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Lt. Josh Asper
Lt. Coren Terje
Ensign Sara Crusher
Ensign Anthony D?Vorak
& Ensign Cyanah Kaelyre

Josh Asper walked into the holodeck, almost immediately feeling the cool breeze wash toward him coming up from the shore. He gazed off into the distance as the holographic waves crashed into the holographic sands that lined the shore. Josh?s nylon shorts rustled in the breeze. His Hawaiian shirt, unbuttoned, blew open in the wind.

Anthony D?Vorak moved in behind Asper, entering from the same corridor. Anthony, decorated in flippers, trunks, a rubber floatation device, goggles and nose plugs, gazed almost in pain at the ocean. ?I hate water.?

Noticing D?Vorak behind him, ?Tony, you hate water? Why??

?Bad memories from the womb, I guess.? Anthony raised an eyebrow at Asper?s inquisition.

?You can?t tell me you actually remember the womb.?

?Not all of it.? Anthony said as if it mattered how much he knew. The fact that he remembered anything about the womb was incomprehensible; anything before childbirth was considered to be almost impossible. ?What is your first memory??

Pushing away some shrubbery, Josh smiled and worked his way towards the water?s edge. ?My first memory is when I was four, I fell off a dock on the San Francisco Bay and almost drowned. My father hauled me out and I eventually went back into the water again. Of course it took a couple of years, but I toughed it out.?

?Zero G training was a pain in the butt. You know, all that water. I made it through though, and passed with flying colors.? Anthony tossed his towel on the nearest lounge chair. He watched as Josh moved down the shore towards the water. He watched as he set out a blanket.

?It wasn?t that bad!? Josh yelled from the shore.

?When you have a life long fear of water, you may change your mind.? Anthony said as he shrugged his shoulders and sat down on his chair.

?You are such a wuss, Tony, I cannot believe that you fear water. I only thing that I let scare me is those horrible and huge spiders. And when Sara hasn?t had her coffee in the morning. She is so nasty.? Josh smiled as he walked back up the shore.

Anthony smiled as Josh walked up, ?I?m afraid of her like that too. I have a pet tarantula; I should introduce you some time.?

?As long as I have my trusty phaser by my side I should be just fine.? Josh tried as hard as he could to not let on that he didn?t like spiders. They were his all time fear; he just couldn?t stand anything that had more than four legs.

Cynically, Anthony rubbed it in. ?Don?t worry, she doesn?t bite. Well, much.? Anthony perked a smile.

?I am going surfing. I will be back shortly.? Josh stated as he tossed his shirt on the chair and sprinted off towards the beach. Josh dived into the water and let it flow over his body as he swam through the waves. His board, attached to his ankle, flopped behind him awkwardly. He surfaced and saw the perfect wave; he paddled up and started his first wave.

?Have fun.? Anthony said as he watched the man dive into the water. He pulled a towel up over his head and attempted to fall asleep.

Cyanah Kaelyre moved about in her quarters, she had just finished changing into a dark green bikini. After fitting herself with her garments, she casually walked over to a table and put on the sandals that were present underneath the furniture. He grabbed her sunglasses from her nightstand next to her bed and waltzed out the door and into the corridor. She trudged down the corridor, slightly slowly than she usually did. Her intended destination was the quarters of the recovering medical officer that had nearly died earlier in the week.

Sara Crusher sat in her quarters. She was just about to delete the letter she wrote in sickbay, but as she stared into the piece of metal that she held in her hand she noticed that it was opened while she was sleeping off the treatment that she had been given in sickbay. She looked at the code that was used and she knew exactly who it was. "That little creep." She huffed just as her door chimed. "Come." She called out as she stood up.

Cyanah entered her quarters and smiled. ?Hi!?

?Hey Cyanah, what?s up?? Sara responded.

?Well, we were invited to the beach. Do you still want to go?? Cyanah secretly hoped that Sara had changed her mind; that way she could get out of it and go back to her quarters. Her hopes diminished as she saw Sara smack herself in the head and smile.

?I forgot about that. Give me a second to change.? Sara turned and scampered into her bedroom. ?Don?t worry, it won?t be that bad, I promise. Besides, someone has to help me baby-sit.?

?All right.? Cyanah said as she pushed her sunglasses up on her head. In the bedroom Sara started to change into her two-piece orange bathing suit. She then wrapped a sheer piece of cloth around her waist and put on her sandals before trotting back into the main room.

