<USS Banshee> Dinner at Maria's: A Sister's Memories

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  • Date: Thu, 24 Apr 2003 17:19:05 -0700 (PDT)

As Joe followed his sister into her room, he couldn't fail to notice that she 
had several pictures of him hanging in her room. There were pictures of them 
together before he left home, but the one that stood out to him was a picture 
of him at his graduation from Starfleet Academy. Although he wondered how she 
managed to get that picture, he couldn't help but muse to himself about how 
photogenic he was. Thinking his father wouldn't have come if invited, as well 
as not let his wife or daughter attend the ceremony, Joe had not even bothered 
to invite his family. He would have loved for them to be there, but the chances 
of that happening were slim to none. Then again, his little sister had always 
been into whatever fad interested her big brother at the moment, like when he 
had been interested in computers for a time, it was a fascination to her, but 
it was a hobby she had never dropped. For a computer whiz like her, it wasn't 
out of the realm of possibilities that she could gain access to the kind of 
data that wasn't exactly classified information. 

While all this was running trough Joe's head, Natalia had entered the bathroom 
to change into something more comfortable than her business attire. As she came 
out of the bathroom, he couldn't fail but notice that his "little sister" had 
grown up a lot since he had left for Starfleet. It wasn't the first time he 
regretted not having come home in five years. He had missed 4 years of his 
sister's maturation process, and seeing as how women mature faster then men, 
his little sister, just like him, was beginning the process into adulthood. 
With all those feelings bubbling to the surface, he walked up to her and gave 
his sister another big hug, nearly knocking the wind out of her. He hoped that 
pinning her arms would keep her from tickling her, like she used to do.

"Hey, what's that for big bro?" Natalia asked her big brother as he nearly 
squeezed the air out of her. Though Joe had always been an affectionate kid 
growing up, he had never really hugged her much after her 9th birthday, when 
she became his self-appointed tormenter. He was 4 years older and, though she 
hadn't realized it at the time, it must have been a drag for him to be 
constantly pestered and followed around by "a big brat" as he had always called 
her. Looking back, Joe could tell that she loved him very much, and, judging by 
the pictures on wall, still admired him a good deal.

"Nothing. It's just that I didn't realize how much I had missed you, you big 
brat," he responded. He released the embrace and stuck out his tongue at her. 
"Musta been fun for you, though, to have dad all to yourself and not in a foul 
mood 'cause of me half the time."

Natalia winced at that. Their father had always been extremely loving with her 
and had given everything within in reason she had ever wanted, including the 
love and attention that he neglected his son. She knew her brother had some 
reason to be upset because their father had been very "cold" and stern with 
him. "Actually, believe it or not, he was still in a foul mood half the time 
when you left. I don't know what you said to him that night after the wrestling 
match, but you guys never talked much after that. And then when you left, he 
was even angrier 'cause he said he had wanted you to continue the business when 
he got older..."she trailed off at the end.

They both sat there for a while silently thinking. Joe understood that his 
sister had definitely spent more time with their father than he ever had, and 
she probably had more insight into how he thought than himself. Joe had never 
really considered his father's point of view. He just assumed that he was a 
hateful person who only cared about himself. Joe had taken the easy way out by 
just leaving and having minimal contact with his family ever since, but now he 
realized that the simple way out hadn't been the best solution. He and his 
family had missed out on sharing some of the most impoortant years of his and 
his sister's lives because he had just run away. 

"He's not as bad as you think Joe, I mean he changed after you left. I guess he 
had time to think about whatever it was you said to him and he changed. Whether 
you believe it or not, he cares about you a lot, and it hurt him that you just 
left and didn't even write or call or anything. You say that he was a selfish 
egocentric man, but how selfish is what you did. You basically abandoned us." 
Joe could hear her lashing out at him for things she had thought about for 5 
long years. Things that she had never gotten to say to him. Joe was so stung by 
her words that he barely even noticed the tears streaming down her face.

Joe walked over to her and held her close, feeling a few tears run down his 
cheeks. "I know Nat. I know. I was too stubborn and full of pride to apologize. 
I took the coward?s way out and I just ran away. But I'm back now and I know I 
can't give you guys back the five years we've all lost, but I'm here now and I 
want to make things all better. I want to patch things up with dad." He kissed 
her on the cheek and let out a breath he didn't know he was holding. Maybe this 
will work out, he though to himself. "So, is he really helping out other 
people, like donating food to famine victims?" he inquired as he started wiping 
the tears off her face.

She beamed a smile at her brother. "Uh-huh. He even told me that he was proud 
of you. He thinks that what you did in space was very important and that he's 
glad that you value life so much. I guess that's why he started his 
philanthropy." She paused and look at him, "And you know what? He's been very 
happy, although nervous, about you coming over for dinner." She let go of her 
brother and walked over to the door but stopped short of it. "You know he, uh, 
he even suggested to me that I should go to Starfleet and follow in your 

He chuckled at his sister in disbelief that his father would suggest such a 
thing "No kidding. You would be a great addition to the Federation, sis. What 
did you tell him?"

"I told him that it was a good idea but that one Castillo is all space can 
handle, besides I'd rather follow in his footsteps and be able to feed people 
in worlds suffering from famine," she responded and turned for the door. "C'mon 
dinner should almost be ready, and I think we've let your cute friend out with 
the wolves too long."

Joe stood there for a second after his sister exited the room, truly regretting 
he had missed seeing the beautiful person both physically and spiritually his 
sister had grown up to be, but he was quite proud of her. "This night might not 
turn out so bad after all."

Commander Victor Andros

Executive Officer, USS Banshee

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