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Once again, I ask for everyone to read through this, as I have made some more 
modifications (mostly cosmetic, but that can make all the difference). Notable 
changes have been made to the attendance policy (because the old one was, in my 
opinion, unrealistic) and accepted reference material. I love FASA to death, 
believe me, but their old Star Trek RPG from the 60's is so out of date it's 
ridiculous. They made up a lot of stuff that was later canonized differently 
with TNG and the other later series. Thus, I have replaced the two old RPG 
series with the new one from Decipher that I recently picked up. It is 
*amazing* and I encourage any table-toppers out there to give it a look. Thanks!
Captain Andros
USS Banshee 

Welcome aboard!  Please take a moment to review the crew manual.  Within is 
some very basic yet important information to help you have a long and 
fulfulling career on the USS Banshee 

Captain Andros

Crew Manual 

Simulation Policies 

In order to maintain a quality simulation and an enjoyable atmosphere, it is 
necessary for all officers to abide by the following simulation policies. Your 
presence and interaction in the simulation indicates that you have read and 
understand each of the policies outlined below. If you have any questions about 
these policies, please send email to victor_andros@xxxxxxxxx and/or 


To promote better play among all members of this simulation, it is necessary 
that crew members attend a majority of the games. To this end, unexplained 
absences or chronic absences make sim play difficult when attempting to 
maintain a storyline. Therefore, for these reasons and to accommodate new  
members who want to play on an advanced sim, the following policy is hereby in 

If you are going to be absent you are required to inform Captain Andros and/or 
Commander Kaelyre at least four hours prior to the simulation (excluding 
emergencies) by e-mail. The more notice that is given, the better. 

If you must leave the simulation for an extended period of time (over a month 
or more) please inform us at least one week in advance, and request a leave of 
absence. This leave of absence insures your inclusion in the simulation upon 
your return. However, upon returning you may not be positioned at the st ation 
you were before the leave of absence. 

Leave of absences are limited to 3 months. Extensions will be handled on a case 
to case basis and will be at the sole discretion of the Command Team. 

If you miss four or more consecutive simulations without notifying us you will 
be removed from the ship's roster. We will assume that you are no longer 
interested in the simulation and have resigned. 

Sim Timeline and Background 

The sim takes place in the 24th century slightly after the time of The Next 
Generation/Deep Space 9 Series. For convenience, and to avoid confusion, rather 
than using the actual Stardate system that was used for the series, our 
convention is to use our current yymm.dd and simply assume that it's for the 
24rd century. So if today is May 3rd 2002, then the sim date would be 0205.03 
in the 24th century (or 240205.03). 

Promotions And Initial Ranks 

All new officers joining the USS Banshee sim are asked to carry the rank of 
Ensign. Promotions will be at the discretion of the Command Team. Promotions 
will be based on attendance, logs, participation, and teamwork and overall 
attitude. Ranks for officers transferring in from another ship will be at the 
sole discretion of the Command Team. 

Character Biographies 

Please create a biography of your character within a month of joining the sim. 
This will enable the crew to get to know you and your character. All 
biographies must be approved by the Command Team of the sim prior to general 
distribution to the crew. 
For accuracy of simming, we will strictly adhere to the races and inventions 
that were used in this time. We do not, for example, encounter any species from 
the Delta quadrant and the Voyager series. (Unless approved by the Command Team 
or is introduced through one of the ship plotlines.)  Please note that 
fictional books will *not* be accepted as pure fact, but in some cases, may be 
used as "guidelines", to obtain backgroun d information. Information from these 
sources may be acceptable upon approval of the Command Team 

Those interested in creating a Federation character may create any character 
within the realm of Star Trek. Also, please do not create a character that 
would have been an "enemy" of the Federation during the timeline of this sim, 
for example, Founders, Jem Haddar, Vorta, Breen, etc. (Romulans, Cardassians, 
Klingons, at the discretion of the Command Team, as they have only recently 
become allies again, not many would have been working their way through the 
academy at the time). 

No supernatural powers, no death-rays from the eyes, no sprouting wings and 
flying, please (though winged creatures may be OK with approval from the 
Command Team). As always, the Command Team is available for questions if you 
are uncertain, and all decisions are final. 

Character Logs 

Logs add greatly to character development within the simulation. However, when 
engaging in character development, care is required. If your character 
development will have effects on the characters of other players, you MUST 
confer with those players before posting logs and sending email. A typical 
example of this would be a post that contains a meeting/discussion between your 
character and others. Before the message is posted, it must be approved by all 
the parties involved. 