?Are you ready?? Sara said as she looked at Cyanah, who looked miserable over the whole thing.

?Yeah, of course. Wow, you look great.? Cyanah said.

"Not bad for an almost-dead girl." Sara said as she began to spin around. Losing her balance she reached out for Cyanah?s arm. "Damn, I have to stop doing that. I guess I am not as back to normal as I would like to be." Cyanah stifled a laugh. Sara smiled playfully, "Oh, you think that?s funny." Sara snagged Cyanah?s sunglasses and sprinted out the door with them clutched tightly in her hand.

In sickbay, Doctor Coren Terje finished reports and set them on his desk. He gazed at his chronometer and realized that he better get going. Glancing over at Ensign Cora, Terje realized that sickbay would be left in capable hands. ?Ensign, you have control of Sickbay.?

?Aye, sir.? Ensign Cora nodded as she continued her reports and medical research on standard chemicals.

Terje exited sickbay and walked down the hallway. After entering, Terje replicated himself a Hawaiian shirt and board shorts. After removing his Starfleet-issue uniform Terje got into the leisure clothes. Getting into the Hawaiian mood, Terje started to rummage through his closet and his belongings. In the back of the closet lies a Wingpin Special. ?Oh baby, where have you been all my life?? Feeling bad that his board was in horrible shape, Terje pulled out the wax and began waxing his board down. ?Time for you and I to go and have some fun.?

After finishing the wave as it bottomed-out, Josh paddled out for the next one. He then stopped and gazed back at the dozing Anthony. Josh sat on his board and stared at the body on the chair. ?Tony, get up off your lazy butt and get your ass out here!?

Anthony sat up abruptly, ?All right, all right; I can?t sleep in this thing anyway.? Anthony stood and adjusted his trunks and the flotation device.

?The surfboard is behind your chair!? Josh shouted from his board out in the water.

Anthony made sure that his goggles were on tight, and then adjusted his flippers that were oddly on his feet. ?I don?t know what I?m doing.?

?So it will be like working in sickbay, right Tony??

?I?m a competent doctor 90% of the time.? Anthony said as he attempted to paddle out, or at least trying to make the board go forward. The waves coming in seemed to fight his efforts. After every attempt, Anthony paddled faster, but still to no avail. All the while Josh laughed hysterically.

?You got to lie down on the board, and then paddle. More arm in the water you can get means more speed and more distance.?

?It isn?t funny! Mind over matter!? Anthony paddled harder and harder and fell from his board into the water; in turn, Josh almost falls from his own board while his sides were splitting from the laughter derived from D?Vorak. Anthony climbed back onto his board rather dramatically and began to paddle out the way that Josh had said. ?I was just getting a feel for the water. Now what??

?Paddle out, and when a wave comes up, jump to your feet and ride it. Follow it all the way in. You aren?t experienced enough to thrash it yet, or pull any tricks, you?re just learning.? Josh again almost fell from his own board as he watched Anthony attempt to get to his feet and fall several times. ?Watch and learn.? Josh paddled out and got a wave and began riding it and thrashing it, his hand trailing behind him skimming off the water.

Anthony is having some luck as he manages to get to his feet as a wave erupts. Anthony maintained his balance as the speed picked up and headed for shore. He arrives on shore but the board sticks and he flew into the sand, his head impacting a pile of sand. Anthony?s head popped up and he spit out a mouthful of sand. ?Ouch.?

Josh watched as Terje screamed onto the holodeck with his trusty board in his hands. ?Nice swells. The tubes are looking pretty awesome. Lets do this.? Terje said as he ran down and tossed his shirt to the sand. He then leaped into the water, lying on his board. He went under the water and shot back up out of it like a dolphin.

?Coren! Get out here, the waves are hot!? Josh waved a hand at the approaching surfer.

?So I see! Just like the waves at the academy.?

?Better, my friend, definitely better.?

?Wingy and I are ready to go, what about you?? Terje asked as he motioned to Josh?s board.

?We are always ready.? Josh paddled out, followed by Terje, to the nearest swell. It began to climb in the sky and Josh rode it. He didn?t realize that Terje had entered the swell behind him and was riding almost parallel to him. ?Double Thrashing! I haven?t done this with anyone since we did it at the academy!?

?Ditto, do you remember Split Ends?? Terje asked as the two zoomed along down the wave.

?Barely, I haven?t done it in ages.?

?Up for it??

