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By Lt. Sara Crusher

Central park was even more alive then normal for this time of year because of 
the city’s mid-winter warm-up. The snow had stopped, the sun was out in full 
force and the temperature was a pleasant fifty-six degrees. Children in a 
distant field were getting muddy from playing football, while teenagers 
roller bladed and hover-boarded on the paths that twisted though the acres 
and acres of park land. Couples walked hand in hand while the 
twenty-somethings sipped expensive coffees as they stood out side the dog 
park. One twenty-something in particular sat curled up in the corner of a 
park bench. One hand held a white mocha latté while the other twisted and 
weaved though the long red hair of the woman that was leaning against her as 
she read a new novel that she just had bought that morning. The young woman’s 
foot kicked gently at a tennis ball, that the small brown and black dog at 
the other end of the long leash the other woman held, played happily with. 

Sara couldn’t have asked for a more peaceful and blissful moment. Sitting 
there with Cyanah next to her reading while Tramp played with his ball was 
just what the young doctor needed to recharge every fiber of her being. It 
had been far to long since Sara was free to just sit and daydream, and that’s 
exactly what she was doing as she looked out over the park. She was kind of 
watching a young girl who looked like she could have been eleven or twelve 
with long strawberry blond hair roller bladed alone side an older girl. The 
older girl, who looked like a college student, was walking a dog that 
reminded Sara of her mother’s dog. The pair didn’t get Sara’s full 
until the older girl called out to the little girl who had taken off way 
ahead of her. Sara had no idea why hearing the older girl call out to the 
little girl, with what was clearly a nick name, was so intriguing to her. But 
for some strange reason hearing the roller balding kid being called peanut 
sent Sara’s daydreams back to memories she hadn’t thought about in ages. 
It was finally Friday and Sara couldn’t wait to meet up with the guys at the 
mall. They had heard from some of the older kids that the civil center had 
just replaced their old stone steps and had put in a double sided hand rail 
that curved in the middle. Sara was dieing to test out the new rail and to 
prove to Jordan that she wasn’t a baby. "I’ll show him who’s afraid." She 
mumbled to herself as she dangled out the second floor bathroom window. She 
bit at the tip of her tongue as she carefully lowed her duffle bag which held 
all her gear out the window and behind a set of bushes. 

Sara stepped as softly as her small twelve year old feet would let her as she 
walked down the stairs. She arched her head around the corner to see if 
anyone was in the living room, it was empty, "She must be in the kitchen or 
the study." she thought to herself, "clean getaway." A smile tugged at the 
corner of her lips as she reached for the door knob on the front door. She 
pulled the door open and winced when it squeaked. Sara had just set one foot 
onto the porch when a voice from behind her made her stop dead in her tracks. 

"Where do you think your running off to, Peanut?" 

Sara turned and smiled at the young woman standing in the foyer. Her mind 
raced for a quick reply. "I’m taking Chester and Charlie for a walk."  Sara 
grinned and nodded,  pleased with her quick thinking. She closed the door a 
little and reached behind it to grab at the dog leashes that always hung from 
the coat rack that hung on the wall. They weren’t there. 

"That would have worked if your father hadn’t have taken them to the vets a 
hour ago. So, wanna try this again.. Where ya going, Sara?" 

Sara sighed as she closed the door. She looked at the young woman who stood 
there with her arms folded across her chest. She was wearing a cadet’s 
uniform and her long dark hair was in a pony tail that was flipped over her 
shoulder. "Alexis, Jordan, Clay, Esmé, Meredith, and Kenny are waiting for me 
at the mall." 

"Have you done all your chores?" She asked as she watched Sara groan in 
protest to being held up. 

"Yes." Sara said snottily. "Trash is out, dogs are feed and watered, and I 
refilled the bird feeder." 

"Watch your tone, Peanut." The woman warned Sara gently. "Is your room 

Sara looked up the stairs as if she could see the room though the walls. 
"Yes." She answered in a much nicer tone of voice. It was clean, as long as 
no one looked in her closet or under her bed. Sara turned back to the young 
woman and smirked. 

"And what about your homework?" 

"Oh come on! It’s Friday for pete’s sake I have all weekend!" Sara hissed. 

The young woman narrowed her eyes and shook her head. "You know the rules, 
Sara. Friday or not, you don’t leave this house until all you chores and your 
homework is finished."

Sara knew that when it came to this subject there was no winning with her. 
She wasn’t the type to play around when it came to homework and school. The 
rules had been set, her mother agreed, and there was no getting around them. 
Sara narrowed her eyes and gave the young woman dirty looks but that never 
phaser her either. 

The young woman pointed up the steps. "Why don’t you go up and get your 
books. You can do your homework with me in the study while I work on my 
security over-lay project." 

Sara nodded as she headed up the stairs. 

"Then we can work on your math together so you can get a higher score then 
Jordan on your next math test."   

Sara looked down at the young woman and smiled. She loved beating Jordan in 
everything. "He only got me by five points last time." She told her. 

The young woman walked over to the stairs and smiled at Sara. "Then this time 
you’ll get him by at least ten. Now go get your things. The sooner your 
homework is finished the soon you can go meet your friends." 

Sara nodded then dashed up the stairs to get her book bag. It had only taken 
her fifteen minutes to do all of her homework. She spent another thirty 
minutes working on trying to remember how to solve for y while she and the 
young woman finished off the last plate of brownies her mom had made the 
night before. 

"Ok, Peanut, you can go hang out with you friends now." The young woman said 
as she handed Sara her math book. "But I want you home by six. Your mom has a 
faculty meeting tonight and will be home late so it’ll be you and me for 

Sara nodded her head and smiled. "Six. Got it."

Six o'clock, six-fifteen, six-thirty, a quarter to seven and still no Sara.  
It was ten minutes past seven o’clock when Kenny and Alexis rang the door 
bell. They helped Sara into the kitchen, Alexis put her duffle bad and gear 
in the corner of the room, and then they took off when the young woman 
thanked them for bring Sara home. Sara sat on the bar stool next to the 
kitchen counter, her ankle was swollen, her arm was bleeding from the deep 
scrape that went from her wrist to where her elbow padd had been, and there 
was a burse on her side.  

Sara watched as the young woman went into the counter drawer to get the med 
kit her mother kept there. Her eyes never left the her as she watched her 
walk back to her and began to treat her wounds. Sara sat there and waited for 
her to say something, for her to start yelling. Sara knew that she disliked 
her roller bladeing antics as much if not more then her mother did and there 
was no way she was getting out of this one. 

"Are you hurt any where else?" 

"No. I don’t think so." Sara answered. 

"Good."  The young woman put everything away after making sure all of Sara’s 
injuries were taken care of. Then she walked over to the kitchen table and 
lead on it‘s edge as she looked at Sara. Sara just sat there, she knew she 
was in trouble. 

Sara jumped when she felt a hand on her thigh. She blinked several times 
before looking over at Cyanah who was looking at her with a bit of concern in 
her bright green eyes. "Where were you just now?" Cyanah asked. 

"Hum?.. Oh, just daydreaming about when I was kid." Sara said with a smile as 
she tried to grasp onto the images that had come to life in her daydream. But 
it all drifted away as quickly as it had come. All that is, but the feeling 
she felt, a feeling that seemed to be a key that Sara was just not seeing. 
Sara stood and smiled at Cyanah. "Ready to head back. We have early 
reservations tonight and a bubble bath is sounding really good right about 
now." Cyanah smiled a bit and nodded. 

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