If you are using the others in any type of action/vocabulary, you must get 
their complete approval first before you post the log. Often, after you have 
played with certain people, they will trust some to run their character, but 
that is entirely up to those involved. However, you may use your thoughts of 
that person, without any harm done. (e.g., You may dream, think about, or 
envision the person doing/saying something, but in reality, it's only your 
perception). A simple rule is to use common courtesy when dealing with 
character development. 

Also, remember that any information learned from a personal log, is exactly 
that, personal. If you were not there to see/hear it, then you would have no 
knowledge of it, until either told or finding out on your own. 

Special Guest Villains/Friends 
From time to time, special character interaction is required for the 
simulation. At these times, special guest villains (SGV's) or special guest 
friends (SGF's) are called for. Some of these may truly be visitors, or, since 
most missions do not require the use of every ship department, we may 
occasionally ask a member of the crew to fill one of these roles. While you are 
not required to be a SGV/SGF, we appreciate your cooperation when needed. 

Character Interaction 

This is a game, played for enjoyment; it is natural to assume that a variety of 
circumstances will occur. However, please understand that while this simulation 
is not real, we still expect an atmosphere of realism. Thus, it is expected 
that your character will not engage in a ctions that exceed the bounds of what 
can be called, realistic. There are no "super heroes"; just a team of dedicated 

Those players that have characters disposed to obtaining telepathic abilities, 
remember that it often takes many, many years to become adept at it. Vulcans 
are "touch" telepaths when exchanging thoughts with anyone they are not 
personally close to, Betazoids, are mostly of empathic ability with a few 
exceptions. So basically, you can't just go around reading thoughts. 

Likewise, the ship does not heal herself. Any damage the ship receives must be 
repaired. Please note, repairs take time, they are not instantaneous: no "magic 
bullets." Finally, while 24th century technology is quite advanced, Star Trek 
has its limits, and we work within them. 

Please be aware that each of us has "feelings". Out-of-character attacks upon 
another crew member will not be tolerated. There is absolutely nothing wrong 
with two "characters" arguing, but make sure that each person understands it is 
a "character" interaction. If the Command Team feels the interaction is 
disrupting the simulation, we will warn you via IM or email. Continued 
disruption will be dealt with through expulsion from the sim. 

NPC's. Remember, that a person's NPCâ??s are theirs to use. If you need to 
borrow them, or they were with you when the sim paused...contact the NPCâ??s 
originator to OK any use of that character.  (Just like you would if you were 
using that person's main character.) 

Sim Conduct 

Remember, this is a game. Because someone's character and yours do not get 
along in the sim, please do not take things to a personal level. Likewise, if 
you and another character's player do not get along outside the sim....leave it 
there. Infighting will not be tolerated on board this ship. 

Respect of your fellow crew members ideas and feelings. Again, most of us are 
not perfect...though many of you strive to be one of the few. Everyone is 
entitled to an opinion, be it right or wrong. Remember...those that are 
engineers in the sim, may be a biologist in real life. Do NOT get angry at 
someone if they happen to get their science wrong. An email with helpful hints 
may help a person out, however, sending IM's and Emails berating a person for 
what they've said, done, written, logged is not acceptable at any time. If 
ANYONE has a problem, it IS to be brought to the Command Team's attention, and 
we will meet with you to discuss the problem. 

Email or IM's yelling, insulting, or being just plain mean to someone 
ABSOLUTELY will not be tolerated!! If you receive this type of correspondence, 
please bring it to our attention immediately. 

Note: If we are considered the problem, it should still route to us, and we can 
meet to discuss. If you are uncomfortable with just us, we'll try to get 
another CPA facilitator to lend a hand in moderating the discussion. 

Mailstring Policy 

Please remember that the USS Banshee mailstring should only be used for sim 
correspondence. Please do not use these mailstrings to send non-sim material, 
chainmail, spam or transfer them to any mass mail group. 

It can be accessed through e-mailing ussbanshee@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, and all messages 
are archived at www.freelists.org 

Accepted Reference Material 

References to any and all information of "Star Trek The Next Generation" and or 
"Star Trek", the series are registered trademarks of Paramount Pictures. "R" 
all rights reserved. 
"Star Trek The Next Generation Technical Manual" by Rick Sternbach and Michael 
"Star Trek Chronology" by Michael Okuda and Denise Okuda 

"The Star Trek Encyclopedia" by Michael Okuda, Denise Okuda and Debbie Mirek 

"Star Trek Starfleet Technical Manual" by Franz Joseph 

"Star Trek :The Next Generation Roleplaying Game". Copyright 2002. Published by 
Decipher under license from Paramount Pictures Corporation, the trademark 

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