After deliberating about trying something that he hadn?t done in a long time and could prove hurtful he decided, ?Yeah, what the hell?? Josh stood to his feet on his board and waited for the perfect moment. ?I go right, you can head left, GO!? The two jetted down the wave and then cut back towards the top for the trick.

Following Sara to get her sunglasses, Cyanah rounded a corner to see her gracefully wearing them and leaning against the wall to the turbolift door. "They look good on you!"

Sara pulled the bridge of the sunglasses down to the tip of her nose, "It is a redhead thing. We can?t help but look good in dark shades." Sara said as she handed back the glasses and entered the TL.

?Thanks. And, of course we can?t help but to look good in beachwear.? Sara smiled as she handed Cy back her glasses. "Thanks. And, of course we can?t help but to look good in beachwear." Cyanah said as she grabbed her glasses and smiled brightly. The door hissed closed as the two women began to giggle. Sara called for Deck Two and the turbolift was moving.

The movement of the TL gave Sara a bit of a head rush causing her to lean against the wall of the turbolift looking very pale and weak. "Sara, are you OK?" Cyanah asked. "I?m fine, thank you. Just a bit light-headed form the lift moving."

"If there is anything that I can do, just let me know." Said Cy as she leaned on the wall next to Sara.

?I?m fine, thank you.?

?If there is anything that I can do, just let me know.?

"You already have," Sara started, "not everyone has been willing to stick with me like you have. I really want to thank you for that. I don't know how to tell you how much that means to me." Sara said as she smiled.

?Of course. I look after my friends.? Cyanah said as she returned the smile.

The turbolift opened and the two girls stepped out and into the hallway, heading for holodeck one. ?Its good to have a friend again, its been a while since I?ve had someone to trust. I mean, other than Anthony, I don?t have many friends.?

Cyanah nodded, ?I know the feeling. I didn't have time for a social life at the Academy. I dated a bit, but most of the time I was working. So having a community like this is refreshing.?

"Most of the time I was trying not to get caught doing something stupid with Scooby or I was studying. So I know what you mean. It wasn?t until I got here that I started to have an adult life." Sara?s mind wandered to Josh and she smiled. "I?ve now have you and Josh, and I already had Anthony, so it?s really nice."

Cyanah slipped her glasses on, ?Here we go.?

Sara stopped and looked at the doors. "Maybe you?re right. Is it too late to run?"

"No, now we said we?d be here, so let?s keep our words." Cyanah sighed and walked through the holodeck doors. They walked in and saw Anthony spitting out some sand and his entire chest and legs were covered in it.

?No, we said we?d be here, so let?s keep our words.? Cyanah sighed and walked through the holodeck doors. They walk in and see Anthony spitting out some sand, and his entire chest and legs are covered in it.

Seeing the door open, Anthony smiled, ?Hey there! I was just surfing? Anthony climbed to his feet and began to brush off the excess sand that lined his drunks.

?Hey, Scooby.? Sara said as she focused in on the sand-covered man.

?Hi, Anthony. If you?re hungry, I?m sure you could replicate some food. Sand must taste awful!?

?Better than field rations, Cy.? Anthony said. ?I just started, give me a break. So I have to master my stopping, not a big deal.? Anthony walked to his board, which he tripped over, eating more sand.

?I remember our trip to Hawaii the summer before medical school. You need to work on your going as well.? Sara smiled as Anthony spit out a mouthful of sand.

?Surfing just isn?t my sport?? Anthony trailed off.

Sara looked at Anthony and laughed as she started counting on her fingers, "?neither is basketball, baseball, soccer, hoverboarding, skiing, fishing, the list goes on and on." All the while Cyanah sat back and smirked at the conversation.

Anthony shook his head, "I am a professional relaxer though. I mean, I can?t walk and chew bubble gum at the same time, but I can box, if that counts."

Cyanah smiled and walked down to the beach and tossed towel on the blanket that Josh had set out for herself and Sara. Sara joined her, sitting between her and Anthony. Sara gazed out into the horizon as Josh and Terje zoomed down the wave and then back up it. She met eyes with Josh as he soared off the wave and flailed awkwardly. She laughed as Josh impacted the water chest first. Cyanah glanced over and saw the same thing and busted up with her own fits of laughter.

Josh surfaced and shook his head as the water went everywhere. ?Damn it.? He slapped the water hard, showing his anger with the situation. Looking up, Josh gazed as Terje landed a great mute grab and landed perfectly. Terje started to lose his balance, but recovered before anything bad could happen.

