<USS Banshee> Daydreams and Nightmares

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"Daydreams and Nightmares"
By. Lt. Sara Crusher

The room was large and brightly lit; the ship’s reception hall had been 
nearly doubled in 
size for this event and lights had been added to give the space a more ‘
natural outdoorsy’ feel. Tall plants with long, wide, soft leaves and plants 
were short, wide, and compact where placed in measured distances from each 
other all around the room. In the back of the room sat several large spa 
mud baths which were filled with the best replicated Betazed mud on file. The 
air was laced with a very faint sweet floral scent and it was cooler then 
normal. A large babbling fountain marked the center of the room while the large 
wall to wall, floor to ceiling window allowed the guests to gaze upon the 

There was soft music playing from hidden speakers in the walls which caused a 
few people to stand a little closer, smile a little odder, and before they 
knew it the reception had a dance floor. At one point in the evening the 
computer had played a song from Earth circa 1975 who’s words had caught the 
of a beautiful young science officer, who then had it played again. Sara had 
been trying to find out from Kathryn what exactly was wrong with her hair, 
since she was the second person with in twenty-four hours to say something 
it, when Cyanah took her hand and lead her to a less crowded corner of the 
room. For the three minutes that "Sara Smile" played softly in their ears the 
lovers were the only two people in the room. 

Now they sat side by side at a table they were sharing with Kathryn. Mrs. 
Troi, the Counselor, and a very irritated and annoyed Captain, though she would 
never let her mood be visibility seen. Sara sat and watched the people around 
her while Cyanah combed her fingers though the back of her hair as she had a 
conversation with the Captain, who’d just returned to the table after 
rounds’. Sara laughed internally, only Rhi could turn socializing at a party, 
no matter how formal, in to work. 

Sara watched the crowd with amusement. There were people hiding their 
nudeness, others flaunting it, some not caring one way or the other. She 
help but notice just how hard most people were working at maintaining eye 
contact. Well, most people, that guy from engineering was still trying to get 
to take a picture with him. 

The conversations people were having seemed to be changing. When the 
reception first started all people seemed to talk about was the attire -or lack 
of- of the evening. But gradually peoples’ minds drifted from that -again 
except for picture boy- and onto other things, like the ship, personal lives, 
plans of the future be it later that night, with in the next week, or with in 
the next year. 

The ‘where do you see yourself’ conversations always made Sara drift off 
into the land of day dreams. She knew where she would be at the end of the 
she even had a vague idea of where she would be next week, but what about 
after that? Where was her life leading her?  

A roar of laughter from a near by mud bath grabbed Sara’s attention and 
quickly drew her back to the room. She turned her head towards the merriment 
laughed herself. Mrs. Troi and Kathryn were up to their necks in bubbling mud. 
Each had a champagne flute in hand and were talking and giggling and out right 
rolling with laughter. The side ways glances and understanding nods confirmed 
for Sara just what they were talking about. The flustered sighs and huffs of 
the rave haired woman behind her told Sara that Rhi knew they were talking 
about their daughters too. Sara had to bite down hard on her bottom lip to keep 
form laughing as she pictured the look in Rhi’s eyes as she watched her 
nightmare coming to life. 

*They* were becoming friends. 

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