to be okay.?

Victor leaned in close to Joe and said, ?You?re right on that. Everything is 
going to be okay.?

Joe shuddered and got goose bumps all over, after feeling Victor?s hot breath 
on his ear. ?I?ve really enjoyed spending time with you on shore leave, it?s 
been? fun. I?m just sad it has to end so soon.? Joe frowned again as he thought 
of all the work that awaited him after shore leave. Not to mention not getting 
to be around Vic as much.

Victor pulled back a tad, not anxious to show off his flushed cheeks. ?It?s not 
over yet. We?re still going to have dinner with your folks, remember??

Joe?s frown only deepened at the thought of having to deal with his father. 
?That?s right. And hopefully it will turn out fine.?

?Do you doubt me that everything will be okay?? Victor said.

?Oh, I don?t doubt you at all. I have complete confidence in you, Vic,? Joe 

Victor stopped his massage. ?If you do, then turn around and look at me.?

A look somewhere between excitement and surprise came over Joe?s face. He 
quickly turned around and looked at the older man. ?What for?? he asked. Victor 
wordlessly tilted Joe?s face up to his own with one finger, and lowered his 
face down to Joe?s until their lips touched. Joe eagerly parted his lips and 
the two started a slow exploration of each other.

Commander Victor Andros

Executive Officer, USS Banshee

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