Sara laid on the beach towel and gazed out into the open waves as the two surfers socialized. ?This is so much better than sitting in sickbay.?

?You can say that again; no dying, no reading?? Anthony continued Sara?s thought.

?Oh, I know.? Cyanah chimed in to continue the agreement.

Josh pulled himself from the ocean and trudged up the shore. He clutched his board tightly as he trotted. He planted his board and stared at his chest, which had turned beat red and was throbbing in pain. ?Monster Bellyflop.?

?Did that hurt, Josh?? Anthony asked.

Before Josh could answer Sara rose to her elbows, "That reminds me, you little sneak, I have a bone to pick with you." Her eyes drifted to Anthony. "Do the numbers 10142325 mean anything to you?"

?Your Aunt Bev?s birthday, so what?? All of a sudden Anthony could see the anger and the disappointment that had risen in Sara?s eyes, he hung his head in shame. Cyanah frowned at what she knew was coming.

?How could you?? She asked.

"It was there on Terje?s desk. I was looking for something to read, and I got curious. I?m sorry." Sara finished off Anthony?s thought as she sent a telepathic message that simply stated that they would talk about it later. Anthony nodded in acknowledgment as Sara felt a cold drop of water hit her in the back.

Shuddering, Sara looked up at Josh. She smiled as she said, "Josh, you?re dripping on me."

Josh stepped back and almost ran into Terje who had reentered from the water. He had remained out doing his tricks. Terje planted his board next to Josh?s and walked up to join the rest of the group. ?Killer wipeout, man. What happened??

"I saw Sara." Josh said as he sat down next to the lady lying on the beach towel. Sara smiled as she sat up, giving Josh a quick kiss, but the rest of the group showed their disgust with his obvious flattery. Cyanah rolled her eyes at his _expression_ and Terje just answered with a simple ?good grief?. Anthony smiled to hide his discomfort and quickly changed the subject.

?It?s a beautiful day, isn?t it??

Josh saw through what Anthony was trying to do. ?Sara, we got a gift for you.? Josh nodded to Terje as he gripped one of Anthony?s arms tightly. Terje followed suit as Anthony jerked violently. They hauled him down the sand and towards the water.

"You did?" Sara gazed at the two. "Don?t tell me. I?m still not out of the woods and you are just softening the blow." She teased.

Cyanah leaned over and whispered in Sara?s ear, ?I was supposed to dunk you, but I?m not about to do that.? Cyanah resumed her position and rolled her eyes at the immature boys on the water?s edge. ?I lied to them, I figured that if I said that I wouldn?t that they would have someone else do it.?

"Oh really?" Sara looked at the men and smiled.

Josh grabbed one of Anthony?s legs and motioned for Terje to grab the other, which he did. They lifted him off the ground and began to swing him back and forth. Josh looked over at Terje. ?One for the money.?

?Two for the show.?

?This doesn?t seem fair.? Anthony chimed in as he was swung back and forth.

?Three to get ready.?

"And four to, well, you know." They prepared to let go of Anthony and send him spiraling into the watery abyss that was the ocean. But Sara and Cyanah were going to take advantage of the situation. They raced down the shore and pushed all three of the guys into the water. Josh fell in, which pushed Anthony farther out. Terje, still holding Anthony?s leg, toppled over into the water and splashed around frantically. The two girls raced back up the shore and laughed so much that their sides hurt.

Anthony rolled awkwardly and landed on his head and ceased to move.

"Dunk me, will ya?" Sara gazed at Josh as water streamed down his body.

Josh stood up and yelled to the girls, ?You are going to pay for that!?

Still consumed with fits of laughter, Sara yelled back. "OK Josh, whatever." Sara had to focus hard to stop herself from collapsing. Cyanah moved over and helped her remain standing. All the while Anthony still didn?t move in the water.

?Come on, Anthony, it was just a little, harmless joke.? Terje slopped through the water towards Anthony?s apparently lifeless body.

?Anthony?? Josh walked over as well, gazing down at the lifeless corpse. Together Terje and Josh lifted Anthony from the water. Anthony?s frame stood limp as they dragged him up the beach and back onto the sand.

Sara now concerned but believing that Anthony was pulling a stupid prank, shouted some helpful advice. ?Tickle him above his third rib on the left side.?

?Dude, you OK?? Josh followed her advice and tickled him, but Anthony remained rigid and almost lifeless.

?He?s faking it.? Sara said. ?He pulled this on me in Hawaii. Come on, Scooby, enough is enough.?

?You?re sure?? Cyanah chimed in, still staring in the direction of the three men. She laughed a little, even though the situation really wasn?t amusing.

Josh and Terje laid Anthony on a beach towel sprawled out on the sand. Josh motioned towards the changing cabana at the top of the crest that separated the beach from the swampland surrounding it. ?Coren, there is a medkit in that cabana, go get it.? Asper checked for a pulse. ?Pulse is there.? Anthony still laid lifeless.

"My ex-girlfriend, Maureen, did this to me once after we had sex." Cyanah told Sara. Sara smiled, "Why do they think this funny?" Cy simply shrugged her shoulders.

Josh realized that Anthony was truly faking the fact that he was hurt or dying when he opened his eyes and winked at the Tactical Officer. He realized exactly what the medical officer wanted to do, so he played along. Almost on key, Anthony used his Vulcan dedication and meditation to slow his breathing and heart rate.

?Terje, he stopped breathing.? Josh placed his ear close to the chest of Anthony. ?Coren! The medkit, now! Starting compressions!? Josh started to pump on the chest of the fallen slacker.

Tears began pouring from Sara?s eyes as she sprints down to his side. Waiting for the right moment, Anthony leaped to his feet and hoisted Sara above his head. He ran to the ocean and tossed her in as she kicked and screamed. Her body splashed the water as the men began to laugh hysterically. Josh almost toppled over as her body disappeared below the surf. Anthony looked down at the body flopping in the waves, ?It was the right side, Tribbs, not the left.? He helped her up and Sara punched Anthony in the eye.

?Speaking of refreshing.? Josh strolled up to the shaded area as a hot Hawaiian girl emerged from the side of the hill with a tray of Pinã Coladas. Josh grabbed his as the others are set on the table. ?Come on, all, gather around!? Terje walked up and grabbed his. Cyanah reached over and grabbed hers.

?Ouch!? Anthony covered his eye. ?What?s the matter??

?You scared the hell out of me, you big jerk!? Sara walked up towards the shaded area.

"Sorry." Anthony called out as he hugged Sara from behind. "You know how much that I hate water." Sara began laughing at Anthony. "Cy is the only dry one left." She whispered.

?Cy is the only dry one left.?

Anthony walked over to Cyanah and lifted her up. ?Hey! I will spill my drink!? She shouted as Anthony walked down the path with her in his arms. ?I?ll get in, you don?t have to dunk me!

?That wouldn?t be any fun.?

Sara winked at Anthony, ?Put her down, Scooby.?

?Okay.? Anthony dropped Cyanah in the water, causing a splash. He looked up at Sara and the rest of the group. ?You didn?t say where.? Josh began laughing and Terje soon joined in. Cyanah swam out and came back in fully wet. She retrieved her drink, like all the others, and returned to her seat.

?I have a speech, sort of.? Josh stood up and began to pace around the makeshift circle that had been formed with the group of five. ?Today we celebrate life. Sara and I, not to dwell on the morbid, were on our deathbed a day ago. Now we are here among friends. I am here to say a version of thanks. I thank everyone I am friends with for life.? Josh gestured towards Sara. She smiled at him. ?Thanks for the greatest acquaintances that I could ever imagine having.? Josh rotated and met eyes with Cyanah.

?Here, Here.? Sara said as Cyanah raised her glass.

?I am thankful for the ability to conquer the bad blood between friends and realize that those people may be the greatest friends of all.? Josh walked over and put his hand on Anthony?s shoulder, much to the surprise and happiness of Sara. ?Equally thankful for the strength and the shear luck to maintain friendships over long distances and large periods of time.? Josh gestured to the waves and then to Terje, his long-time friend since his academy days.

?Too true.? Terje said as he raised his own glass.

?But most of all I am thankful for this small community that we have created ourselves. I am thankful that we have formed our own coalition of friends. And as long as I serve on the Banshee, I am glad that I have it. But even more so I will cherish it when my services on the Banshee are no longer required. To the community...? Josh raised his glass.

?To the community...? Terje?s glass remained up.

Raising her own glass, again, ?To the community.?

?To the community.? Anthony gazed at the group.

?Community.? Sara raised her glass, ?and family.?

The group of five raised their glasses and slowly sipped their alcohol as the sun began to set on the ocean skyline, basking them all in an orange tint.

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